Weekly Roundup: 2018-01-30

Weekly Roundup: 2018-01-30

Find out about our eight events over the past week – phew!  It’s all over the jump!

Okay everyone, that’s just not funny – not funny at all. These winter months are supposed to be the ones where I get to rest and throw the roundup together on a Monday evening over dinner!! I count no less than SEVEN events which had club involvement over the past week – a fantastic achievement and sets one heck of a marker for the rest of the year.  Some disappointing news this morning, apparently they’re not making shortbread any longer :(! Okay, deep breath, let’s get going…

Mourne Way 10k Night Race
You know how most of us wait for a nice clear day to go up and try some running over the Mournes? We’ll discount Jim from that statement, well two other Dubbers this week through that they’d give the Mournes a go – in the dark! Randomly kicking off on the Sandbank Road (already at 600ft), there was a climb for the opening two miles, before a gentle downhill through Rostrevor Forest before finishing in Kilbroney Park. Let’s see how are guys got on:

31Eammon Canavan00:51:18---
53Paul McFlynn00:55:02---

Not the easiest course in the daylight – bloody tricky at night. At least Eammon brought his headtorch for this one! Paul Mc kicks off his racing year in great style too – he’s one of our new guys, so make sure to say hello to him! The guys, don’t know this, but I’ve unearthed a photo from the event too:

  • That's Eammon on the right, Paul on the left.

Sugarloaf 10k
So, let’s summarise this one… there is a mountain in Wicklow that is called the Great Sugar Loaf (don’t believe me, Google it). So, headed to the race “it can’t be that bad its only a trail run around a mountain” – wrong! With 1500ft of climbs to near the top, then there’s a nice decent as you circle around the mountain, before a final climb almost back to the summit point – finishing with a freewheel back down. John – how’d you fair in this one?!

33John McCullagh01:12:09---

This wasn’t your average 10k race – this isn’t even comparable with ant of the local races that I am aware of. With a winning time of over 52 minutes – that was a tough slog of a race. Climbing with a mixture of muddy grass trails, loose scree, gravel paths, heather lined tracks and ankle deep bog – made up for with impressive views of Bray at the highest point. John was even gracious enough to admit in titling his activity as a run/walk – which I can think we can all agree is more than okay! Great work John – and it doesn’t even look like it has fizzled you:

  • John and his brother Francis are as sweet as Sugar(loaf)!

Bessbrook 10k
Shockingly, this race is around Bessbrook in Armagh – try to recover from that statistic please. This was takes place completely on the roads – with hills after one and five miles just to make sure everyone is awake. So, there’s a competitive race in and around the Armagh region – there can be only on Dub for the job:

7Aine Hughes00:44:27First Place!

Woo-hooo! Great work Aine – taking home the spoils by quite some margin as the first woman home. A great time, and a fantastic confidence boost for the year ahead too – what a way to kick start this one! We dug deep into the murky ether to find this photo to share:

  • The sparkles were not added by me... Great work Aine - 1st place!

NI & Ulster XC Championships
In the expanse outside of Comber (it’s not really in Comber let’s be fair), there is a big field which is ideal for some cross-country racing. With plenty of hills and grass ready to be turned into a field of muck, an Errigle of Dubs descended upon the course. That course was a punishing 2k loop where the women (and those over 65) run it twice for 4k – while the men tackle the loop four times for 8k. Those distances are never easy, less so in an ultra-competitive muddy, slippery and slidey cross country:

Master’s Women – 7th Place with 165 Points

18Collette McCourt00:17:50---
39Heather Baron00:19:24---
40Kate Moffett00:19:28---
48Anne Gribbin00:19:53---
57Roisin Byrne00:20:38---

Enjoying the benefit of the fresh ground, our team in the first race posted stunning times, all of them coming in quite close at the finish despite terrain. As you can see, not one of them was worried about their looks by the end of this 4k race:

  • A very dirty Heather, Anne, Roisin and Kate!

Over 65’s Men

5Mike Smith00:19:23---
UknAlex Blackstaff00:30:00---

Running alongside (literally in Mike’s case) our master’s women team, including a few cheeky nudges as they went past our spectating position! Impressive times posted by our dynamic duo.

  • Mike takes the lead & Alex represents!

Master’s Men – 14th Place with 265 Points

38Peter Morrison00:31:27---
50Steven Todd00:32:40---
79Jim Larkin00:35:39---
98Brian Derby00:37:21---
102Ryan Love00:37:42---
117Mark Hamill00:39:31---

Fantastic running gents, in what can only be described as deteriorating conditions – with the course getting churned up more and more and with some rain spicing things up too! Great running, and legs of steel for surviving four loops of that!!

  • Mark, Ryan, Steven, Jim and Brian D ready for the off!

Intermediate Women – 3rd Place with 59 Points

6Claire Tonry00:17:57---
15Anna McCardle00:19:28---
18Jane McCann00:20:13---
20Suzy Kennedy00:22:01---

Despite fielding a relatively inexperienced cross-country side, in a very competitive race, our fantastic four posted times to be proud of to bring it all home in third place and steal the final team spot on the podium! Lest we forget that (for the club) the course was at its worst that it was going to get for us too. Clearly that didn’t put them off:

  • Anna, Suze, Jane and Claire after 4k in the mud!

That was a great club day all round, and everyone left smiling (eventually) after their races – so we can call that a success. We need to take a moment now to thank James T for his organisation of the four teams for the races – he was so concerned with making sure everyone was entered properly that he ran out of time to enter for his own race :(. If you weren’t there on the day, we have our first gallery of 2018 online right now, and here’s a sample photo that just sums up how great a day it was:

  • Go Team Dub! #EmptyTheTank

Maghery 10k
It’s between Dungannon and Craigavon – just overlooking Lough Neagh. Not that any of the runners got a chance to take that scenery in, as they made their way towards the M1! A great course to kick off the new racing year with a steady 10k run – and that is exactly what one club member decided to do:

UknAnna Hicks00:48:00---
UknDanielle Corey00:50:00---

Danielle tried to sneak this one in under the radar, but we found it! Great running Danielle – sometimes those smaller more local races can be a lot of fun and you pushed it hard, well done! Course, we only found out about this one because you put a photo up on Facebook:

  • Danielle and Eilis after an early Sunday morning 10k!

Raheny 5 Mile Road Race
A nice and relaxing Sunday afternoon was out of the question for one Dub who decided to take part in the 34th running of this event. Starting and finishing in St. Anne’s Park this flat and fast course in the heart of historic Dublin is a very popular course. We had one Dubber on the line, someone who wore our blue for the first time:

343Daniel Mourenza00:32:13---

Magic running Daniel, fantastic work over the five miles with a very impressive time. The ideal running conditions (before the wind picked up) around the scenery of the park must have added to the atmosphere. We hope after that one, that you have someone driving you back home after that! Daniel kindly sent us through some action shots from the race:

  • Run Raheny: Daniel dons the Dub top for the first time!

If you’ve made it this way, you deserve rom Strava kudos for that! Despite some heavy overnight rain, conditions in and around Belfast were mild and damp, but thankfully no threat of frost or ice. That can only mean one thing, jump in the car and get to the park for your usual weekend fix:

Ronan O'FLAHERTY00:22:42New PB!
Kathy MAYHEW00:25:53New PB!
Maureen OLIVER00:28:27
Jane PATTERSON00:30:34
Brona SHAW00:32:11New PB!
James TRAINOR00:17:11Second Male!
Ronan MCCAUGHEY00:24:03
Maire MCCAUGHEY00:25:36
Roisin BYRNE00:25:42
Louise JONES00:26:35
Alex BLACKSTOCK00:32:12
Falcarragh (Ireland)
James SHERIDAN00:23:21

Let’s tip our hats this week to the XC organiser and king Mr James Trainor who took on the Queen’s course and gained the silver medal with a second place finish! We had several new course PBs set this weekend, all by the travelling cohorts who ventured to Waterworks Park for a change of scenery: Ronan, Kathy and Brona! Let’s not forget Brian D’s contributions who was on hand to take a few snaps as we made our way around:

  • Water(hard)works: Kathy on the attack (not literally)!

If no one has heard from me by training this evening, please call for help!! So yeah, we mean business in 2018 – some stonking running, and it is only January folks – very impressive stuff. As usual, please give me a heads up on races and photos – we want to put your name in lights, so let’s do this!  Thanks everyone for your support over the last few weeks, but I found out over the weekend that I failed my German exam – sacré bleu!

Live long and prosper.

Disclaimer: Every effort was taken to ensure the results above are correct (it was hard to keep up this week, I won’t lie) If you’d like to make a complaint, then you’ll automatically volunteer yourself for writing duties next week 🙂