Weekly Roundup: 2016-10-25

It’s all about the parkrun again this week – more over the jump!

I know there’s a big race coming next weekend, so I am basking in one final ‘small’ roundup before it arrives next Tuesday (the Dublin marathon for the uninitiated among us).  Only the parkrun results to go through this week, but before that, a strange thing happened last night, I was walking by the fridge and I swore I could hear an onion singing a Bee Gees song… turns out it was just the chives talking.  Now – results!

T’was a sharp morning, not too warm, but noticeably a few degrees cooler than of late.  The weekly, traditional 5k routes around the local parks continued.  As an added bonus this week, the rain held off (just about at Ormeau anyway), to allow all the runners to get back to their cars in time.  We had an Errigle of Dubs (I got it back in this week!!) taking part:

Paul MCCREA00:24:33
Jane PATTERSON00:29:51
Philippa MACLARAN00:30:03
James GUINN00:24:34
Steven TODD00:19:17New PB!
Eimear PHAIR00:25:52Newbie PB!
Brian DERBY00:19:23
Brian GRIMES00:21:03
Ronan O'FLAHERTY00:21:20New PB!
James TRAINOR00:21:22
Nessa AGNEW00:22:41
Roisin BYRNE00:23:46
Kathy MAYHEW00:25:43
James SHERIDAN00:29:59
John BOYLE00:25:00

Marvellous running everyone, great to see so many faces around on Saturday morning.  With these colder mornings it is tougher to get the motivation to go out – so let’s help each other along!  Hat tips this go out to Steven (at Wallace) and to Ronan (at Ormeau) who both set brand new personal best times at the weekend.  Finally, we had one newbie PB this week from Eimear (at Omagh).

Finally, can we wish a Happy 2nd Birthday to the ‘Weekly Roundup’!  How you’ve all let me write all the dribble for the last year two years continues to amaze me – thank you 🙂  No second joke this week, instead a heart-warming tale about weekend, while I was doing the rounds visiting a family friend who was a soldier who survived being attached with mustard gas and pepper spray – he is a seasoned veteran.

Keep on running!

Live long and prosper.

Disclaimer: Every effort was taken to ensure the results above are correct (61 sleeps until Christmas!!). If you’d like to make a complaint, then you’ll automatically volunteer yourself for writing duties next week 🙂