Weekly Roundup: 2016-01-19

From forest run to parkun this week, more over the jump!

It is getting warmer, and more importantly – we’re getting closer to our traditional summer-time routes.  Just a few weeks to go, hold in there.  Coming up we have all the results from the club, but before that I don’t want to start any fights around here, but all I’m saying is, he was on that horse a long time through the desert, at any time he could have given that horse a name – personally, I’d recommend Sandy… I’m so sorry if that’s got a certain song stuck in your head now!

Pure Running Half Marathon Series
For anyone who is interested, details have just been released of the 2016 Pure Running Half Marathon Series in association with ChampionChip. This year the same ten races count, only to complete the series, each runner must complete 3 races from each half of the series, and yet again, to receive the commemorative garment – all the races must be completed. There is also a potential 11th race to be added. The race list in full:

1DUNE14th February6Ards24th June
2Larne19th March7DervockMid July
3Omagh26th March8CookstownEarly August
4Newry29th May9Groomsport13th August
5Lisburn15th June10DambustersLate August

Run Forest Run: Mount Stewart
The continuing trail race series moved to Mount Stewart just off Strangford Lough for its latest event late on Saturday morning. While cool and icy conditions gripped the country, the Born 2 Run race went ahead on mostly around the perimeter on gritted tarmac roads, mixed with some trail paths and a hill up to Temple Winds. Once again, we had an Errigle of Dubs taking part:

104Aine Hughes00:45:22
133Kate Moffett00:47:11
128Nessa Agnew00:47:14
131Roisin Byrne00:47:23
424Geraldine Coyle00:58:25
561Alison Crawford01:04:06
579Jackie Robinson01:04:59
580Lynn Donnelly01:05:02

Absolutely fantastic running, in baltic conditions over the weekend! I’ve not heard of any PBs (feel free to correct me) – but once again, no fellas from the club were spotted at the race!! The penultimate race of the series takes place on 6th February at Antrim Castle Gardens.

With quite a lot of the weekly parkrun events cancelled on Saturday, there was limited choice of events to take part in – coupled with the freezing conditions, staying in bed was a very attractive option! There were a few brave souls who took to the parks, and we have the details below:

Dale BIGGERSTAFFNo Time Recorded
Brian DERBYNo Time Recorded
Kathy MAYHEWNo Time Recorded
Trevor MURPHYNo Time Recorded
James SHERIDAN00:22:51New PB!
John BOYLE00:23:54

Great running by everyone, and nice to see with the slippery Vicotria park event that there were no times awarded – just running for the fun of it all! There is just the one runner of note this week: James who ran the Stormont event and set a new PB for the route by one minute!

That’s if for another edition of the roundup – I know a lot of people are starting to up their training now in preparation for road racing season, so it is great to see so many new and returning faces around the club.  I must tell you about the new pair of running shoes from a drug dealer this week, I am not sure that they were laced with, but I was tripping all day!

Keep on running!

Live long and prosper.