Weekly Roundup: 2015-08-18

Weekly Roundup: 2015-08-18

From 5k races to Triathlons, it must the latest edition of the Weekly Roundup – and it’s all over the jump!

It was another busy week for the club, lot’s of races and runs. I have to share my good news with you all! I got finally got my results in my A-level on Insect Collecting – I got a B! Let’s move on with the results shall we?

Groomsport Half Marathon & 10k
A lovely Saturday morning awaited for the entrants of the Groomsport Half Marathon and 10k races. The race, moved from it’s traditional Friday evening slot, retained the now expected heat around the two-loop course. The sceneic routes take in the countryside around Groomsport finishing along the coast. The sunny day brought out the runners:

Half Marathon

36Brian Derby01:30:41
57Niall Porter01:37:12
58Jim Larkin01:37:10
96James Sheridan01:47:59
97Roisin Byrne01:48:05
105Nessa Agnew01:50:01
117John Boyle01:52:31
124Ronan O'Flaherty01:54:32


17Cameron Riley00:47:35

Really well done to everyone! Fantastic times, and in the extreme heat of Saturday morning – times to be proud of. I don’t think that there were any PB times from the group, but it was a great club morning for everyone. Just of note: Jim, James and Ronan have now completed nine of the ten races in the Pure Running Half Marathon Series – only one more to go to get the coveted coat!

Nessa, Brian, Jim, Ronan, James, Niall & Roisin at Groomsport

Nessa, Brian, Jim, Ronan, James, Niall & Roisin at Groomsport

Ballyronan Triathlon
Saturday was a beautiful day for a race in Lough Neagh. The race was part of the Tri Ireland national series with a Cat 1 race followed by a sprint and super sprint distances. With a long walk/wade out to the start line (to get acclimatised to the lovely warm water). The cycle was two laps of the roads around Ballyronan. The run consisted of two laps, out through the marina, around the wooded trail, through the caravan park and out and back along the road. We had two club members taking on the challenge:

94John McCullagh0:20:290:36:020:19:591:19:06
202Sean O'Hagan0:24:280:39:390:24:121:31:22

Once again two great times from the guys, who’ve really taken to triathlons this year, getting better and better as the year goes on. The support of the crowd and the marshals was excellent – a great race to watch as you can see most of it without leaving the marina! At the end there was sandwiches and sausages for all competitors (always a factor). Over all I hear it was really well run and enjoyable race, which comes highly recommended.

Monaghan Ten Miler
The annual Monaghan Ten Miler road race was held in Monaghan town centre on a warm Sunday morning. The mostly flat route of the very popular race took place on an ideal, if slightly too warm morning. We have one Dub take her place on the start line:

335Joanne Maguire01:37:12

What an excellent time, Joanne! You can hold your head high after that performance (and in the heat of the morning too). It’s always great to get an auld photo too:

Joanne at Monaghan 10 Miler.

Joanne at Monaghan 10 Miler. (Photo from John Hundley Photography)

Even though a lot of the club were taking on Groomsport on Saturday morning, that left some of the club free to get out for their weekly 5k parkrun race! we had a great presentation around the country (and further afield too!):

Jane PATTERSONDub Runners of Belfast00:29:19
Denise MCALARNEYDub Runners of Belfast00:26:50
Lorraine BRODERICKDub Runners of Belfast00:27:54
Alastair KINGDub Runners of Belfast00:19:50New PB!
Paul MCCREADub Runners of Belfast00:24:02
Danielle MCCLUSKEYDub Runners of Belfast00:27:09

Woo-who! Well done everyone – 5k doesn’t ever get any easier on Saturday mornings does it? We had the one PB this week from Alastair (at Ormeau)!

I want to say thanks to the photographer for the Groomsport photos and also my little birdie for tip off on the Ballyronan Triathlon. Ah, no second joke for you all this week, I’m still buzzing from my earlier result! My friend also got his A-level results in Oceanography, he got a C!

Keep on running!

Live long and prosper.