Retro Roundup: 2018-06-12

Retro Roundup: 2018-06-12

The more recent past this week as we head back in time two years…

2020 Update
It’s been cool to see small, unofficial Errigle’s of Dubs out running and sticking to the current rules. Hopefully it long be long until we’re back at it ourselves, but until then let’s take another walk down memory lane, but first..!  I have to admit that I’ve not been sleeping well during all this and last night I kept dreaming that I was the back end of a car – I woke up exhausted.

With the sun continuing to shine it is only fitting that we continue to race. Just be safe out there and remember sun cream, glasses, and the stuff you need when out running. Before we get to the roundup, apparently a big cat has escaped from Belfast Zoo – if I came across it I would Puma pants! Let’s see what we’ve been doing:

Women’s Mini Marathon
With a Bank Holiday Monday last week in Dublin – that means the perfect opportunity for a race. So as 30,000 women descended unto the capital in the blistering hot sun. While it may be the best organised race ever, it is the biggest women’s only race in the world. So it was only right the Belfast Dub Runners were represented:

UknAngela Matthews01:02:27---
UknLaura King01:03:49---
UknBrona Shaw01:04:25---
UknLynn Donelly01:04:35---
UknJayne Patterson01:06:08---

Let’s hear it for the girls! Magic – some fantastic running there from our mini-Errigle of Dubs. That is an enjoyable 10k run – maybe not so much in the heat, but you wouldn’t know from the times. Impressive stuff – look at the smiles of their faces at the end:

  • Mega Stars: Our ladies in Dublin!

Mourne Way Marathon
This was the 10th anniversary of the race and for fun we had the sun cranked up to Scorchio, With the marathon starting at Donard park, following the Mourne Way route through Tollymore into the mountains. 13 miles later, at Spelga Dam, the runners where joined by the half-ers. We had two Dubs who managed to resist going for a swim:

19Steven Todd04:16:34---
Half Marathon
28Ryan Love01:50:47---

That’s how you do it guys! Some reprieve from the sun after a hurdle of the final peak to get to the cool Rostrevor forest cover! Awaiting them at the finish line – cold beer and burger! Great work fellas in tough conditions. Just like the burgers – stick a fork in them they’re done!  Our Anna was on hand with a picnic for the guys at the end:

  • Mourne This Way: Ryan and Steven after the challenge!

Jersey Half Marathon
You know the deal, go on holidays – get an amazing time in a half marathon race – standard stuff! We had one red haired Dub over in sun soaked Jersey for a half marathon that is 90% costal – but there was an extra inland bit which was very hilly for some added effort. Who was taking part..?

54Bernadette O'Kane01:35:55---

Fantastic work – what a great time Bernie! In the heat – the coastal route was a little extra relief from the intense heat on the day. You snuck this one in under the radar, but Strava was there to catch you out – some brilliant running, and we all hope that you took a well earned rest after that one! Of course, there had to a be a photo too:

  • Jersey Sun: Bernie lives up to the Pocket Rocket title!

We wrap up this week, as we do most other weeks with parkrun! With the sun splitting the sky, the warm bed turned out to be just as warm as the parks – with loads of us taking the opportunity to top up the suntan. Shall we take a look at who was out and about?

Peter MORRISON00:18:08
Kathy MAYHEW00:24:46
Jane PATTERSON00:31:19
Richard CONN00:21:35
Ronan MCCAUGHEY00:23:44
Maire MCCAUGHEY00:24:11
Martin TEGGART00:25:02
Karen CARLISLE00:25:17
Judith MC MANUS00:24:29New PB!
Mark SHIELDS00:20:26
Colin Glen
Frances MC CAMBRIDGE00:27:46

That was not easy this week in the early morning heat – but always good to get acclimatised for the upcoming summer races! We have just the one sun cap to tip this week, and it was for a new course PB set by Judith at the Antrim event. There’s even a photo from Antrim:

  • parkfun: Judith on her way to another PB!

Thanks everyone for their help over the last few weeks – couldn’t have gotten there without your help! Please, as always, let me know if you’re doing any of the far-out races that might escape my glances (I’m looking at you Jersey)!! I had a worrying cooking experience over the weekend, I burnt my Hawaiian pizza – I should have put it on aloha settings.

Live long and prosper.

Disclaimer: Every effort was taken to ensure the results above are correct (go on… i dare ya!) If you’d like to make a complaint, then you’ll automatically volunteer yourself for writing duties next week 🙂