Weekly Roundup: 2015-11-03

Weekly Roundup: 2015-11-03

Updates on a certain league, plus Minnowburn and parkrun results over the jump!

You’re all too good to me this week (in more ways than one, but more on that later).  A mostly quiet week for the club as we settled into the darker evenings.  James has also kindly provided an update to the Wava league so not all me this week!  Bad news folks, I’ve had to close my dating agency for chickens – I was struggling to make hens meet!!

Wava Update
The WAVA league has been updated to correct the ‘Marathon’ and a few small errors fixed which were pointed out to James.  Biggest mover was Niall who goes third in the ‘Marathon’.  Mark lost one point with the corrected Portaferry results – not sure if he can catch Collette or not!  The race is on, check out the updated table!

Minnowburn 10k
For those interested in something different on Saturday morning, there was the very popular Minnowburn 10k.  The muddy, wet and hilly route – which finishes a the Mary Peters Track is a tough route, and with the conditions on the day – not one for a PB either.  Mind you, that doesn’t stop the Dubs getting out there and taking part:

277Kathy Mayhew00:58:01
439Lynn Donnelly01:06:38
455Jackie Robinson01:07:30
473Alison Crawford01:08:46

Really well done girls – that is great running – you deserved to out your feet up on Saturday evening after that performance.  I hear that the tough course was made made all the better when you got the cool medal AND the soup after the race!  They’ve also asked me to thank the cheerleading team of Paula and Jim!

It was a cold, damp start to the weekend – so is there a better way to warm up than by going out and running in your local park?!  The Dubs were out in full force this weekend showing off our blue colours!  There were plnety of impressive performances too:

Harrogate, North Yorkshire
Mike SMITH00:22:49
John BOYLE00:23:20
Trevor MURPHY00:26:39
Lorraine BRODERICK00:25:59
Jim LARKIN00:20:28New PB!
Stephen IRVINE00:22:20New PB!
James SHERIDAN00:23:00
Kate MOFFETT00:23:32
Nessa AGNEW00:24:05
James TRAINOR00:24:06
Paula OWENS00:24:07
Ronan O'FLAHERTY00:24:05
Tara THOMPSON00:21:55Third Female! New PB!
Paul Patrick MCCREA00:24:40
Anna TRISTRAM00:26:03
Danielle MCCLUSKEY00:27:54
Jennifer BAIRNER00:28:41
Rachel Tessa BOLT00:28:42
Alex BLACKSTOCK00:29:06New PB!

Fantastic running everyone – that was a cold start and not easy to get going.  Special nobs tis week to Tara who not only finished third at Ormeau – but got a PB at the same time too!  Really well done on the new PBs from Jim and Stephen (at Wallace).  All the first timer PBs this week were also running in Wallace Park, those cane from Kate, Nessa and Ronan.  Finally, running his 45th unique parkrun this week was our man Mike – just five more to go!

Personal Note
Can I say a huge thanks to Paula and Sil for organising and getting as many Dubs as they could to celebate my 101st (and Nessa’s 128th) Parkruns.  Ye are all far too kind – and thanks to everyone for trying to pull me along the course – I know I have a dodgy knee – but you still helped me run my fastest parkrun of the last few months, so it wasn’t quite the PB that we tried for!

Paula, Stephen, Kate, Ronan, JamesT, Jim, JamesS, Cameron, Pete, Nessa, Collette and Rosin at Wallace pakrun.

Paula, Stephen, Kate, Ronan, JamesT, Jim, JamesS, Cameron, Pete, Nessa, Collette and Rosin at Wallace pakrun.


A more normal sized roundup this week for everyone, the number of races tend to go down over the winter months – but never fear, I will always be ready and willing to report from ALL the races and events – no matter how small.  All I need is the nudge from a wee bridie to let me know about it.  I was in the Errigle on Friday night, when Past, Present and Future walked in… I’ll tell you what, it was tense!  See ya!

Keep on running!

Live (Run) long and prosper