Weekly Roundup: 2015-10-13

Weekly Roundup: 2015-10-13

It is the beginning of the angry country race running season plus lots, lots more over the jump!

As we begin the transistion from road race to cross country season, the club have been out in full force taking advantage of our ever extending Indian summer.  So sad news in that my girlfriend had told me that she is leaving me because I think that I am a supermarket cashier – so I asked her if she’d like any help packing her bags.  Let’s check out the results..

Macclesfield Half Marathon
Late September and Macclesfield in Cheshire played host to a very popular and very sceneic half marathon.  Unsuually, for this time of the year, it was quite a hot, warm and close day with no reprivee and mixed with the hills of the 13.1 mile route made for tough road race.  We had one member of the club taking part:

382Cameron Riley01:59:14

Great running Cameron – it is always the target to keep it under two hours and in the heat of the day too that is some good going.  I know we as a club are some of the best supports out there, but Cameron had none other than Wayne Rooney cheering him on as he ran through his village!  The bar has been set – beat that folks!

Comber Cup
Some club members went for a Saturday afternon drive out to Comber to go for a jog!  Conditions were pretty much ideal – no wind or rain – and thankfully not a very muddy course.  There was lots of climbing and a record number of participanets – over 400 (running out of numbers and entry forms in the process!).  The course was three laps for the females amd males over 60s and 4 laps for “the young bucks” (not my words):

Four Lap Race
136John McCullagh00:35:14
142Brian Grimes00:35:45
183John Boyle00:40:29
Three Lap Race
52Mike Smith00:28:40
66Roisin Byrne00:29:37
69Nessa Agnew00:29:43

The cross country running is never easy, so fair play to each and every one of you for tackling the challenge – and winning.  Well done everyone on yor 4.85 and 3.65 mile PBs on Saturday!  Also special mention to our new club member Sarah Lindsay, she finished 26th with a time of 00:26:22 (and ran under Foyle Valley for the day).  After those impressive times, I hope you all have a small drink to celebrate on Saturday evening!

Budapest Marathon
A picturesque Sunday morning in the warm gentle heat of Hungary’s captital city was where this week’s interenetional marathon took place!  When it was suggested to Aine that she might enter the marathon she said “if you just say the words, I’ll, I’ll up and run” it with you.

237Aine Hughes03:55:28

Well done Aine on a fantastic time around the 26.2 miles route (a PB I believe too!!), I know that right now “It may be hard for you to, Stop and believe” that you’ve completed it – but you did and enjoy the rest of the holiday now!  (Oh, and those quotes do make sense…)

A crisp, dry autumnal morning awaited the brave Parkrunners this Saturday, as just like on Christmas morning, the anticpatation and build up to the start of the run (Remember: it is not a race) could be felt in the slightly chilly air – and lots of the club members dragged themselves out of bed to take part!

Jane PATTERSON00:29:19
Kathy MAYHEW00:24:20
Nessa AGNEW00:24:20
Trevor MURPHY00:27:26
Alex BLACKSTOCK00:28:41
Jackie ROBINSON00:29:54
Kate MOFFETT00:23:03Third Female!
Roisin BYRNE00:23:20
Cameron RILEY00:24:20
Heather BARON00:23:11Second Female!New PB!
Colin Glenn
James TRAINOR00:19:07First Male! New PB!
James SHERIDAN00:23:29New PB!
Mike SMITH00:24:50New PB!7 to go!
Ronan O'FLAHERTY00:27:54New PB!

Another great turnout for the Parkruns from the club this weekend – let’s try and keep it up at the mornings get cooler and cooler now!  Special mentions this week go to JamesT who was the first across the line at the brand new Colin Glenn event and setting the course record in the process! Also, congratulations to Heather the second female finished at the Stormont event and to Kate who was the third female over the line at Ormeau! Absolutely smashing her previous best for a new PB this week was Kathy (at Victoria). First timer PBs this week go to Heather (at Stormont) and everyone at Colin GlennJamesT, JamesS, Mike and Ronan! Finally, a nod to Mike who has only seven more unique Parkruns to go to get his 50th t-shirt – keep it up!

Colin Glenn Parkrun Reviews
As the latest Parkrun event to join the growing family of Saturday morning runs (not races) in Belfast. Here are some of the reviews of the Parkrun from the club members who took part on Saturday:

Ronan: “That hill at the start is a killer – I’ll know to pace myself better next time.”
Mike: “The first half was tough, but I had checked the route before, so I knew what to expect!”
JamesS: “That was a tight hill to start off with, but after the two loops of the pond, it was all downhill.”
JamesT: “… what hill?”

There you have it – first hand reviews!

Another fantatic week for the club, and it will continue to be a busy month for us as we progress closer to Halloween.  So last night I recorded an episode of ‘Come Dine with Me‘ and some of my guests included MC Hammer and Chico.  The whole night was going great until I ask what time it was – then it was absolute carnage.

Keep on running!

Live long and prosper.