Weekly Roundup: 2016-06-21

Weekly Roundup: 2016-06-21

Jam packed full of Dub goodiness this week – more over the jump!

If the target was to keep me busy this week, then you managed to get that spot on!  We have reports from lots of different races – including some in Scotland, as well as correcting a few deliberate omissions – just making sure everyone was awake.  I found a dead mouse in my washing machine last night and thought to myself “Ah well, at least it died in Comfort!”.  Let’s get on with the results shall we…?

Glenmore Challenge – Updates
This was a deliberate mistake last week – leaving out our Lynn – but I only did that so she could get her own wee section in this week’s edition of the roundup!  Well done Lynn, who set new brand new 10 mile PB time last weekend with the club at the Glenmore Challenge event!  Three cheers – hip, hip…!

133Lynn Donnelly01:45:53New PB!

While we’re here did you know that I’ve uplaoded a load of photos from the Glenmore Challenge 2016?  And some photos from the Walled City Marathon 2016?  I even found some time to get the photos from the Festival of Miles 2016 online too!  Did you miss the AGM?  Would a helpful recap be of any use to you?  Ah, okay then, here are the official minutes from the Dub Runners 2016 AGM!  I’m far too good to you all.

Wava Update
James has been hard at work crunching the numbers for the latest Wava League update.  This latest update includes Glenmore and the Lisburn Half results:

  • Brian D continues his lead, with James T sneaking into second place, while Mark H is firmly in third in the male standings.
  • Heather nudges her way into the lead, Collette takes the second podium position, with Anne quietly moving into third in the female standings.

Mourne Way Marathon
The course was “brilliant craic” coupled with some “monstrous hills that were actually mountains” and adding to the atmosphere was “absolutely roasting” and “extremely humid too” (I love Andy’s quotes).  He was running on the day with a friend, helping her around the course:

116Andrew Burrows05:24:08---

That is great running Andy, and a run that comes highly recommended for next year: there was a great set up, loads of food and the all important water stops too!  Fantastic running Andrew!

Lisburn Half Marathon
The joke, in recent years, has been that if you want to plan a BBQ, find out the date of the Lisburn Half Marathon – guaranteed good weather.  2016 was no exception to this rule, as 6,000+ particpants took to the roads in and around Lisburn.  The revised route was used for a second year – no more slog to get up the A1 – and takes in the surrounding countryside including cutting through the Down Royal horse racing track for a few furlongs.  As usual, we had a contingent of Dubs at the start line:

Half Marathon Race
257Mark Hamill01:43:42---
271Sean O'Hagan01:44:07New PB!
276Anne Gribbin01:44:19---
355Heather Baron01:48:37---
521Peter Donnelly01:55:22---
775Vicky Orr02:05:53---
10k Race
201Paula Owens00:45:42---
241Aine Hughes00:46:47---
420Paul Agnew00:51:23---

Really well done everyone!  That is one tough course – and the humidity on Wednesday evening made the whole event very sticky too.  Not PB weather this year, except for the stunning performace from Sean who got his by 3 miniytes and 37 seconds, but still great running and sure who doesn’t love a half marathon in the middle of the week!

Brian Goodwin 10k Glasgow
Is there a better way to unwind on a Friday evening than getting out and going for a 10k race over in Scotland?!  The Championship 10k for the West of Scotland, the course was a mostly flat route around Pollock Park.  We had one Dub and a future Dub taking part:

12James Trainor00:34:19New PB!
UknSuzky Kennedy00:48:16New PB!

Magic running, and two PBs too boot as well!  What a great way to kick start the weekend – great running and getting to spend a sneaky weekending in Scotland too.  What could be better?  (A photo, please)!!

Knockagh Marathon
Yes, the East Antrim Marathon Series is back, and this time it was a monumental challenge (not my words). The busting course was two loops of the Knockagh marathon, up to the Monument and back. We had a single Dub there:

1Dale Biggerstaff03:35:00---

Take a bow Mr. Biggerstaff – first home on Saturday in the marathon! Mister Marathon Man himself, who was even able to crack a few jokes after the race – and even provided a few photos for us all:

Dale at the Knockagh Marathon.

Dale at the Knockagh Marathon.

Donegal Runway Run 5k
Seat belts on, prepare for departure.  Donegal International Airport on the west coast hosting its first annual running of their runway run.  The 5k loop was a lap and a half of the belt, and had to be completed by 14:30 – when the next flight was due for take off!  We had two members waiting in departures:

21James Sheridan00:21:44---
48Ronan O'Flaherty00:24:45---

Great running everyone – you’re absolutely flying (pun intended).  It’s always interesting to take on a completely flat run, and you can’t get much flatter than a runway.  Ideal conditions too, with a gentle breeze coming over from the sea acting as a gentle cooling system.  As I was involved, I had to make sure that there was a photo or two taken:


Ronan & James at the Donegal Runway Run… there’s always one person who pretends to be a plane…

City of Derry Triathalon
You know the way Sunday morning was dull and dreay?  Wouldn’t have going for a 750m swim up the River Foyle have helped?  Then how about a 20k cycle around the city’s stunning bridges?  Finally, how about a little 5k run taking in the iconic Peace Bridge before heading for home?  Well, that’s what one club member did this weekend:

32John McCullagh00:12:1100:36:4500:20:0401:10:47

Great going John – I know it was a very early start to get the tide going in the right direction.  Absolutely magic stamina, a a great finishing position, means that you can hold your head up high on this one!  Does anyone else feel like they wasted their weekends after reading this?!

John beginning his 5k run. Image from Peter McKane.

John beginning his 5k run. Image from Peter McKane.

Finally, rounding off this mammoth roundup week with our old faithful the parkrun.  Saturday morning saw most braced for worsening weather conditions, so we can understand why so many of the club got about, not just at home, but also away from home too.  Some great achievements this week from the club members:

Brian GRIMES00:20:28New PB!
Brian DERBY00:21:29
Paula OWENS00:21:29
Kathy MAYHEW00:25:10
Alex BLACKSTOCK00:29:14
Jane PATTERSON00:29:25
Trevor MURPHY00:40:22
Jackie ROBINSON00:32:06
Alastair KING00:19:30
Roisin BYRNE00:22:49New PB!
John MCCULLAGH00:23:18
Danielle COREY00:23:27New PB!
Geraldine COYLE00:26:56
Danielle MCCLUSKEY00:29:10
Andrew NOBLE00:21:43New PB!
Castleblayney, Monaghan
Nessa AGNEW00:23:46Second Female! New PB!
Dungloe, Donegal
James SHERIDAN00:25:08Third Male!
Ronan O'FLAHERTY00:26:16
Springburn, Glasgow
James TRAINOR00:18:12Second Male!

That is just magic running from everyone this week – well done everyone!  Special hat tips this week saw both Nessa second home at the Castleblayney event and James T second at the Springburn event.  Third home at the Dungloe event was James S.  We also had new PBs set this week by Brian G (at Victoria), Roisin and Danielle (at Ormeau), Andrew (at Stormont) and Nessa (at Castleblayney).  Finally, some newbie PBs this week from Ronan (at Dungloe) and James T (at Springburn).

Could I say a personal thank you to everyone who helped to compile the roundup this week – lots of spies all over the place, you never know when you’ll get caught.  Keep the photos rolling in – isn’t there a half marathon this Friday coming up?!   I am raging in work; someone has stolen my coffee cup from the kitchen.  I am just off to the police station now to look at a few mug shots.

Keep on running!

Live long and prosper.

Disclaimer: Every effort (read: look, I actually tried this week!!) was taken to ensure the results above are correct. If you’d like to make a complaint then you’ll automatically volunteer yourself for writing duties next week 🙂