Retro Roundup: 2020-03-31

If you don’t remember the 3rd November 2014, then we’ve got the answers for you!

Random Fact Nobody Actually Cares About
Originally the Weekly Roundup was e-mailed out to the club members, but it was moved online when we relaunched our website to leading up to the first running of the Giant’s Trail Race in 2015!

A quick 2020 update for you all before we go back in time and, I have to admit that I have finally run out of toilet rolls and have had to resort to using old newspapers – The Times are rough! Now, cast your mind back…

Hey everyone! Another Tuesday – another weekly roundup! I like to think of this like lower back pain – it never goes away! We’ve a lot to get through, so let’s get cracking!

Davagh Forest – Sperrin Harriers Winter League
As Brian mentioned earlier, congratulations to our very own Collette McCourt who finished first with a time of 00:45:56 – over one minute clear of her nearest rival. Really well done, and you don’t even look tired!

Bishopscourt Duathlon
Congratulations to James Trainor, who took my comment of “on yer bike” a little too literally.  James took part in the duathlon over the weekend, finishing in 8th place with a time of 00:56:39 – not to mention that was after running one of the parkrun on Saturday morning too!!

Newry Oktoberfest 5k
I got told off last week for not mentioning this, so well done to Ciaran Doyle who ran the Oktoberfest 5k in Newry two weeks ago, completing the ever popular run in 00:30:43! Congratulations. Naturally, as it was an Oktoberfest, there was only one way to celebrate!

Here this reminds me… when are we doing the Christmas Market run this year?!

The return of old faithful – you can guarantee it to be there, just like Lord Grantham’s dog Isis… what too soon?! As always the Dubs were out in force!

Nessa AGNEW00:22:55
Roisin BYRNE00:23:01
Michael KIRK-SMITH00:22:13
Kathy MAYHEW00:25:38
Denise TWEED00:26:22
Clare MCDOWELL00:31:07
James TRAINOR00:22:57
Alex BLACKSTOCK00:30:48New PB!
Paul MCCREA00:24:45New PB!
Derry City
Cameron RILEY00:22:28New PB!
Ivor RUSSELL00:22:30
Ronan O'FLAHERTY00:23:43

In case you needed some proof, we got a Dub post-run photo at the Derry City event. Cameron claims that is his yacht in the background…

Run in the Dark
The annual 5k and 10k Run in the Dark is on next Wednesday evening, 12th November around Stormont. There are a brave few Dubs already signed up (and I mean brave in both meanings of the word). You have just two days left to sign up (too late!!)

Christmas Party
Over 50 of us have signed up now! Excellent work folks! Now – Andy McDermott is running the London Marathon next year for the Foyle Hospice. He is organising a raffle for the night of the Christmas Party – and he is looking for your help. If anyone can help to get some prizes for the raffle that’d be very much appreciated – just anything at all really.

Live long and prosper.

Disclaimer: Every effort (well, okay some) was taken to ensure the results above are correct. If you’d like to make a complaint then you’ll automatically volunteer yourself for writing duties next week 🙂