Weekly Roundup: 2016-05-24

Celebrating 30 years not out for one member.  More over the jump!

What a busy, busy week!  AGM this evening (minutes to follow), and a big landmark to celebrate.  First though, I told my friend I was listening to Justin Timberlake’s new album while doing the dishes.  He asked “N’Sync?”  I said “Sure where else would I be doing the dishes?!”

Runner Landmark – Celebrating 30 Years
This week, can I ask you all in joining me in celebrating a special achievement of one of our regular members Maureen Oliver who celebrates 30 years of running!  In 1986 Maureen took part in her first race “Ran the World” along with, among other, Bob Geldoff.  Horray!

Hill & Dales: Race 6 – Loughshannagh
It was a lads trip to the latest Hill & Dale race in the annual series, as it moved to the extremely hilly location of Loughshannagh (it’s north of Killkeel, just in case you were wondering).  On a fine evening, we had two members representing on Thursday past:

123Jim Larkin01:04:36---
127Brian Grimes01:04:57---

Well done lads, great running by the two of you.  Those courses are not the easiest – so fair play for getting out there in that heat to take on the hills.  I hope you both had a refreshing drink or two after the race!  In the picture below, Brian is both small and far away (before anyone asks):

Brian & Jim at the Hill and Dale Race

Brian & Jim at the Hill and Dale Race

Runher: 10k Costal Challenge
On Friday 20th, 865 ladies (and Paula) set off along the coastal path from Sea Park, Holywood  to Crawfordsburn Country Park, to take part in the runher 10k.  It was a cold and wet evening with single file along parts of the course making conditions difficult with a surprise hill tucked away behind the trees to make final 1k more challenging.  Only one of us was out there:

25Paula Owens00:44:42---

Really well done Paula!  On such a miserable evening, I’m sure that the conditions were totally worth it for the craic and scenery along the route.  And sure, after a nice hard week working, a surprising hill is always a welcome sight!

Albertville 4 Mile Road Race
Fancy a little four mile loop around Belfast?  On a Friday evening?  In, let’s face it, not the best ever conditions?  Then that is exactly what waited for participants taking on the Albertville four mile road race on Friday evening.  We have one brave Dub out there:

UknMaureen Oliver00:37:30---

Great running Maureen – it is always great to have you representing the club at these events.  We hope you enjoyed Friday evening, and that the rain might have stayed away to let you get around the course!

Copenhagen Marathon
I can hardly Cope(nhagen) with all the results.  The Danish capital played host to the latest marathon challenge for a member of the club.  The popular race attracted almost ten thousand runners, and Aine, fresh from her 21st birthday celebrations, she partied in the best way a runner knows how to:

4147Aine Hughes04:12:40---

Fantastic running Aine, and in the heat of a building summer – absolutely great going!  I hope that you enjoy your travels and holidays that followed the run!

We trooped into the parks around Northern Ireland this weekend to take part in our (too early for a weekend) weekly 5k run (not a race, take note folks) traditions.  With the summer simmering on the horizon, we’re finding it easier to get out bed these days:

Brian DERBY00:19:02
Roisin BYRNE00:22:55Second Female!
Nessa AGNEW00:22:59Third Female!
Kathy MAYHEW00:25:30
Trevor MURPHY00:45:32
James TRAINOR00:22:14
Aine LOANE00:26:21
Ronan O'FLAHERTY00:26:38
Lorraine BRODERICK00:27:14
Jackie ROBINSON00:32:5
Marcella CASSIDY00:23:15Third Female!
Alastair KING00:19:36
James SHERIDAN00:22:16
Rachel BOLT00:23:30
Lisa MCCLOSKEY00:24:09Newbie PB!
Karen CARLISLE00:25:02
Amy LAVERTY00:26:13

Woot!  Really great running everyone – nice to have so many of the club out this week – gave me an extra push at my event anyway!  This week, here comes the girls with Roisin second home at Victoria, closely followed by Nessa in third. We had Marcy third over the line at the Enniskillen event. One newbie PB this week comes from Lisa (at Ormeau).

I’m away to go for a sleep before tonight’s session (and AGM).  I hope you’re all looking forward to my final (sob) report as treasurer for the club!  I had a bad week last week, I’d to go to the doctors with hearing problems, he said “Can you describe the symptoms?”  I said “Homer’s a fat bloke and Marge has blue hair”

Keep on running!

Live long and prosper.

Disclaimer: Every effort (read: a little) was taken to ensure the results above are correct. If you’d like to make a complaint then you’ll automatically volunteer yourself for writing duties next week 🙂