Weekly Roundup: 2018-03-13

Weekly Roundup: 2018-03-13

From Carlingford to Glenariff to Downpatrick to Rome to Barcelona to the parks over the jump!

Oh, yes! We’re back with one heck of a bang this week! After last’s weeks ‘easy’ edition (I am never calling it easy again, clearly, I jinxed it), we had a host of scheduled and postponed races to get our teeth sunk into this week. I was sad to hear about NME printing its last edition last week, I used to keep mine in a pile near my bed, just in front of my American sitcom DVDs – I’d keep my Friends close and NMEs closer! Right, then, let’s have a go at this one:

Carlingford Half Marathon & 10k
On a grey, damp Saturday morning, all you want to do is jump on a bus and head for Carlingford! In some horrid conditions of wind, rain and hailstones along the Louth coastline an Errigle of Dubs took to the line for the race. With an undulating first half, this is levelled off with a run by the sea to the finish! So, you’d assume, it wasn’t a day for good running… you would think that, but then we are Dubs:

Half Marathon Race
15Peter Morrison01:23:38---
26Claire Tonry01:26:52Second Place! New PB!
29Brian Derby01:27:50Most Stylish Dub!
72Heather Baron01:36:57New PB!
73Kate Moffett01:37:03New PB!
93Paula Owens01:39:03---
106Anna McArdle01:40:52---
107Marie Sweet01:40:51New PB!
127Roisin Byrne01:43:20---
134Ronan O'Flaherty01:43:54New PB!
150Nessa Agnew01:45:57---
179Paul McFlynn01:48:36New PB!
360Danielle McCluskey02:03:42---
225Maura McArdle01:52:34---
406Frances McCambridge02:10:35---
408Anne Marie Ryan02:10:53New PB!
475Breige Black02:36:13Friend of Dubs!
10k Race
157Alex Blackstock01:11:47---

Well done everyone – I think most of the runners would have preferred the snow from last weekend! Outstanding second place finish by Claire in only her third half marathon race. Great new half PBs set by Heather, Kate, Marie, Ronan, Paul and Anne Marie – not sure how you did that in those conditions. Everyone produced outstanding performances on the day – and everyone enjoyed the post-race shower and food (along with a certain rugby match). Lest we forget Brian D – who was enthroned as the most stylish Dub too… need some proof? There’s a gallery of photos from the event, including these:

  • Carlingford Swim: Dubs taking shelter before the race!

Glenariff Mountain Run – The Spud Run
Glenariff “Queen of the Glens” – did you know dubs did mountains as well?! This NIMRA championship race was stacked with the best local mountain runners. With some cheerful anarchy at the start line, with bags being checked for the minimum kit, then off – up muddy farm tracks, muddier fields, full flood rivers and through sodden bogs, there was a mountain to be climbed. Once at the top an even quicker descent through the mist back to the village. Our 2 Dub goats were in good company:

54Steve Todd01:01:49---
59Bernadette O'Kane01:02:57---

Yikes, that seemed more muddy than a XC and wetter than a swimming pool. Steven and Bernie, woah, that is impressive running, that uphill section alone would leave any of the rest of us with zero energy. Then you have to get back down! Hold your heads high – cracking work. At the end we all want to see what bling we all get, so what’d you get for putting yourself through that – a big bag of spuds! Some photos were sent to me:

  • Bernie and Steven ready for the off!

Roller Coaster 5k Race
This is an interesting one – 25 furlongs, or 5k for those who prefer metrics, all taking place around Downpatrick Racecourse. I think we all know at this stage that this could have been more easily classified as a swim rather than a run! The tarmacked course around the racecourse is mostly flat -thankfully with no hurdles. We had one of our longer servicing Dubbers taking part:

32Maureen Oliver00:29:28---

Maureen -some cool swimming, I mean running on Saturday! On a course like that, it will always attract the top local runners, and it was a tight course to be racing on. A well earned rest is called for after that one. Sadly though, we’ve no photos – probably not surprising, as mist just wanted to get home and out of the rain after that one!

Rome-Ostia Half Marathon
Kicking off in Rome and finishing in Ostia – this city to coast half marathon is one we can all be envious of with the cold March we’ve had! With big rises at 5k, 10k and 18k this wasn’t going to be an easy trip to the seaside for anyone. That didn’t stop one keen Dub from taking the phrase “When in Rome…” a little too literally:

1565Andrew Noble01:35:26---

Ah Andrew – we’re not jealous at all, why couldn’t we all come with you?! Fantastic performance, I know you were tantalisingly close to hitting a PB on Sunday morning, but it wasn’t to be, but that doesn’t detract an impressive run while you’re off on your holidays. Great work – now go off and enjoy yourself for a few days! Andrew did kindly send through a few photos:

  • When in Tome: Andrew on his holidays!

Barcelona Marathon
Last week, the Beast from the East brought some snow to Spain -luckily there no sign of that in 15 degree heat this weekend for the Barcelona Marathon! Taking in all the sights and sounds of the historic Spanish city. The inner city route is all up hill to 10k, with bumps at 15k and 20k before a gentle rise to the finish. So, who was running this one I hear you yell:

5955Mark McGowan03:54:10New PB!
6330Andrew Wells03:56:37---

Mark and Andy – two Dub stalwarts taking on one of the toughest running challenges out there – and showing us newbies how it should be done! Two sub-four hour marathons from the intrepid pair, who put in the training alongside the Sunday Social Crew. Great running guys – you’re inspirations for the rest of us, and let’s not forget that it was a PB run by Mark too!  They might be a few hundred miles away, but thanks to the joys of the Internet, we have an album full of photos, but here’s some of our favourites:

  • Barcelona: Race face on and ready to go!

Oh, we’ve all been there -in bed listening to the rain batter the window and questioning why we ever decided to take up running in the first place. Once you’re standing in your local parkrun at half nine on Saturday morning, all those thoughts dissolve (or washed away this week), as we set off for weekly 5k pilgrimages. It was fantastic to see so many Dubs out there on Saturday morning:a

Derry City
Natalie CONNOLLY00:21:57First Place!
Colin O'DOHERTY00:22:44
Kathy MAYHEW00:25:02
Jane PATTERSON00:30:48
Trevor MURPHY00:55:24
Ronan MCCAUGHEY00:24:00
Maire MCCAUGHEY00:25:49
James GUINN00:27:35
James SHERIDAN00:23:00
James TRAINOR00:18:46
John MCCULLAGH00:20:43
Suzy KENNEDY00:22:54New PB!
Steven TODD00:20:29First Place! Newbie PB!
Graeme COLHOUN00:22:28
John BOYLE00:25:38

Well done everyone, some amazing times posted there in the parks – likely the drier option of the races available on Saturday to us all!! Let’s tip our hats to Natalie who was home and claimed the top spot at the Derry City event. Steven also nabbed the top spot at the Larnia event. Only the one new course PB set this week by Suzie in a great performance at the Ormeau event. Finally, one newbie PB set this week by the top placing guy at LarneSteven!

You’re almost there, I swear! Another busy week ahead, so pretty please, remember the old camera and get a snap or two to send on to us please. Let’s face it, the more photos you send, the less of my writing you have to endure, so it’s a win-win! I’ve had a bit of a falling out with the missus, she refuses to go to karaoke with me – now I have to duet alone.

Live long and prosper.

Disclaimer: Every effort was taken to ensure the results above are correct (coming back from a week off is really tough!) If you’d like to make a complaint, then you’ll automatically volunteer yourself for writing duties next week 🙂