Weekly Roundup: 2015-07-07

From swimming to cycling to running – we all the latest club results!

So, last week, I deliberately missed out on some results to save some space. Thanks to those who were very understanding and patient for waiting – good things come to those who wait (why is why no one waits for the roundup!). Some words of wisdom for us all this week to begin – a runner who has cheap footwear will suffer the agony of defeat.

The Maracycle for Cooperation Ireland took place last weekend. From Belfast (at the Dub) to Dublin (to UCD) it was a 216 mile round route on the back roads. We had three club members who double as Wheelers taking part:

Saturday - Belfast to Dublin
2Marty Teggart07:39:16
3Jane Friel07:43:20
7Geraldine Coyle09:52:25
Sunday - Dublin to Belfast
2Marty Teggart07:30:21
4Jane Friel07:38:10
6Geraldine Coyle09:36:41

That is a great achievement from all three of you, I know Saturday was a bit wet and windy but all made up for it with a sunny Sunday on way back. A tough course, but good craic, really well done folks! I’ll bet you all haven’t been able to sit (yes, I said sit) since.

Ballywalter Triathlon
Ballywalter is the latest local location to host a triathlon, with the 28th June route starting with the swim on the beach and back to the slipway, transition onto the bike for two 6km laps followed by a 5km run along the path and pier. We had one club member taking part:

93Sean O'Hagan00:17:3100:42:3700:25:3101:29:44

Congratulations Sean, that is a great time, one to be proud of, we’re glad to hear that it was a bright and sunny day, but despite the cold start in the water, you managed to even get some sun burn by the end of the race!

Potato Run
No, I haven’t made this one up, Saturday, in Comber, there was a 10k race and it was called the Potato Run! The route took in parts of the dreaded Ards Half Marathon route – so lots of uphill sections! We had one Dub in the race:

88Cameron Riley00:48:16

Great going Cameron – that is a powerful time. I have been asked to pass on a message, a recommendation from Cam, who said he would recommend the race for anyone next year – as the feed afterwards was fantastic!

Finally, it is on to good old reliable Parkrun. That’s right – it is as reliable as rain in Wimbledon. A warm Saturday morning awaited everyone who got up early enough to go for a 5k run round the park, and let’s take a look at how we did:

Roisin BYRNE00:22:25Third Female! New PB!
Nessa AGNEWNo TimeThird Female!
Trevor MURPHYNo Time
Jane Catherine PATTERSONNo Time
James TRAINOR00:17:31First Male! New PB!
Rachel Tessa BOLT00:23:11First Female!
Ronan O'FLAHERTY00:23:52New PB!
Michael KIRK-SMITH00:22:26

Well done everyone for getting out there on Saturday morning! An impressive club morning, James won the Queen’s event with a new PB too, Rachel winning the female race at Ormeau too. Third place finishes this week for Nessa (at Victoria) and Roisin (at Waterworks) with a PB too! Only one first timer this week – Ronan took on the three a bit laps in Limavady.

Also can we wish well done to everyone who ran Victoria Parkrun on Saturday – yes they lost all their times – but as was jointed out on social media sites, that means that everyone finished joint first!

That is it for another week! A bit of a mre quiet week for the club. If anyone ever fancies writing a part of the roundup, don’t be shy, just let me know (hint: holidays are coming)! Finally, can I say a word of thanks to the guy that returned my empty wallet that I left at the Dub last week – I don’t know how to repay you.

Keep on running!

Live long and prosper.