Weekly Roundup: 2018-04-10

Weekly Roundup: 2018-04-10

We go to Omagh, Gullion, Titanic Quarter, PARIS and the parks over the jump!

Here we go again – marathon season is upon us – or at least that is the safe assumption from this week’s roundup! We have a (literal) mountain of club racing to get through, but before we get there, a quick TV update!  I watched a very interesting debate last night as to which cartoons were better: Disney or Warner Bros – I have to say it got very animated!  Now, where do we start this week? Suppose it has to be Omagh!

Omagh Half Marathon
Another #DubDayOut this time over to the west for the annual Omagh Half Marathon in Tyrone. This massively popular half marathon usually attracts a big numbers of club members, and I am happy to report that this year was no different! An Errigle of Dubs were on the start line for this undulating hilly course (are you happy now Anna?!), which starts in the heart of Omagh town centre, circles around the narrow streets before catapulting runners into the countryside where locals cheer from their gardens, before a sharp turn for the final few miles back into town. So, who was there this year?

99Brian DERBY01:27:35
102Claire TONRY01:27:49
187Bernadette O'KANE01:32:30New PB!
274Richard DONALD01:36:20
407Anna MCARDLE01:40:37
413Anne GRIBBIN01:40:55New PB!
623Nessa AGNEW01:47:11
823James GUINN01:53:20
925Kathy MAYHEW01:55:52New PB!
1127Danielle MCCLUSKEY02:00:30
1588Lynn DONNELLY02:20:34

Well, that was a successful race by all, some mighty impressive performances by everyone. Saturday morning was delicately idea conditions for running in – gentle breeze, little overcast and some sun. With various bits and pieces of training going it was uplifting to hear that Bernie O’Kane, Anne and Kathy all bagged new half marathon PBs around the course – just the icing on the cake of a great day! We had our roving reporter on the scene too, who even claims she ran 7 miles herself:

  • Oh-my: Claire, Brian D and Bernie after the race!

Gullion Mountain Race
Cast your mind back – two Dub Goats ran a trail race up Gullion late last year. Well note that that was a TRAIL race and that this was a MOUNTAIN race – two very different beasts. Conditions at the base were overcast, but during the ascent the mist rolled in bringing with it some light rain and visibility challenges. Four miles might sound easy, but only one of our #DubGoats took it on:

23Jim Larkin00:47:06---

That’s the stuff Jim -great to see you getting back out there and at the mountain running that we all know you love. This race was all about getting into the training for the upcoming season (and I believe your official time is much higher than what you were clocked at from the base). A solid start to the year – things will go from strength to strength now. Once again, we had a roving reporter on the scene, who chickened out of running his first mountain trail race, and that was probably the best idea too. Luckily, he was there to take some photos:

  • Gullion: Jimbo ready for the off!

Titanic Quarter 10k
Is it that time of the year already again?! Now moved as an earlier Sunday morning fixture, this is a flat 10k race with the potential to kick some personal bests out of the park. Why just the potential? Well, it is always windy down by the docks, and usually a head wind when you’re on that final stretch heading for the finish line too. Nevertheless, that wouldn’t us Dubbers as two took to the line at 10am on Sunday:

484Danielle McCluskey00:54:39---
757Alex Blackstock01:03:19---

Well done Danielle and Alex, that is a great race performance through the crowds who took part in the event. Danielle doing the double too, going for the 10k after the 13.1 miles on Saturday in Omagh. Two great times and times that you both can, should and are proud of! All that’s left now is to head for home and chillax and enjoy the rest of the weekend (and gloat about your achievements)!  Spy shots have of course been provided:

  • Titanic Effort: Danielle on her SECOND race of the weekend taking on the 10k event! (Pic: ANI)

Paris Marathon
Most people head to the most romantic city on the planet with their other half for a wee sneaky weekend away. Runners though head to Paris instead on their own ready to take on a marathon! If you’re thinking that you might choose this one because it is nice and flat, then you’d be mistaken – it is undulating, very undulating. It is kind of an expensive tour bus as runners take to get in the sights starting on the Champs Elysees, passing the Louvre, ring a few bells at Notre Dame, zoom past some Tower (apparently it is famous) before finishing near the Arc de Triomphe. Let’s say bonjour to:

2544Gavin Creech03:15:56New PB!
5291Eammon Canavan03:31:14New PB!

Gavin and Eammon are two of our newer members, in fact both have only joined in the latter half of 2017 with us. It is not surprising to any of us who’ve trained with (or followed them on Strava) to see them smash their marathon PBs on Sunday – massive congratulations lads. Stunning times guys -all the hard work has paid off, it is now time for a very well earned rest. Of course, I couldn’t resist poaching a photo or two:

  • Paris: Eammon making his way to the start!

If you’re still with me, fair play, I’ve almost lost it myself. We wrap up this week, as we do every week with a look at the local (and not so local) parkrun events! We’ve established already that Saturday morning was a cracking wee morning for a run – so that is why we had a team of Dubbers out there. Shall we see how everyone got on?

Jim LARKIN00:20:40
Ronan O'FLAHERTY00:20:41New PB!
Trevor MURPHY00:29:10
Jane PATTERSON00:29:46
Brona SHAW00:30:38
Ronan MCCAUGHEY00:23:45
Maire MCCAUGHEY00:25:31
Suzy KENNEDY00:24:15Third Female! New PB!
James DICKEY00:20:33
Danielle COREY00:23:47
Valerie MAGUIRE00:25:34
Johnstown (Ireland)
Michael KIRK-SMITH00:23:15

Grab your hat – we have to get it tipped. First up, give a big hand to our Suze who snuck into third place at the Falls event – setting a new course PB at the same time! We also had our Technical Director, Ronan, out at Victoria – who not only bagged a course PB but set his all-time 5k PB too at the same time! Did someone say photo?!

  • parkrun: Jimbo paced Ronan round to his all-time 5k PB!

With that, we bring the curtain down on another astonishing week for the Dubs. Even though we’ve complained bitterly about our extended Winter, it seems to have done our club training no harm at all by the looks of things – great work by everyone!  The missus and I had a fight over the weekend – I asked her to describe me in five words. She said I’m mature, I’m moral, I’m pure, I’m polite and I’m perfect – then she added that I also had a fundamental lack of understanding about apostrophes and spaces.

Live long and prosper.

Disclaimer: Every effort was taken to ensure the results above are correct (yeah, just try and complain this week!!) If you’d like to make a complaint, then you’ll automatically volunteer yourself for writing duties next week 🙁