Weekly Roundup: 2015-06-09

From Fairhill over the mountains and into the parks – it is another weekly roundup!

It has been another great week for the club, there have been lots of races taking place over the last week and you can find out more below. Did you hear about one tectonic plate that bumped into another and said, “Sorry, my fault!” Wee science joke for you this week, and onwards with the roundup…

WAVA League
James has updated the WAVA League to include the latest results.  Next up is the Ards Half Marathon at the end of the month (it’s also the beginning of the second half of the year of the Pure Running Half Marathon Series)!  Also, if anyone would like to take the time to go a Google search for “WAVA League” – we’re the second search result!

Fairhill 5 Mile Road Race
Yes, it’s not just a big shopping centre in Ballymean (hi), there is also a five mile road race! Ballymeana Runners have organised a flat and fast five mile route from the town centre, and we had a sole representative at the race last Wednesday evening:

339Maureen Oliver00:43:43

That is an excellent time Maureen – really, really well done! Really consistent running from Maureen, taking on all these local races too – impressive, keep up the great work!

Hill and Dale, Race 8: Millstone
We’re eight races into the series know (I know, right), and on a lovely evening last Thursday, and on a pretty tough route, which once again was up and down a mountain, and we had two Dubs taking part in the race:

160Victoria Orr64:35
169Joanna Patterson67:10

Congratulations to Victoria and Joanna – those trail runs are never easy (except the Giant’s Trail Race of course!!), and it was quite a warm evening too – so really impressive times girls.

Mourne Way Half Marathon
Sunday was the turn of the Mourne Way half marathon race. For those who do not know, it is a hilly (okay, mountainous) race, in boggy, muddy and swampy ground – oh, and typical weather conditions made for quite the race:

19James Trainor01:42:26
28Dale Biggerstaff01:46:51
140Joanna Patterson02:15:36

Wow, folks, those are amazing times by each of you, James leading the Dubs home, Dale ran a marathon a week before and Joanna took on the Hill and Dale race on Thursday evening. Despite the muddy feet, I hear everyone had a great time…

James and Dale - muddy but all smiles at the finish!

James and Dale – muddy but all smiles at the finish!

It was a typical summer Saturday morning for the Pakrun, by which I of course mean that it was freezing, raining and windy – which made it all very hard to get out of bed to go running that morning, but a good crowd from the club did just that:

Derry City
Ronan O'FLAHERTY00:22:49
Michael KIRK-SMITH00:23:28
Kathy MAYHEW00:25:16
Alex BLACKSTOCK00:27:10
Trevor MURPHY00:27:33
Jane PATTERSON00:28:28
Lorraine BRODERICK00:22:33First Female! PB!
Brian GRIMES00:20:45New PB!
David MCILMUNN00:21:01New PB!
Natalie THOMPSON00:21:01Second Female! PB!
Paula OWENS00:21:12New PB!
Brian DERBY00:21:13
Ryan LOVE00:21:38
Nessa AGNEW00:23:17
Rachel Tessa BOLT00:23:32
Danielle MCCLUSKEY00:26:48

Really well done everyone – more fantastic times all round by everyone. Special mentions this week go to Lorraine who was the first female across the line at Queen’s and Natalie who was the second female across the line at Ormeau! PBs this week go to Lorraine (Queen’s), David (Ormeau) and Paula (Ormeau), with first timer PBs this week going to Brian (Ormeau) and Natalie (Ormeau).

One final mention to Roisin who volunteered at the Waterworks event this weekend, she asked if she could be mentioned as she had to hold her station despite how wet and cold it was!

Thanks to everyone who’s helped out with this week’s roundup, I’ll be expecting lots of pictures next week with the trip to Glenmore – and I’m sure you’ll get some time to do some running too! Speaking of which, we are putting together some galleries for the website – if you have any pictures of the club (both old and new members) please feel free to send these on to me, and I will work at getting some photos onto the new website. I leave you all this evening with news that the number of people who shout “Boo!” to their friends has risen by 85% – that’s a frightening statistic.

Keep on running!

Live long and prosper.

PS – I’ve made a big update to one section of the website this week… the first person with the correct answer to me of which section has been updated will win a hug* from me 🙂

* Prize is nontransferable.