Weekly Roundup: 2018-07-03

Weekly Roundup: 2018-07-03

We were at Comber and the parkrun – with an international flare over the jump!

Is it safe to say that it is warm? Ah it’s great, the winter lasted too long! The gardens really could do with a good watering. We know, that is the formalities all over with, over to running now – what a week for the Dubs, we won’t let a little thirty degree heat put us off.  More soon on that one, but first some good news, I have just been promoted to a senior director at Old MacDonald’s Farm – I’m the CIEIO.  Now then – let’s cross the desert!

Happy Birthday Anna!
We weren’t allowed to do this last week, so as to not spoil the surprise – but Happy 30th Birthday to our Anna (and no Richard, she wasn’t 300!!)! We hope you enjoyed the pizza and cake last week. Thank you for bringing the good weather with you to help us celebrate with you!

  • Kate, Anna, Claire & Danielle

Comber 10k
Comber, a mirage in the heat haze, but our four Dubbers were cool customers. A sell out 787 runners taking a double tour of the town in time to the topical tropical samba band (trying saying that after a few drinks) that was playing in the square. Let’s not mince words here – it was way too hot to race, this didn’t stop them:

42Collette McCourt00:40:543rd Place!
68Alastair King00:41:03---
131Heather Baron00:45:55---
153Roisin Byrne00:46:58---

Outstanding work Dubs – just magical running on a clammy Friday evening. We had Collette with a ‘blooming’ great third placed lady, Heather bagged an age category win, Alastair a tasty time and Roisin who showed a masterclass on how to finish a race – take that! Of course, photo call!

  • Warm-er: Collette steamrolls through the field!

We should re-record that old EP and rename to “Running on Sunshine” instead of walking! Oh yes, the sun was still out with vengeance over the weekend – as we all felt the burn. No chance at all for a sleep in – with it being bright from 5am onwards, and feeling like you’re in Spain (Lanzarote anyone?!) – there was no excuse to not get out and into the parks:

Derry City
Natalie CONNOLLY00:22:281st Place!
Ronan O'FLAHERTY00:23:53
Michael KIRK-SMITH00:22:24
Kathy MAYHEW00:24:57
Brona SHAW00:30:05
Jane PATTERSON00:32:21
Kyle HOUSTON00:19:45
Paul MCFLYNN00:22:34Newbie PB!
Ronan MCCAUGHEY00:22:58
Maire MCCAUGHEY00:24:08
Nessa AGNEW00:24:10
Richard CONN00:24:44
Liam LAVERY00:24:57
James GUINN00:26:12
Karen CARLISLE00:26:23
Steven TODD00:18:221st Place! New PB!
Brian DERBY00:20:45Newbie PB!
Clermont Waterfront (USA)
Judith MC MANUS00:25:57Newbie PB!

Magic work everyone – nice to see (most) heeding advice and not going all out for it – you know who you are! While it wasn’t a morning for PBs, we still have to grab our sun caps and tip them to Natalie who was first home at the Derry City event while over at the City Park event our Steven wasn’t just first home, but he also bagged a new PB at the same time! We also had newbie PBs set by Paul McF (at Queen’s) and Judith, who had jetted off on her holidays, she didn’t forget her shoes as she ventured to Clermont Waterfall in the US of A! Nice for some..!  Meanwhile, it was Derry City’s fifth brithday:

  • parklife: Ronan and Michael joint 8th on 125 Derry City parkruns each!

“We’re all going on a summer holiday”, no Cliff at Wimbledon this year, the forecast is too good, but if you’re heading away, and try to sneak in a wee race – make sure you let us know please! I mean, imagine the gloating you’ll be able to do after the run!  You may have heard about my friend who needed a bone marrow transplant, well the good news is that we found a match in Argentina. The operation was a success and our thanks go out to Diego Marrow Donor.

Live long and prosper.

Disclaimer: Every effort was taken to ensure the results above are correct (it’s too wam to type, heat exaustion!) If you’d like to make a complaint, then you’ll automatically volunteer yourself for writing duties next week! 🙂