Weekly Roundup: 2016-03-21

A race that was some craic and a half marathon over the jump!

Welcome to spring everyone! Not feeling it? Me either – but sure when the clocks change and we get back on our traditional routes, it’ll feel like the summer is just around the corner. Before the results did you hear about the Lough Ness monster walking into a bar and ordering a pint?  “I hope you don’t mind me saying” says the barman “but you’re an unusual sight around here.”  “I’m not surprised,” says Nessie “with the prices you charge!”

Spar Craic 10k
If you were lucky enough to be off on St. Patrick’s Day last Thursday, then a great way to kick start your mini-holiday was to set off exploring Belfast city centre on the popular and fast route. We had a handful or Dubs who were up for the craic:

48Noel Kelly00:39:33
49Jim Larkin00:39:35
56Andrew McDermott00:40:02
73Collette McCourt00:41:10
90Natalie Connolly00:42:15
128Paula Owens00:43:49
154Kate Moffett00:44:37
650Emma O'Donnell00:57:46
651Jennifer Bairner00:57:48

This is a fast, popular route – and it was great to see so many Dubs out there taking part – with really strong finishes from everyone. The only special mention I have is for Jimbo, who managed to bag himself a wee 10k on Thursday – well done mate! Of course as it was a day to celebrate, one or two members of the club decided to go for a celebratory drink in a local establishment:


Larne Half Marathon
The extremely popular Larne half marathon took place in ideal conditions on Saturday morning. The route starting in Larne town takes runners along the coast, before heading up a pretty exhausting hill, before swinging back around to the coast again and back into Larne to cross the finish line by the sea. As before, this proved to be a very popular club race:

13James Trainor01:18:09
64Brian Derby01:25:16
145Colette McCourt01:30:00
146Dale Biggerstaff01:30:01
263Mark Hamill01:35:56
289Anna McArdle01:37:06
371Stephen Irvine01:41:55
373Heather Baron01:41:55
639James Guinn01:50:19
742Jenny Mullan01:52:12
839Karen Carlisle01:55:34
1206Frances Mc cambridge02:09:05
1413Alison Crawford02:20:23

Those are absolutely fantastic times posted by every single person who ran that half marathon on Saturday. The Larne route is a great race to get a good time on – so it is great to see everyone making the most of it. The only special mention I know of (so far) is James’ PB over 13.1 miles – which according to Strava – is just under six minute mile pace!

Last but certainly not least is the club’s results at the local parkuns. A great number of us got out there – and it is especially cool to see so many different parkrun events getting a mention this week too. I’m going to say it: we had an Errigle of Dubs taking part including:

Nessa AGNEW00:22:53
Trevor MURPHY00:42:37
Natalie THOMPSON00:20:51Third Female!
Peter DONNELLY00:22:39New PB!
Tierna WATSON00:23:57
Roisin BYRNE00:26:43
Jackie ROBINSON00:31:35
John MCCULLAGH00:19:04New PB!
Sarah LINDSAY00:19:54First Female! New PB!
Alastair KING00:20:25
Jim LARKIN00:21:41Newbie PB!
Andrew MCDERMOTT00:21:42
James SHERIDAN00:22:0350th parkrun!
Marcella CASSIDY00:22:13
Mike SMITH00:23:04 Newbie PB! 48!
Ronan O'FLAHERTY00:25:06New PB!
Kathy MAYHEW00:25:47Newbie PB!
Jane PATTERSON00:29:18Newbie PB!
Brona SHAW00:33:08Newbie PB!
Colin Glen
Brian CONEY00:25:52Newbie PB!

Phew! Where there any other runs on over the weekend?! Well done everyone – great running! Special mention this week to Sarah who was first home at the Ormeau event and to Natalie who was third across the line at Queen’s. We had a few new PBs set this week coming from Pete (at Queen’s), John (at Ormeau), Sarah (at Ormeau) and Ronan (at Letterkenny). Some newbie PBs from Jim (at Ormeau), Kathy (at Stormont), Jane (at Stormont), Brona (at Stormont) and Brian (at Colin Glen). A hat tip to James S who this week reached the first milestone as he gets his red 50 parkruns t-shirt: welcome to the club! A very special mention to James – who’s now only two runs off completing 50 different parkruns for his first fifty runs!

Is there anyone in the club who didn’t get a mention this week?! Fair play everyone – all we need now is more pictures please!!  I’ve branched out from writing roundups and started writing a book about wine storage – it’s sure to be a best cellar.

Keep on running!

Live long and prosper.

Disclaimer: Every effort (read: I tried) was taken to ensure the results above are correct. If you’d like to make a complaint then you’ll automatically volunteer yourself for writing duties next week 🙂