Weekly Roundup: 2015-06-16

Weekly Roundup: 2015-06-16

It’s been a busy week for the club, find out what we’ve been up over the jump!

It has been a busy and successful seven days for the club, we’ll go through the mountain of resilts in a minute, but first I was wondering if I could ask for some help? The other day a friend left a piece of plasticine in my house… I don’t know what to make of it. Oh, that’s right, you’re here for the results…

Killylane Reservoir Race
Last Tuesday the third race of the challenging East Antrim Harriers forest race series continued.  It was a beautiful evening (despite the midges) and as usual we had two club members taking part:

5James Trainor00:23:54
128Maureen Oliver00:37:35

The two regulars Dubs continue their great form with James’ fifth place finish (after the exhausting Mourne Way Half last week) and Maureen finish top in her age category once again to round off another fantastic evening of running and representation by the club.

This was a new one on me, and one I almost missed from the roundup (to be fair, there’s a lot happening this week). Wednesday training trial evening consisted of a 750 meter open sea swim, followed by, as if that wasn’t enough, a 5k run route. We had two members in the race:

31Jane Friel00:34:37
33Sean O'Hagan00:38:26

Really well done to Jane and Sean – those are really impressive times. I know the both of you have been putting in a lot of extra work for these type of events recently, so I apologise if I have missed anything that you’ve taken part in that haven’t made it to the roundup!

Stunnerz in Runnerz
For anyone not at Glenmore or Parkrunning on Saturday, there was the Stunnerz in Runnerz event held in Magherafelt.  The annual road race on the hilly back roads Magherafelt had one club member taking part:

33Aine Hughes00:39:09

Fantastic running by Aine, one of out newest members of the club, especially in the heat of the afternoon.  I’m sure that there was a well deserved, celebratory drink or two after the run!

Glenmore Challenege
So our annual summer club outing for the year was chosen to be at the Glenmore Challenge ten mile road race, which was set in the hilly and picturesque countryside of County Louth. There were 29, yes that’s right twenty-nine, club members running the race:

13Noel KELLY01:07:54
15Dale BIGGERSTAFF01:09:07
20Jim LARKIN01:11:50
26Stephen IRVINE01:13:14
28Natalie CONNOLLY01:13:33
29Neil CURRAN01:13:35
31Paula OWENS01:15:08
36Mark HAMILL01:17:45
38Lynsey HAMILTON01:17:57
39Brian GRIMES01:17:59
45Lorraine BRODERICK01:19:57
48Richard DONALD01:20:56
50Marcella CASSIDY01:21:07
60James SHERIDAN01:23:41
62Nessa AGNEW01:23:48
65Maura MCARDLE01:24:59
68Roisin BYRNE01:25:19
69Rachel BOLT01:25:34
76Kate MOFFETT01:26:12
77Aedin O'NEILL01:26:33
100Clare MCDOWELL01:30:20
107Geraldine COYLE01:32:44
131Kathy MAYHEW01:36:24
134Denise MCALARNEY01:36:44
148Valerie MAGUIRE01:41:33
159Jennifer BAIRNER01:43:17
173Alex BLACKSTOCK01:46:32
176Lynn DONNELLY01:47:45
178Jane PATTERSON01:47:49

That is fantastic running and times from each and every one of you. I hear that the day was roasting hot (almost too warm to run in), and that the wind was in your face during the 4 mile up hill section – so that just adds to the impressive times by all. There’s a lot to note: not only did Natalie and Paula finish as the second and third females across the line, but the Dub Runners won the girls team race too! The race was described to me as the race where the “Dub Women ruled the world”.

One or two drinks were definitely called for after all that, so instead of a single photo from the day – why not have a whole truckload of photos in our new Glenmore Challenge gallery!

City of Derry Triathlon
What else would you do on a cool, Sunday monring at 8.30..? The obvious answer for one club member was to go for a swim in the River Foyle, a quick 20k cycle of the two car bridges in the city, followed by a 5k route going over the new Peace Bridge (and even spotting supporters and being able to shout “Hello!” at them!!):

258Jane Friel01:32:33

Congratulations Jane on that fantastic result at the triathlon on Sunday, those were really impressive times, and as it didn’t start to heat up until AFTER you finished, it must have been a VERY cold race. Plus you did the Aquathon on Wednesday – so fair play!

With the majority of the club off to the Glenmore Challenge on Saturday, the few members left to hold the Parkrun fort! So here’s the, slightly shorter than usual, results from Saturday morning:

Derry City
Niall PORTER00:18:32New PB!
Ronan O'FLAHERTY00:23:07
John BOYLE00:23:01New PB!
Trevor MURPHY00:27:13
David MCILMUNN00:21:14
Tara THOMPSON00:23:06New PB!
Danielle MCCLUSKEY00:26:05

Well done to everyone for getting out there! Shiny new PB shoutouts this week go to Niall (at Derry City), John (at Victoria) and Tara (at Ormeau). As always, great running by everyone, and a special thanks to Niall who, after achieving his PB, backtracked along the course and helped me while I was struggling towards the finish!


I’m not going to lie to you all, it took over three hours to compile this week’s roundup – so I am very, very tired right now. If I’ve missed you from a results table, or even missed a race completely (unlikely I know, but these things happen 🙂 ), all I can say is that you’ll get over it!!! Sometimes though, in the roundup, I like to try and be educational, so today I’d like to tell you about about the lesser known fact that Anne Boleyn had a younger brother called Tenpin.

That’s it for this week – keep on running!

Live long and prosper.