Weekly Roundup: 2018-08-21

Weekly Roundup: 2018-08-21

We go over the Dam, make our way to Longford and on to the parks – all over the jump!

With some big and popular races coming up in the next few weeks, then it is normal for us to have a lull in races. We’re not complaining here at Roundup Towers, oh no, it is a chance to regroup and get prepared for coming events to be sure that we don’t miss a beat. Despite all that, we did do some racing over the last seven days, more on that in a moment. So, some good news this week, my girlfriend said she’d only marry me if I overcame my ambulance obsession – I can’t wait to get down on one knee nor knee nor knee nor! Time to see the times:

Dambusters Half Marathon
Silent Valley wasn’t so quiet on Saturday past with the sound of hundreds of runners. The popular annual race comes in different flavours: walk, 5k, 10k and half marathon. This year the Dubbers took on the 13.1 mile route – will an undulating 5k to the park, then a slow gentle rise to the dam at the half way point, before a final hilly traily section and home again. Let’s see how they got on:

139Katherine Harkness01:54:26
140Joanna Patterson01:54:23
147Catherine Baillie01:55:17New PB!
163Judith McManus01:58:07
203Kathy Mayhew02:05:33
205Ronan O'Flaherty02:05:35

Dam – that is some great racing from our sextuplet of Dubs great work all round. Some challenging conditions with some unexpected heat building from midday and a strong headwind on what should have bene the easier downhill section from the hill! Special nod to one of our newbies, Catherine, who unbelievably set her PB on that course, which was described by one runners as the “hardest race they’ve ever done”. I think we need a few photos:

  • DAMit: Judith, Kathy, Joanna, Ronan, Katherine & Catherine - aka: the Dubs!

Longford Marathon
Longford – definitely the first place that you think of when we mention a marathon. The course is officially described as a “nice flat 1 lap” route out the N5, through the countryside back to the N4 and back in towards Longford. Sounds simple doesn’t it – but can 26.2 miles ever be called simple (no, no it cannot). One Dub on the start line:

99Mark Hamill03:58:28---

That’s the stuff Mark – cracking running. You slipped this one in under the radar (but you can’t avoid the roundup), all the quiet training paid off with a great performance.  I know Mark’s told us that it was a great day with ideal conditions – and sub 4 is the target time for so many of us. Cracking stuff, and your super supporter, your other half kindly supplied us with this shot:

  • Long(way-to-go)ford: Mark gets in under 4 hours!

With Storm Ernesto now forecast to not hit until Saturday evening, that left a fresh, if slightly chillier morning for the parks and the weekly 5k run. With nine events, yes you read that right, nine events to choose from in Belfast the blue tops are spoilt for choice when it comes to their running fix. Shall we see who was running this week:

Richard CONN00:17:101st Place!
Maire MCCAUGHEY00:24:46
Liam LAVERY00:25:15
Ronan MCCAUGHEY00:25:52
Nessa AGNEW00:24:19
Valerie MAGUIRE00:24:41New PB!
Amy LAVERTY00:25:05
Martin TEGGART00:25:28
Danielle MCCLUSKEY00:26:28
Alastair KING00:18:57New PB!
Bronagh SHIELDS00:29:15New PB!
Colin Glen
Steven TODD00:19:281st Place!
Paul CURLEY00:27:17
Claire TONRY00:21:062nd Place! Newbie PB!

Find a hat, it’s tipping time! Over at the Queen’s event we had Richard first home, while at a last-minute decision from Steven placed him top of the charts at Colin Glen. We also had Claire taking the second step on the podium at the reasonably new Orangefield event. We had new course PBs set by Val (at Ormeau), Alastair (at Stormont) and Bronagh (at Stormont). Finally, not content with second place, it was also Claire’s first running of the Organfield course!

Ah look at Mark there – top job. I know from chatting to many of you in the club that the big target this year seems to be Dublin this year. He can relax knowing that his 26.2 journey is over. Don’t worry the Dubs are here to support you along every step of your training. Do you ever go home for the weekend, and how you try not to swear in front of your parents? Well, I stubbed my toe at home the other day and shouted, “What the duck!” – they told me off for using fowl language.

Live long and prosper.

Disclaimer: Every effort was taken to ensure the results above are correct (I tried this week, DAMit, I tried!) If you’d like to make a complaint, then you’ll automatically volunteer yourself for writing duties next week! 🙂

Thanks to Claire for organising our annual Summer BBQ on Friday evening past. We had a cracking evening at the Hilden Brewery – thankfully only six of us had a race the next day…!

  • Summer Sunshine: The Dubs enjoying a hard earned night out!