Weekly Roundup: 2018-06-05

Weekly Roundup: 2018-06-05

Yeah – we need to look up how to take an “easy week” – everything over the jump!

With temperatures rising, and (for the most part) the weather staying reasonable – this is prime race entry season. The season where we squeeze in the odd after-work race which we wouldn’t have dreamt of doing over the winter – and reap the gloating benefits afterwards (I’m looking at your Strava people). A little history for you all this week (who says we don’t inform and educate?!) – Monday: Greg, Tuesday: Ian, Wednesday: Greg, Thursday: Ian, Friday: Greg – this is how the Gregorian calendar was invented. True story – want another one? Here’s this week’s results:

Belfast City Marthon – Prize Giving
The Dub Runners were once again incredibly privileged to be invited along to the Belfast City Marathon Prize Giving ceremony last Wednesday evening. Prizes for 4th and 5th place in the mixed relay team – plus we had a pacer among marathoners. Some cool pictures from the event courtesy of Press Eye Photography:

  • 4th Mixed Team: Brian, Collette & Andy represent!

Forestside 5k Summer Challenge: Race 1
Well this is a new one! On the back of sccuessful half marathon and 10k series it was only natural that’d end up with a 5k series. The first event took place in two sessions: midday to 2pm and 6pm to 8pm. In scorching heat, Ormeau Park looked resplended as runners took to what was mostly the traditional parkrun route – twice around the outside loop, plus a turn by the main gates and starting by the dump. We had one runner out in the heat:

16EveningPaul McFlynn00:22:16New PB!

Top job there from the newbie Paul – the heat, especially in the covered areas of Ormeau Park was stifling – which made the race particularly tough. Despite not following the parkrun route and therefore needing to get used to some new bearings, Paul pulled off an impressive PB time over 5k – chipping away at it. If anyone’s interested in this series, the next run is on a TBC date in June, so we will keep you posted. In the meantime, here’s a photo:

  • 5k Challenge: Paul looking fresh after his 5k effort!

Hill & Dales, Race 7: Millstone
Hahaha, Millstone in more ways than one this week, as the Dubs made a return to the popular summer series. Runners this week were treated to trail paths from Donard Forest to Millstone Mountain and back again – the added humidity becoming an additional contestant along the course. This one was described as “probably the shortest”, leading one Dub to take part – but that didn’t mean it was one of the easiest either:

82Bernadette O'Kane00:51:35---

Woah – that is impressive running by our Pocket Rocket Bernie. With the mountain bang smack in the middle of the race, and over 1,600ft of elevation gain – short but tough was the order of the day. It was an enjoyable course, on a cracking evening, along with some stunning views, that almost made up for the torturous run!! Ah, tried to get a photo, but the Pocket Rocket was so fast you can only see her leg behind another guy!  We’ll have better luck next time!

Cork Half Marathon
It’s nice one of the cities must North and south of Ireland decided to host their marathon days on the same day! No takers this year for the full, just the one for the half. Starts by lulling you infinity a false sense of security for 5k, then back bam – steep rise for 5k, a downhill followed by uphill section then flat to the finish. So, who made the journey?

1796Jenny Mullan02:15:15---

That’s some Corker running from Jenny – two half marathons in two weekends too! Impressive stuff – are we allowed to mention the heat?! That was a tough one – but no bother to you at all! Now then, anyone know of any other half marathons on this Sunday that Jenny can run to keep the streak up?

Every once in a while, on a Thursday evening to welcome in the weekend, we take to the trails around Divis for some mid-distance training. Imagine now if you will – racing those trails. The races come in three flavours a 5 mile Ridge Run, a 7.5 mile route with the Ridge and the Summit and a 9.5 mile course which took in the Heath Run too. Take a look at the awesome Dubs who went mountain racing:

Ridge, Summit & Heath
4Steven Todd01:08:16Third Place!
12Judith McManus00:40:39Third Place!
16Ronan McCaughey00:41:14---
17Marie McCaughey00:41:33---
21Karen Carlisle00:42:59---
24Kathy Mayhew00:44 29---

Nice work everyone, in some blistering heat too! See that Thursday evening up Divis really paid off – you can thank us all later! Amongst those amazing performance, a big hand must go to our Steven and Judith who grabbed the final spot on the podium in their respective races – magic! Naturally we have some photos from the event too:

Walled City Marathon
Must be hitting June again as this #Legenderry marathon is taking place. The reinstated route, now a firm local favourite, takes in the East and West banks of the River Foyle, snaking along (and climbing a bit) to the border, before heading back into the heart of the city, across the iconic Peace Bridge before a final slog up Fahan Street at 25 miles. While overcast conditions usually bring ideal conditions, on Sunday this brought unusually humid conditions, as our two Dubs took to the line:

115Jim Simons03:23:16New PB!
238David Digney03:41:35---
250Graeme Colhoun03:42:473:45 Pacer!
526Laura McGill04:16:07New PB!

That’s the ticket folks – some great performances. Fresh from Belfast’s prize giving on Wednesday evening everyone’s favourite Dub pacer was back in action – and in bang on time too! Jim completing his first ever marathon, PLUS Laura pulling off a PB performance made for a cracking Dub day. We had Niall on hand for photos:

  • Legenderry: Neal puts in the effort!

Dublin Mini Marathon
Next week… I swear 🙂

If the calendar is ever going to be reinvented, then we’d need to petition that the day after Friday become officially known as parkrun day! Laughing in the face of adversity this weekend, with the forecast not looking good, quite a few Dubbers took the opportunity to get an extra sleep in… While others took it as a challenge:

Heather BARON00:21:06Third Place
Roisin BYRNE00:22:50
Michael KIRK-SMITH00:23:01
Kathy MAYHEW00:24:26
Brona SHAW00:30:18
Trevor MURPHY00:52:06
Collette MCCOURT00:19:09Second Place! New PB!
Richard CONN00:19:09

Magic work everyone – small in numbers this week, but massive in attitude! I’ve got my hat so let’s tip it to Collette who bagged silver and a new PB at the Queen’s event! While over at the Victoria event, our awesome Heather snatched third place on the podium! Stellar work by everyone this week!

Major, major thanks this week have to go out to my spies, who I literally couldn’t have done this without – you know who you are – there’s too many of you to mention individually. Again, we’re all about the knowledge and life skills this weeks, did you know that keeping fish in a tank at home can help reduce stress? This is due to all the indoor fins.

Live long and prosper.

Disclaimer: Every effort was taken to ensure the results above are correct (I’Alps be seeing you next week!!) If you’d like to make a complaint, then you’ll automatically volunteer yourself for writing duties next week 🙂