Weekly Roundup: 2015-08-11

From Seven Sevens challenges to Parkrun let’s look at what the club has been up to over the jump!

It’s Tuesday again, so that means another edition of the weekly Roundup were you can find out all about what the club has been getting up to in this past seven days!  During the week my frog’s car broke down – don’t worry though, it got toad away.  Let’s move on with the roundup shall we..?

Seven Seven Challenge
Last week there was a notable omission from the roundup.  We had one member complete the Seven Sevens Challenge which is a race to climb to the top of the peaks that are over 700m above sea level in the Mourne Mountains.  During the one day race Martin was able to complete the set of races:

Martin Teggart
MeelbegBen Crom DamBinnianLamagan

Everyone give a big hand to Martin – that is fantastic going!  You might have missed a few weeks with the club, but you clearly are at the peak of your game!  That is some challenge, I’m tired just reading your results!  I hope you’re taking a well deserved rest after that.


Another favorable Saturday morning waited for runners around the country – we need to watch in case we get used to this!  As usual we had quare crowd of club members out and about the parks bright and early:

Mike SMITH00:23:43New PB!
Derry City
Ronan O'FLAHERTY00:24:23
Natalie THOMPSON00:21:14Second Female!
Lorraine BRODERICK00:27:00
Lisa MCLEAN00:35:41
Jim LARKIN00:19:36New PB!
Paula OWENS00:21:12
Kathy MAYHEW00:25:04
Denise MCALARNEY00:26:46
Jane PATTERSON00:28:59
John MCCULLAGH00:19:49
Alastair KING00:20:18
Bronagh SHIELDS00:37:06
Cameron RILEY00:23:41New PB!
Portobello, Edinburgh
Alex BLACKSTOCK00:26:45New PB!

It is always great to see so many of the club out and about on Saturday mornings – you all did great, congratulations!  Of note this week Paula was the second female across the line at the Victoria event.  Just the one PBs this week from Cameron (at Bangor).  First timer PBs this week go to Lisa (at Queen’s), Jim (at Victoria) and Alex (at Portobello).  Finally, ticking another event off his list is Mike, who completed his 38th unique Parkrun event in Halifax – only 12 more until you get your 50 t-shirt!

So that is almost it for another week! Just make sure you let Marcy know if you’re going to the BBQ – it is always a great club night.  Also no photos this week – we must improve on that soon!  I’ll leave you with the findings from a recent survey that showed that out of 2,176,803,435 people, 94% were too lazy to actually read that number.

Keep on running!

Live long and prosper.