Weekly Roundup: 2018-04-17

Weekly Roundup: 2018-04-17

News from the track, Hill & Dales, a castle, Portadown and parkrun over the jump!

Ahh, the Real McCoy is back again for your Tuesday fix of running goodness. You’ve been a busy bunch – don’t forget to give me a nudge if you’re doing one of those whacky races that I might not know about (because it’s on my left). Full results in a moment, but Sorry if I seem a little off today, but my neighbour kept me up playing the same Lionel Ritchie song over and over again -normally I wouldn’t mind, but it was all night long. Right, let’s see what the craic is:

Rumour and Hearsay
I’m not sure anyone was around the Mary Peter’s Track on Thursday evening, but, if you were around you might have seen a familiar face. Our sometimes blue, sometimes yellow James took to the track for a 1500m sprint – and did quite well:

4Trainor James04:23.39---

Nice work James and you made it into the “Fab 5“! Some running and some might say a great warmup for a certain upcoming relay team event..!

Hill & Dales, Race 1: Castlewellan
‘Hill and Dales’ is a lovely sounding title – however these races, though short, have a serious number of hills. Castlewellan, first up this week, was no exception to the rule. The course wove tightly round the lake and up, then up again quickly sapping legs. The Castle finish line, hidden behind trees, once spotted was the spur to finish in style. Who likes hills, these folks do:

27Steven Todd00:38:49First in M45!
74Bernadette O'Kane00:42:52---
81Jim Larkin00:43:26---
86Ryan Love00:43:46---

The return of some of our Dub Goats and Ryan this week took on the course and won. Any pre-race preparation was scuppered as they decided to be sneaky and reverse it! Everyone very happy to see the finish and a cracking effort shown by all. Special nod to Steven who for the M45 age category win too. Course, after a hard evening’s run, where would the Dubs go to relax?

  • Castle-well-earned: Ryan, Jim, Steven and Bernie in the pub!

Glenarm Castle Challenge
Not heard of this one before – don’t fret, it is a brand new event on the calendar from Born 2 Run! Glenarm, just north of Ballymena hosted its inaugural race in ideal conditions on Saturday morning. The route lulled runners into a false sense of security kicking off in Glenarm Forest, which had lots of smaller hills – that was before the half way point where there was a matter of a 300ft climb over almost 3 miles. We had two Dubs taking on the half marathon challenge:

53Neil Hanley01:50:26---
168Danielle McCluskey02:11:23---

Nice work folks – that was a tricky course. Just looking at the profile of the route on Strava turned my stomach – so impressive times considering what you had to go through to get there! An impressive bit of bling awaited as your crossed the line so it wasn’t all bad, was it?! Time for a well-deserved rest after that one, and maybe the odd photo:

  • King of the Castle: Neil midway on his half adventure. (Credit: Mervyn McKeown, My Sports Photo).

Portadown 10k
On an overcast buy luckily dry Sunday afternoon – what else would you want to do? That’s right – make for Portadown and a go 10k racing. With the start in the People’s Park, taking in the town itself (plenty of room for support) with some nasty strong headwinds around the fifth mile. A stalwart and a friend took part:

109Claire Conn01:00:16Friend of the Dubs!
121Alex Blackstock01:07:49---

Some super running there folks – really well done – not too shabby at all!  Alex the times are steadily coming down and Claire deserves an honourable mention for putting up with Richard being a great Friend of the Dubs!  I can’t blame you for wanting to get to the finish line as not only was there the traditional medal, but also a buff, some biscuits and some Hilly socks! A nice bit of swag to finish up the weekend with – and all for charity too! Only got sent the one photo from the event:

  • Loadsafun: Dub Richard, 10k'er wife Claire and future Dub star Rory.

Ah, last and most definitely not least we go for a run in the park! Spring has sprung and it is still not too warm in the mornings – nice and fresh and sets you up for the day ahead. As we would expect, we had quite a few Dubbers out running, including one bit of tourism:

Jim LARKIN00:19:39
Bernadette O'KANE00:19:40First Female! New PB!
Michael KIRK-SMITH00:22:47
Nessa AGNEW00:23:54
Jane PATTERSON00:30:06
Brona SHAW00:31:09
Trevor MURPHY00:52:35
Richard CONN00:16:56First Male! New PB!
Ronan MCCAUGHEY00:22:42New PB!
Maire MCCAUGHEY00:24:47
James GUINN00:29:17
Melissa SCOTT00:30:51Newbie PB!
Natalie CONNOLLY00:21:27
Ronan O'FLAHERTY00:22:47
Sligo (Ireland)
Kathy MAYHEW00:24:50Second Female! New PB!
Fulham Palace (Engand)
Pippa MACLARAN00:31:38Newbie PB!

Let’s doth our hats to our Pocket Rocket Bernie O’Kane who on her first visit to the Victoria event was not only first home and managed to set her all time 5k personal best – mega work! Also, to Richard who not only was first home at Queen’s but also set a brand new course PB at the same time! One new PB this week set by Ronan Mc who was also running at the Queen’s evnt. Finally, new had two newbie PBs this week from Melissa (at Queen’s) and from Pippa who was getting her tourism fix in Fulham Palace. Our Richard got his name in lights a second time in another roundup this week – with our Pocket Rocket missing out in getting name checked herself too! Now, who asked for a photo?!

  • parkfun: Bernie (right) zooms towards her PB with Jimbo (left).

The excitement is starting to build here at Roundup Towers as one of our favourite weeks of the year is just around the corner – the London Marathon! Best of luck to all the Dubbers who’re taking part on Sunday – you’ve done the training, nothing to worry about – you’ll smash it! I was hosting one of my legendary (ha – I wish) pub quizzes at the weekend, and I nearly started a riot. I asked everyone to name a sport that begins with a T – apparently golf wasn’t the answer everyone was expecting!

Live long and prosper.

Disclaimer: Every effort was taken to ensure the results above are correct (go on, try and complain!!) If you’d like to make a complaint, then you’ll automatically volunteer yourself for writing duties next week 🙂