Weekly Roundup: 2018-07-24

Weekly Roundup: 2018-07-24

Journey from d’Huez to Portaferry to Donegal to Dervock to the City Centre to Kilbroney and to the parks over the jump!

Normally holiday weeks are busier, but these past seven days have proven more popular for races than usual – and that is no bad thing at all! Lots of events, results and (importantly) photographs to get stuck into in a moment, but I must tell you all about my upcoming future living arrangements. I got trapped in a bidding war for a house at the weekend, all because the missus loved the lengthy corridor – now I’m in it for the long hall. Grab a brew, this one is going to take a while:

Tour de Dubs: Alpe d’Huez
You might have noticed last week that the Tour de France returned to the Alps and featured the most iconic hill climb finish up Alpe d’Huez. Some Dubs are on their holidays recreating some of the cycles from various stages of the Tour. Over the weekend – they tackled Alpe d’Huez for themselves:

  • On Yer Bike: The second group of Dubs do Alp d'Huez!

Portaferry 10 Mile Road Race
Last Tuesday, while the club was falling over in ‘The Meadow’ (serious). A small selection of tougher Dub descended on Portaferry for the annual 10 mile road race. The undulating, purely costal route, was roasting warm (you could cook your dinner on the road) and as punishing as ever. So, who were the hearty blue tops who took on such a challenge:

10 Mile Race

66Heather Baron01:12:461st F40! New PB!
93Paul NcNamee01:16:19---
167Kathy Mayhew01:27:23---

Relay Race

PosAthlete 1Athlete 2TimeNotes
24Roisin ByrneNessa Agnew01:17:02---
40Louise FreilMartin Taggart01:27:13---
62Jane PattersonBrona Shaw01:44:57---

Woah – great running everyone, some cool times posted on such a warm evening. A little hat tip to our Heather who not only bagged a new PB but won her age category too. Paul using the race as a warm up for the weekend (more soon) and Kathy made good on her annual pilgrimage. Of course, our interest was also on the relayers – with six Dubs taking part and doing the club proud. I only got send the one photo this time:

  • Portaferry Well Done: Some of our Dubbers who ran last Tuesday!

MAD Adventure Race
We often joke that to be a Dub you need to be crazy – but Paul was just plan MAD for taking on this “adventure” race early on Saturday morning. Get ready to feel lazy, this race started with a 10k run, followed by a mere 2k kayak, a huge 25k cycle, for fun a 3k trail run followed, then back on the bike for a 19k cycle then for the craic – a 1k run. Out of 340 participants, we had one Dub:

85Paul McNamee03:30:51
10k Run00:48:38
2k Kayak00:23:08
25k Cycle01:09:07
3k Trail Run00:14:33
19k Cycle00:51:52
1k Run00:03:30

Woah – that is amazing Paul, outstanding effort and you kept this one quiet – we bet that you’re a bit sore after that one. A great day for the event too, but a difficult cycle with several cracking hills. Paul recommends this race as one for the diary for 2019 – you have been warned. He was kind to send on some photos from three of the events:

  • MAD Man: Paul goes for a run...

Dervock Half Marathon
Where? What? Okay, the “Dark Hedges” half marathon – there we all know what race we’re talking about now! Let’s be fair, only one reason for doing this one – that’s the iconic photo (isn’t that right Roisin?!) With a new for 2018 course with added hills (they make you work for that photo) made for a fun if at times tricky course. Four Dubs out there:

102Roisin Byrne01:41:06---
161Katherine Harkness01:49:36---
218Ronan O'Flaherty01:57:24---

That was a warm morning – and those are some great times! Despite the added hills, some Dubbers came close to a personal best over the distance. It was a great club morning, with lots of promotion of the trail race and chatting with other runners after the race. A nice new medal for the event too with an embossed picture of someone running through the Dark Hedges – almost made up for the pain! Now, did someone mention iconic photo opportunity:

  • Game of Thrones: Roisin branches out.

Belfast Alive 5k
If you were an early riser on Sunday morning you might have noticed that there was a triathlon going on in the City Centre. Part of the morning’s activities included the Belfast Alive 5k. Yep, new one to me too, a PB course if there ever was one: Victoria Street, Oxford Street, round May Street and past City Hall, Chichester Street – twice, with a finish at the glamorous Laganside bus station! Just one Dub was around early enough:

13Paul McFlynn00:21:12New PB!

Fantastic Paul – brand new PB over the 5k distance. It must have been fun running on the centre streets with little to no traffic around. An interesting route around City Hall – not one many of us will have ran before. A great morning all round, with the opportunity to see athletes pushing themselves to the absolute limit. Now the – where are the photos?! 🙁

Extreme26 Women’s Mini Marathon
Some Dubs went a little further away for their race fix this weekend, setting course for somewhere in between Rostrevor and Hilltown. The undulating route takes in the sights of Leitrim Lodge, Santa’s Cottage, Batts Wall and Yellow Water before a stunning finish in Kilbroney Park. A duo of Dubs where present:

1Collette McCourt00:41:131st Place!
30Judith McManus00:51:25---

Now – there’s a power duo, doing some cracking running on Collette’s home turf. Speaking of, Collette raced ahead, took the lead and the top spot on the podium. Outstanding running by the two of you – it looked like you both a great day. Despite the distance, the joys of the interweb mean that I was sent some photos from the event:

  • Extreme: Collette powers towards the finish!

South Dublin 10k
Clondalkin hosted this warmup race for the Dublin Marathon – although I take issue with it being called ‘South’ when it is more ‘West’ but enough of that. A promising circular route trending downhill slightly, in ideal conditions – sure there was only one man for the job!

331Eammon Canavan00:43:48New PB!

Magic, outstanding. Fantastic and a PB too boot! A magnificent performance if we ever seen one. Now, the downside to competitive racing is that we sometimes push ourselves a little too much in the pursuit of the perfect race. The good news is that Eammon is back on his feet and joking about what happened, but a timely reminder to stay safe running out there. In true roundup fashion, we were sent a before the race photo:

  • West Dub 10k: Eammon with a PB on the horizon!

If you’re still with us, good on you – I promise that we’re almost there! We wrap up this week with the usual parkrun events – and once again showing the summer effect a vast number of Dubbers out running and being tourists. We have a cool tourism event coming up in a few weeks, but for now let’s look at who was out this weekend:

Michael KIRK-SMITH00:22:08
Kathy MAYHEW00:24:19
Brona SHAW00:29:45
Kyle HOUSTON00:18:59
Bernadette O'KANE00:21:213rd Place!
James GUINN00:25:35Newbie PB!
Mike SMITH00:24:03Newbie PB!
Natalie CONNOLLY00:21:051st Place!
Andrew NOBLE00:21:24
Martin TEGGART00:25:47
Amy LAVERTY00:26:07
Danielle MCCLUSKEY00:27:09
Neil CURRAN00:18:26
Bronagh SHIELDS00:29:22Newbie PB!
Dundalk (Ireland)
Nessa AGNEW00:23:51
Cornwall (New Zealand)
Marcella CASSIDY00:24:38Newbie PB!
Noel KELLY00:24:39Newbie PB!

Love it – great seeing so many of us out and about making the most of our good weather (plus tourism is always great!) Right, hat tip time, first up over to Ormeau where Natalie was first home, while on the beach in Portrush our Pocket Rocket Bernie grabbed the third spot on the sandy podium.  That leaves the tourism newbie PBs which were set by James G (at Portrush), Mike (at Omagh) and Bronagh (at Stormont).  Finally special mention to our almost home Dubs Marcy and Noel who decided to take on the Cornwall event for the first time – oh, that’s Cornwall in New Zealand, btw!

Congratulations if you made it this far. If you just skimmed the page – I hope you noticed the deliberate mistake – if not, go find it! Big week for the club with our upcoming Giant’s Trail Race – let’s all work together to put on one of the best races we can possibly offer for our entrants. As usual, if you’re racing – make sure you let us know! I took my niece to aquarium on Sunday, I loved the dolphins – we just clicked.

Live long and prosper.

Disclaimer: Every effort was taken to ensure the results above are correct (I’ve been busy with GTR stuff this week – good excuse if you ask me!!) If you’d like to make a complaint, then you’ll automatically volunteer yourself for writing duties next week! 🙂