Weekly Roundup: 2015-10-20

Our wee roundup is one year old today! Let’s celebrate and find out more over the jump.

It is hard to believe that I’ve been writing these roundups now for a year.  What had initially started as a joke to let everyone know that our “Honestly Officer…” team won the Errigle pub quiz the previous evening – has now turned into a weekly overview  of the latest goings on in the club – and something I spend a lot more time putting together than I’ll ever admit.  Did you hear about Bilbo who woke up yesterday morning to find a Tesco next door to him?  It was an unexpected item in the Baggins area.

Berlin Marathon
I managed to start quite a heated bedate over dinner on Saturday evening with regards to placings at the Berlin marathon.  Someone, who to maintain anonymity let’s say was called Mr D, made a “comment” (although it sounded more like a complaint to me) that the finishing positions that I noted might not match the correct finishing positions.

Have conducted some research into the results, the official positions posted by the BMW Berlin Marathon organisers are classified by categories, and there are no overall standings available!  So sorry Mr D, I stick by my earlier posting!!

Dundrum GR8 Mile Race
Have you ever thought – I fancy a run, but not a normal head down the street jog, not I want a run that goes over a trail route, a beach and some wooden decking before finishing again on the road.  If you’ve had this thought, then sign up for the Dundrum GR8 Mile race next October.  That is exactly the challenge that faced the runners taking part in the yearly race.  I think one or two people from the club ran it…

7James Trainor00:48:55
45Brian Derby00:54:28
89Jim Larkin00:56:59
93Alastair King00:56:56
106Collette McCourt00:57:59
117Brian Grimes00:58:44
157Tara Thompson01:00:21
208Michael Kirk-Smith01:03:28
238Roisin Byrne01:04:54
239Nessa Agnew01:04:56
258Kate Moffett01:05:32
297Ann Gribbin01:07:09
305Maura McArdle01:07:35
472Karen Carlisle01:12:37
490Kathy Mayhew01:13:31
541Frances McCambridge01:15:31
553Laura McParland01:16:14
609Valerie Maguire01:18:56
649Clare Morley01:19:46
719Jane Patterson01:23:26
779Lynn Donnelly01:29:51
806Brona Shaw01:33:52
811Jackie Robinson01:34:40

The ideal conditions on Saturday morning made it a great day for the race.  Really well done to everyone who raced on Saturday, I was at the finish line and you all gave 110%… when you spotted me with the camera!  Special nods going out to James on his top 10 finish and to Collette and Michael who collected prizes for finishing top in their respective age categories.  The successful event was rounded off with a trip to a local drinking establishment followed by the consumption of some food before returning, exhausted and elated to HQ.  Well done everyone!


Nessa & Rosin (Copyright Dundrum GR8 Run Facebook)

Thanks to the various photographers, we have a lot more photos in the Dumdrum GR8 2015 race gallery!

Run for Oisin 10k
Hundreds of runners and joggers took to the streets of Belcoo in County Fermanagh for what is hoped to become an annual fixture on the local calendar.  The run is organised in remembrance of Oisín who died in hospital after suffering serious head injuries during an incident while playing football at St Michael’s College in February.  We had one member taking part in the new event:

62John Boyle00:50:00

Not going to lie folks – the results for this say 12:08 AM, so I’ve put in a placeholder time until John gets back to me!  Seen as Sunday was a lovely day though, I’d say that it was a sceneic route and a run to remember.

Amsterdam Marathon & 8k Race
The international long distance running events continued this week in Amsterdam! There were perfect weather conditions for marathon running – finishing just at the Olympic stadium as it started to rain – light drizzle then continued for most of the day. The route is an extremely flat course around the city, canal and park. You went back through the park a couple of miles from the end and finished back in the stadium to complete half a lap before crossing the finish line. We had a great contingent of club members taking part:

1699Neil Curran03:17:06
1986Lynsey Hamilton03:21:03
2577Mark Hamill03:27:46
2918Paula Owens03:30:45
3723Stephen Irvine03:40:29
8k Race
182Ryan Love00:36:11
223Natalie Thompson00:36:24

Absolutely fantastic running by each and every one of you!  I also hear that there was great support from locals and from some friends and family who travelled across. After completing their own race, Ryan and Natalie then went to the sidelines to support all the Dubs – great team work all round!  Also congratulations and well done to friends of the club Peter Donnelly who ran the marathon in a time 04:33:44 and Geraldine Hamill (Mark’s wife) who ran the half marathon race in a time of 02:08:56!

Natalie, Mark, Lynsey, Stephen, Paula & Ryan at the Amsterdam Marathon

Natalie, Mark, Lynsey, Stephen, Paula & Ryan at the Amsterdam Marathon

I think Saturday morning was best described as “fresh” – that’s a good Northern Ireland word for “bloody freezing”!  Despite the cooling temperatures and darker mornings (roll on the clock changing at the weekend) we had some hearty souls out and about on Saturday morning:

Niall PORTER00:17:53First Male! New PB!
Ronan O'FLAHERTY00:24:15First Timer!
Trevor MURPHY00:28:20
Lorraine BRODERICK00:27:11
John MCCULLAGH00:21:44New PB!
Jackie ROBINSON00:30:31
Martin TEGGART00:23:24
Paul Patrick MCCREA00:24:47
Anna TRISTRAM00:25:55
Ellon, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Mike SMITH00:23:11First Timer! 6 to Go!

Special mention this week to Niall who was the first across the line at the Waterworks event – setting a new PB in the process too! Well done to John who also ran a PB this week at the Falls event. Only one first timer this week from Ronan (at Waterworks). Finally, as always, great to see Mike still on the hunt for his 50th Parkrun, this weekend taking on the new Scottish event for his 44th unique Parkrun – just six more to go!

Once again can I say thanks to everyone for their kind words about the roundup and thank you for letting me clog your inboxes every Tuesday with countless jokes interspersed with some news from the club!  The missus and I can never agree on holidays… I want to fly aay to warm exotic places and stay in five star hotels – and she always wants to come with me.

Keep on running!

Live long and prosper