Retro Roundup: 2017-09-26

Retro Roundup: 2017-09-26

Let’s step back in time to just shy of three ago..!

2020 Update
As we look towards getting back to training in the coming weeks, we can look back over what was in 2017.  I’ve been using a pilot who was furloughed to paint my house while he is off – he did a great job with the landing.

Things are starting to get serious here at Dub HQ – as the training plans for the relays, Dundrum and Dublin start to come to fruition. It will all pay off in only a few short weeks – we’re nearly there now – keep’er lit!  We’re been doing some travelling this week, find out more in a moment, but first, a mate asked me “Do you want to use my ice rink for 10p?” I thought “What a cheapskate!”  Should we take a look at the results?

Flashmob parkrun: Castlewellan
The first of a new parkrun event is always something worth celebrating – so our flashmob parkrun was rearranged so that we could make the journey to Castlewellan for their very first event. For those considering it, maybe wear older shoes or ones you don’t mind get quite muddy. One anticlockwise loop around the scenic lake was the course for nearly 600 runners on Saturday morning, including some Dubs:

28Alastair King00:20:20Newbie PB!
90Roisin Byrne00:24:00Newbie PB!
97Suzy Kennedy00:24:24Newbie PB!
101Ronan O'Flaherty00:24:48Newbie PB!
159Neil Curran00:26:40Newbie PB!
380Jane Patterson00:33:37Newbie PB!

All newbie PBs set this morning – one of the advantages of doing a new course! A great, fresh morning for a run around the lakes – this is one to add to the to-do list of parkruns (if you’re sad like me and have one)! A fun event, well organised and a fantastic atmosphere made for great morning out for the club. Of course, we needed an obligatory photo:

Castlewelldone: Some of the committed Dubs who made the journey!

Dublin City Half Marathon
The Fair City hosted the final warmup race before the main event at Halloween. With a delayed start due to heavy traffic on the M1. A new route this year, taking in North Dublin, up through Lusk, circling around by Oberstown and back to the start again – with a nasty looking hill bang smack at the half way point. We had an intrepid Errigle of Dubs who fought through the traffic to make the start:

35Niall Porter01:19:29---
367Claire Tonry01:30:18Smashing New PB!
442Andrew McDermott01:31:56---
919Andrew Noble01:38:19---
1436Aine Hughes01:43:47Smashing New PB!
1445Sean O'Hagan01:43:52Smashing New PB!
1903Jim Larkin01:47:39---
3260James Sheridan01:58:20---

Ideal conditions on Saturday morning couldn’t stop it being a tough run for everyone in the capital. Despite everything, some excellent times posted by everyone, with stunning new PBs set on the day by Claire T, Aine and Sean O’H making the day a little bit more special for them! We don’t let a tough run put us off, as you can see from the smiles below:

Done-lin: Sean, Aine, Niallm Andrew McD, Jim and Claire happy to be finished!

Cavehill Five Mile Race
With Cavehill wrapped in wispy cloud and looking very much like a Game of Thrones set, 3 Dubs set off to climb to the sky. Starting right on the Antrim road, and taking a direct route up to Napoleons Nose via the castle. 5 miles and 380m climbing of fantastically muddy trails back to the start. Let’s see how the guys got on:

1James Trainor00:36:05First!!
8Steven Todd00:40:03---
14Brian Derby00:43:34---

A mighty run from the three fellas, including James T who clinched 1st place and the (Strava Course Record – which temporarily was just resting in Steven’s account). A hell of a morning’s running, and home in time for the Sunday dinner! No group photo, but we did get some snaps – proof of just how tough this one was:

Bavehill: Brian D, James T and Steven tackle the tricky 5 mile route!

Saturday seemed to be the day to go running for the Dubs – and can you blame us?! Ideal fresh and crisp conditions out and about in the various local parks made an awesome morning to go for 5k run. We had group of Dubbers making the most of some late summer good weather:

Maureen OLIVER00:29:16
Jim SIMONS00:19:03New PB!
Collette MCCOURT00:19:43First Female!
Brian DERBY00:19:44
Heather BARON00:22:59
Mark HAMILL00:24:14
Brona SHAW00:32:28
Amanda ROBINSON00:24:34
James GUINN00:27:56
Richard CONN00:18:14First Male!
Tara THOMPSON00:25:02
Natalie CONNOLLY00:26:17
Karen CARLISLE00:26:12Newbie PB!

Magic running everyone – some excellent times – it is always worth getting out of bed early on Saturday morning for a quick 5k! We have plenty of hat tips to give out this week, we had two first homes – Collette (at Victoria) and Richard (at Enniskillen). Following up his half marathon PB last weekend with a Victoria parkrun course PB was Jim S! Finally, we had a newbie PB set by Karen (at Stormont). No photos though… that I could find!

That brings to a close another week of running for the Dubs. Going to add my usual shout out for some photos of the races you’re all doing – it means I have to write less, and you all get some pretty photos to look at – so it’s a win-win (unless I’m in some of the photos).  I went to the hair dressers over the wekeend and saw the sign: ‘All Hair Cuts 20% Off’. I said them “How can you be so accurate?”

Live long and prosper.

Disclaimer: Every effort was taken to ensure the results above are correct (after 12 long years, I finally had Star Trek: Discovery to watch this week!!). If you’d like to make a complaint, then you’ll automatically volunteer yourself for writing duties next week 🙂