Weekly Roundup: 2018-08-07

Weekly Roundup: 2018-08-07

Crawfordsburn ✓ | Orangefield ✓ | Mournes ✓ | Mount Stewart ✓ | Falls ✓ | pakrun ✓ + more over the jump!

I predicted it, a return to normal this week for us all (if anyone knows what normal is for us Dubs could you let me know please?!) We have many, many races and events to get caught up with, but before we get there. My friend has just started a new job as a professional sleepwalker – he is living the dream! Sit back, this one is gonna be a long ride:

Crawfordsburn 5k Trail Race
If you cast your minds back to last Wednesday evening – the torrential downpours from lunchtime onwards were not conducive towards wanting to a trail race. Regardless, a quartet of Dubs jumped in a car and waded through the traffic (and there was a lot of it) towards Crawfordsburn Country Park. The 5k course which took in undulating forest trails and a coastal path – only this year replacing the grassy final hill with some loose gravel – and was slippery and tricky. Let’s see who took part:

10Steve Todd00:19:16---
35Bernadette O'Kane00:20:57---
68Paul McFlynn00:22:41---
115Ronan O'Flaherty00:25:30--

Nice running everyone – I think all four Dubbers managed to improve on their best times on the course from previous events. Likely owing to the weather, the race had a smaller than usual turnout of runners, but that didn’t make the tight, twisty forest paths any less challenging to work through. The heavy rain from earlier in the day ensured unsteady underfoot conditions, but thankfully there was only a very light mizzle for the race itself. Of course, we’ve some shots from the race:

  • Crawfords(feelthe)burn: Steven pushes for the line!

Flashmob parkrun: Orangefield
What’s this?! A new parkrun event in Belfast?! Orangefield Park hosts the latest addition to the family (just off Grand Parade) with a figure of 8 style loop around the park three times. While we were technically in breach of parkrun etiquette (it’s a thing, go look it up) our editor here was more concerned with maintaining his regionnaire status! On a muggy Saturday morning, an Errigle of Dubs lined up for their first event:

3Steven Todd00:17:543rd Place! Newbie PB!
8Alastair King00:19:11Newbie PB!
12Jim Simons00:19:40Newbie PB!
28Heather Baron00:21:082nd Place! Newbie PB!
30Andrew Noble00:21:17Newbie PB!
32Mark Shields00:21:37Newbie PB!
39Roisin Byrne00:21:593rd Place! Newbie PB!
57Nessa Agnew00:23:14Newbie PB!
70Ronan O'Flaherty00:24:00Newbie PB!
71Aaron Nagar00:24:06Newbie PB!
77Maire McCaughey00:24:17Newbie PB!
78Ronan MCCaughey00:24:17Newbie PB!
94John Boyle00:24:56Newbie PB!
96James Sheridan00:25:01Newbie PB!
101Kathy Mayhew00:25:14Newbie PB!
110Martin Teggart00:25:27Newbie PB!
203Brona Shaw00:29:30Newbie PB!

Fantastic to see so many Dub embrace the new central Belfast event – don’t be forgetting about it over the coming weeks and month. This route has a little bit of everything, hills, tarmac paths, forest trails mixed with some 90 and 180 degree turns along the way. Third home was our kit man Steven, with a double Dub podium from Heather in second and Roisin in third. Of course as it was their inaugural – everyone set newbie course PBs along the way – massive congratulations! Now time for some photos:

  • Smelling Like Oranges: Dubs before the start!

Seven Sevens
Not to sound too much like Steve Wright but hands up – who wants to race the seven highest summits in the Mournes? This year’s route takes them in clockwise direction beginning with Donard, on to Commedagh, over to Lamagan, then up to Binnian, hopping to Meelbeg, advancing to Meelmore before rocketing up Bernagh then to the finish – not for the faint of heart. Surely there can only be the one Dub goat for this mammoth task:

58Bernadette O'Kane06:03:08

The way you can come back and take on this course continues to amaze and impress us to no end Bernie – take a bow. Great effort on an unexpectedly sunny day over the seven peaks. That is a long, long time to running on a normal course – let alone a mountainous course. Some epic support provided by the King of the Dub Goats – our Jim. Of course, the chicken goujons helped aid the recovery process. So who’s up for this next year….. Photos anyone?!

  • Seven Sevens Not Out: Our Pocket Rocket makes for the line!

Mount Stewart Half Marathon
The Ards Peninsula, with their half marathon thrown to the side this year, leaving the National Trust’s Mount Stewart as the only alternative. The route was two loops around the park, with a little tarmac, some gravel paths and a mix of forest, grassy, tractor and every other kind of trails imaginable! Two Dubbers set off on the half marathon course:

Half Marathon Race
65Brian Jack01:53:54---
10k Race
132Ronan O'Flaherty01:03:15---

Nice work Brian – taking off like a rocket and getting out of the initial crowd was a great idea, a great time over those trails too.  Ronan started off with the halfers but pulled out just after the beginning of the second lap and classified under the 10k (the chancer even took a medal, not that he deserved it at all.  Struggling to find race photos, but we have these instead:

  • Mount(ain) Stewart: The plate sized medal! Only for real finishers.

Féile 10k
When the reports start coming in that Falls parkrun is cancelled for two weeks – that means that the Féile 10k must be close. The route trends upwards starting at York Gate, passing along Royal Avene before swining into the Falls Road, keep climbing all the way past Kennedy Way before reaching a peak at the junction with the Andersonstown Road turning onto Finaghy Road. Just for fun a little loop to make up the distance past the finish line. Who’d be up for that at 9am on a Sunday morning:

9Steve Todd00:38:00---
47Heather Baron00:44:16---
127Ronan McCaughey00:49:45---
129Dermot Dawson00:49:45---
132Maire McCaughey00:50:26---
235Francis McCambridge00:57:42---
291Anne Marie Ryan01:00:31---

Our Dubs were ‘Busy’ on muggy humid day put the taps on ensuring that runners were soaked and thirsty at the same time, that pretty much ‘Wrapped Up’ the day. Not really a PB course, it was all ‘Up’ but you can still put in a storming performance if you’re in the ‘Rigth Place at the Right Time’. You know ‘Hand on Heart’ those were some cracking Dub performances by everyone. Finally, ‘Oh My Goodness’, did you see hear they all got Olly Murs tickets!?

  • Get Your Feile: Anne Marie, Heather, Frances, Marie, Dermot, Ronan (Mc) & Steven!

PS – Does anyone know how they got ‘Back Around’ to the start from the finish?!

While most of the club gathered in Orangefield Park over in the East, some people couldn’t make it there – and that’s okay (as a one off anyway!!) With fairly settled conditions forecast over the weekend, it was a welcome change from the excessive heat or torrential downpours of the last few days. Just a few Dubbers out and about elsewhere:

Niall MCCRORY00:18:541st Place! New PB!
Bronagh SHIELDS00:34:15
Liam LAVERY00:24:16
Natalie CONNOLLY00:20:432nd Place! New PB!
Colin Glen
Judith MC MANUS00:24:43New PB!
Paul CURLEY00:28:25
Mike SMITH00:24:36Newbie PB!

We’ll forgive you all for missing the other parkrun that we were all at – but still nice to see you were able to get your parkrun fix in either way! Grab your hat for our newbie Niall who not only was first home at the Stormont event – but he also set a new course PB at the same time!  Over at Ormeau Natalie was back in action with a second place finish and a new PB to boot!  We had a new PB from Judith who travelled to the Colin Glen event.  Meanwhile in England, Mike was off being a tourist (again) with a newbie course PB from him at the Worthing event.  Look who proudly topped the timesheets at Stormont:

  • parklife: Niall finished so fast - they didn't get a photo of him running!

That was a great wee week of running, from new events, to cutting events short to crazy distances over mountains! If you’ve gotten this far, then you can see just how tough it is to keep up with some events – so always make sure to let us know that you’re running and then try and get a photo from the race too (after all, who wants to listen to more of my ramblings?!) Bad news to end with this week, as the missus is now not talking to me because, apparently, I ruined her birthday – I’m not even sure how I did that, I didn’t even know it was her birthday!

Live long and prosper.

Disclaimer: Every effort was taken to ensure the results above are correct (I’d a feeling you’d all make up for it this week!) If you’d like to make a complaint, then you’ll automatically volunteer yourself for writing duties next week! 🙂

This wasn’t just any ordinary night out. This was a hard earned night out – while building bridges cross-clubs: