Weekly Roundup: 2018-06-26

Weekly Roundup: 2018-06-26

From Lisburn to Carrick to the parkrun all over the jump and more!

What is the big yellow ball up in the sky there? I’ll tell you what, if this keeps up, we’ll be expecting and demanding more good weather. This of course puts us all in a good mood for entering races (I’m looking at you Steven) and competing to beat our bests. We’ll find out in a minute just what we’ve been doing, but it has all been kicking off, so apparently Julie the Sultana has been cheating on her husband with Steve the Raisin – just keeping you up to date with currant affairs. Right, sit back, here it comes…

Lisburn Half Marathon & 10k
In what was a refreshing change, last Wednesday evening probably wasn’t the best day for a BBQ this summer – and that was okay by us! The popular local race returned in its midweek slot, as an Errigle of Dubs descended on the city for the half and 10k races. Not the worst course on the calendar, but midweek racing always adds an unknown, unpredictable element to the event. We only had 16 of us on the various start lines this year:

Half Marathon
29Steven Todd01:24:21---
73Daniel Mourenza01:29:19---
224Heather Baron01:38:22---
250Kate Moffett01:39:25---
313Paul McNamee01:41:26---
325Paul McFlynn01:42:26New PB!
470Danielle Corey01:47:38New PB!
560Ronan O'Flaherty01:50:33---
33Peter Morrison00:38:20---
49Kevin Gallagher00:39:19---
208Roisin Byrne00:46:36---
362Judith McManus00:49:55---
449Paul Agnew00:50:13---
559Danielle Mccluskey00:53:19New PB!
915Andrew Noble00:57:18---
1611Melissa Scott01:14:12---
1614Alison Crawford01:14:17---

Outstanding efforts and achievements by all the Dubbers wearing blue (and some in an off-blue) tops. Always popular and never fails to surprise with some cool new distance PBs set by Paul Mc and Danielle C in the half marathon race, with Danielle Mc setting a new benchmark for herself in the 10k event. A great club day with lots of friends present running and supporting – and well you know, just a great club day out! We had some photographers on the course too:

  • Half Race: Daniel powers on through!

Flashmob parkrun: Carrickfergus
Destination: Costa del Carrickfergus! As forecasted, the sun came out for our parkrun tourism this month. A mostly flat course, with the exception of the ‘Gladiators’ travellator just after the half way point in the loop. Three times round the parks with a slight detour onto the street for a few seconds. We had a mini-Errigle of Dubs making the trip:

1Steven Todd00:18:501st Place! Newbie PB!
24Ronan O'Flaherty00:23:16New PB!
26Ronan McCaughey00:23:40Newbie PB!
30Maire McCaughey00:24:18Newbie PB!
75Brona Shaw00:30:26Newbie PB!
98Jane Patterson00:33:09Newbie PB!

Great running everyone – this is what the tourism is all about! With Steven taking the top step on his first visit (well done not getting lost!!), Ronan O managed to set a new course PB and Ronan Mc, Marie Mc, Brona and Jane all bagged newbie PBs for the course – magic! While we were small in numbers at the flashmob – we had a flag, what’d you have at your parkrun?!

  • Dub Fleg: Steven, Jane, Ronan, Brona, Maire & Ronan at Carrickfergus parkrun!

Let’s Go Hydro 5k
On a sunny Sunday morning, what else would you want to do than race a 5k?! Well, have you heard of Knockbracken Reservoir? Don’t worry if you haven’t, it is just off the Saintfield Road and the course was three mostly flat laps around the water mass. Despite a small crowd, we had one Dub top among the field:

3Paul McFlynn00:22:453rd Place!

Great running Paul – that was a warm morning (the Sunday morning runners can attest to that) so impressive work. Topping off a nice morning was taking the third step on the podium and the bronze medal playing position. Of course, we snooped the Internet and found some photos from the event:

  • Hydro: The Hydro 5k competitors!

Peninsula Sea Sprint
With the decent weather, some of us might have gone for a wee walk at Ballyholme. Others might have gone for a swim… then a cycle… then a run – as you do! It’s the return of the triathalons this week, featuring a 750 open water swim, a 20k more inland bike ride followed by a 5k costal run! Wee buns, especially for the two Dubs who where there:

31John McCullagh00:15:1200:33:0400:21:4301:11:44
80Sean O'Hagan00:19:5900:38:2300:24:2801:24:57

Top show gentlemen – while not wearing Dub tops, we all know where your hearts really sit! This one is marketed as a “great course for beginners” but judging from the photos, I wouldn’t have wanted to give that one a go myself! Great effort and great to see you both back at the auld tri’s again. Once again, we had some spies on site too:

  • Good Tri: That's Sean, wearing his other hat (top)!

It is hard to believe, but some Dubbers said ‘talk to the hand’ for parkrun tourism and decided to go all Fleetwood Mac on us (“go your own way”). With the sun beaming down on the parks, it was a morning for jumping out of bed ready for the day – and is there any better way to kickstart your Saturday?! Quite a few of us were about, let’s see how they got on:

Heather BARON00:20:361st Place! New 5k PB!
Alex BLACKSTOCK00:32:53
Natalie CONNOLLY00:20:582nd Place!
Mark MCGOWAN00:21:28New PB!
Peter MORRISON00:22:24
James GUINN00:24:23
Roisin BYRNE00:24:36Newbie PB!
Nessa AGNEW00:25:29Newbie PB!
Neil CURRAN00:18:312nd Place! New PB!
Bronagh SHIELDS00:32:32
Colin Glen
Frances MC CAMBRIDGE00:29:00
Sligo (Ireland)
Kathy MAYHEW00:25:153rd Place!
Tooting Common (England)
Michael KIRK-SMITH00:22:54Newbie PB!

Amazing work everyone – making the most of this spell of good weather. Right, grab your hat and ensure you’ve no RSI as this is a long list this week! Our Hero Heather not only took the top step but also set a NEW 5K PB at the Victoria event! We had two second placers this week from Natalie (at Queen’s) and Neil (at Castlewellan), while the bronze paying position at Sligo was snapped up by Kathy! We’d two new course PBs set this week by Mark Mc (at Queen’s) and Neil (at Castlewellan). Finally, the newbie PBs (or future targets as I like to call them) set by Roisin and Nessa (at Falls) while Michael (at Tooting Common) was on his holidays!  We even found a sneaky shot of the woman of the moment:

  • parkrun: Hero Heather sets a new 5k PB - 20:36!

Well, gotta say thanks to everyone who sent me stuff this week. Results, photos, race details – you’re all stars – thanks a million for that. It really takes the pressure off each week – keep it up! No need to worry about me, it is true, I was getting some minor surgery over the weekend, when I suddenly woke up and demanded the right to close my incision. Reluctantly, the surgeon handed me the needle and said, “Suture self.”

Live long and prosper.

Disclaimer: Every effort was taken to ensure the results above are correct (g’wan – have a go this week if you think I am joking!) If you’d like to make a complaint, then you’ll automatically volunteer yourself for writing duties next week! 🙂