Retro Roundup: 2019-07-02

Retro Roundup: 2019-07-02

A trip to the recent past this week, edition #244 from July 2019 is over the jump!

2020 Update
This was the one where a certain club member officially ran a marathon!  I have to tell you that Before my surgery a few weeks ago, the anaesthesiologist offered to me out with gas or a boat paddle – it was an ether/oar situation.  Let’s go back in time now:

Can we do it? Is it possible? Could we make it yet another astonishing week where we can keep up the club’s PB streak?? You’ll all have a to wait a moment before you can find out, as I would prefer to tell you all about something a little embarrassing that happened during the weekend. I was almost caught playing with my nephew’s train set, so in a panic I threw a sheet over it – I think I covered my tracks. Okay, we’ve kept you in suspenders long enough, here we go:

Antrim Coast Marathon
Most of us will know of the cracking views you can get along the coastal road up past Larne – well we had an intrepid crew of four Dubs who didn’t give a stuff about that on Saturday morning! With a 9am kick-off time this mostly flat marathon takes in all the views – spread out over the 26.2 miles on this classic one-way route. Which four Dubs stepped up?

35Brendan McIlhennon03:28:56
45Paul McFlynn03:41:47Massive New PB!
120John Carser04:34:17
126Frances McCambridge04:38:05

Lovely work folks – some great running there by each and every one of you! Also, great to see newbies Brendan and John out representing the Dubs in a marathon for the first time! We have to note Frances who although finishing the Belfast Marathon – wasn’t listed on the official results – now the grandkids will be able to lookup your time and see what a great job you did! Finally, it would be remiss not to mention our PB guy of the day – Paul – who whacked a massive 20 minutes off his previous 26.2 mile best – not bother at all! Photos are needed to wrap up this one in a nice neat bundle:

  • Coasting Along: Paul, Frances and John begin the celebrations!

Skelga Skyline
Eight peaks (including one named after an animal). Thunderstorms. Sunshine. Mountains. 13.1 miles. It has to be the return of the Spelga Skyline! This unrelentless race is a must for any and all of our Dub Goats. Only one braved the conditions this year, let’s find out how she did:

43Bernadette O'Kane04:00:59
Pierce's Castle00:26:13Rocky00:22:19

Outstanding. Shall we get a quote to describe the race from the woman of the moment? Bernie described the “Spelga Skyline is the toughest race I’ve ever done.” No doubt, those were some rotten, mixed conditions over unsure terrain – a real challenge. A more than well deserved rest now after that, and the question obviously moves to when she’ll be back? “First and last time” we will wait and see!

The weather over the weekend was like a bag of liquorice – we got all sorts! From hailstones, thunderstorms, rain – oh and some sunshine! Our traditional roundup ender had the blue tops made sure to get out to their local parks – whatever mother nature was going to throw at them. Shall we see how it went for the club?

Anne Marie RYAN00:28:16
Derry City
Ronan O'FLAHERTY00:24:58
Ronan MCCAUGHEY00:23:33
Edward CALDWELL00:24:40
Mark HAMILL00:25:09
Alastair RODGER00:18:482nd Place! New PB!
James DICKEY00:20:14
Brian DERBY00:21:06
James SHERIDAN00:23:52
Judith MC MANUS00:22:40
Claire TONRY00:19:291st Place! New PB!
Niall MCCRORY00:19:362nd Place! Newbie PB!
Rob WALKER00:20:43New PB!
Liam LAVERY00:24:59Newbie PB!
Stranmillis College
Paul CURLEY00:26:56New PB!
Knocknacarra (Galway)
Roisin BYRNE00:37:46Newbie PB!

Phew, it is getting hard to keep up with all our exploits – magic running and really well done to everyone for getting out. First, grab that hat of yours and get it ready – its time for the rollcall! Taking home all the spoils – with a first-place finish and a new course PB for Claire at the Bangor event! We had two second placers this weekend in the shape of Alastair (at Ormeau) and Niall (at Orangefield). There were new course PBs for Alastair (at Ormeau), Rob (at Orangefield) and Paul (at Stranmillis College). Finally, there were newbie PBs set by Niall and Liam (at Orangefield) and Roisin (at Knocknacarra). Did we find any photos?

  • parklife: Derry City celebrates six years on Saturday and Ronan O was there!

C’est fin for another week and we had some cracking achievements to be rightly celebrating. It is holiday time, and at Roundup Towers we don’t want to be accused of stalking – so – if you’re heading away and squeezing in an auld race, let us know would you please? You’re all stars! Bad news, I had a fight with the missus, all she asked me was “Is it just me or is the cat getting fatter?” Apparently “No, it’s just you.” isn’t the right answer.

Live long and prosper.

Disclaimer: Every effort was taken to ensure the results above are correct (it’s warm, I am slow.) If you’d also like to make a complaint, then you’ll automatically volunteer yourself for writing duties 🙂