Weekly Roundup: 2018-09-25

Weekly Roundup: 2018-09-25

Keeping it local this week with two halfs and the auld parkrun over the jump!

This weekend past saw both Dublin and Belfast host their annual half marathon events – both great events for getting the training done for some of the later season marathon races coming up… Not that we’d suggest that that is what we’re targeting around here 😉 We’ve so much good stuff to wade through this week, but it would be remiss of me to not mention my friend who went to the doctor yesterday, “Doctor, I’ve got a golf ball stuck up my butt.” The Doctor asks: “How did that get up there?” He replies: “I don’t know, but it’s up a fairway.” Right then, buckle up!

Roundup Towers

We thought, as it was nearing the Roundup’s fourth birthday, that you might want to take a look behind the scenes! In the image below, you will see where all the magic happens each and every week. Where countless hours of research, fact finding and photo finding takes place. This is also the area where the jokes that don’t make the cut* end up on the cutting room floor. It is a gruelling process but someone has to do it:

  • Forget Disney ... *this* is where the magic happens!

* Do you really think I’d throw away a joke?!

Dubling Half Marathon
Last year it was a tale of woe for many with traffic disruptions and lack of facilities for the warmup race for the forthcoming Dublin Marathon. Not so this year, with a change of location to Phoenix Park for its second big event of the last month. Those of you who’ve walked the park, or parts of it will know that this is far from flat and some challenging and stretching hills were the order of the day. Just a solo Dub this year:

844Eammon Canavan01:36:00New PB!

Magic running Eammon – outstanding effort to produce a PB time over the 13.1 mile distance. The was a tough course, but good training and some consistent splits over the opening ten miles, laid the groundwork for an even faster sprint to the line. With a PB in the bag too, box ticked – I would say that the best way to celebrate would be to head out for some Italian food!! Of course we needed a photo:

  • PBlin: Eammon looking pensive before the race...

Belfast Half Marathon
With a pending threat of Storm Bronagh, we must consider ourselves very lucky, with perfect weather for running on Sunday morning – and woah, the good weather spurred the Dubs on! Always a popular one, a slight route change from last year added some tight city centre turns, then a short trip to the very familiar Ormeau finish line. With potential podiums, PBs and family bragging rights – it was an epic day:

169Collette McCourt01:27:053rd Place!
184Gavin creech01:27:11
215Brian Darby01:28:36
830Brian Jack01:43:10
896Graham Colhoun01:43:47Pacer
1183Joanna Patterson01:48:01
1207Edward Caldwell01:47:43
1274Maire McCaughey01:50:06
1285Catherine Baillie01:50:38
1371Ronan McCaughey01:51:28
1407Dermot Dawson01:51:23
1408Karen Carlisle01:51:46
1451Andy Wells01:51:04New PB!
1519Liam Lowery01:54:32
1630Danielle Corey01:53:04
1967Laura McGill01:58:49
3014Jane Patterson02:20:06
2642Frances McCambridge02:11:51
3085Jenny Mullan02:25:03
3323Alex Blackstock02:36:25

Outstanding. Amazing. Magic. Powerful. Unbelievable. Take a bow everyone, stunning performances by every single Dub out on the course on Sunday morning. It is tough to single out some people, but to name but a few Collette’s podium finish, our Graeme out pacing the field and with new half PB from Andy (and possibly more that I’ve not been told about). Here’s some snaps from the race:

  • Half Race, Max Effort: Collette on the Podium!

With the aftereffects of Storm Ali still being felt, Wallace and Orangefield had parts of their routes blocked over the weekend, forcing the cancellation of the two Belfast events. Not deterred by this, nor the frankly approaching Baltic temperatures during what should be a reasonably warm month of the year, the 25 other events took place on a fresh morning in the parks and we had an Errigle of Dubs keen and ready to go:

Maureen OLIVER00:28:29
Michael KIRK-SMITH00:21:43
Joanna PATTERSON00:23:59New PB!
Brona SHAW00:29:36
Alastair KING00:19:09New PB!
Mark HAMILL00:21:50
Edward CALDWELL00:23:18
Amy LAVERTY00:25:45
Liam LAVERY00:28:43
Ronan MCCAUGHEY00:28:43
Richard CONN00:30:38
Steven TODD00:17:573rd Place! New PB!
Roisin BYRNE00:23:10
Nessa AGNEW00:23:15
Brian DERBY00:24:30
James SHERIDAN00:25:15
Ronan O'FLAHERTY00:25:16
Martin TEGGART00:27:11
John BOYLE00:22:59
Colin Glen
Bernadette O'KANE00:22:231st Place! New PB!
Bakewell (England)
Kathy MAYHEW00:25:05Newbie PB!

Wow – by our count that’s 21 blue tops doing parkrun this week – magnificent. We should really invent a card game around that number 21, I think that’d go down well!  Hat tipping time and we have a lot to get through this week. First off and deserving his own wee section here our Steventhird place at the Ormeau event, new course personal best AND a brand spanking sub 18 5k PB time – take a bow! Over at the Colin Glen event the Pocket Rocket lived up to her title as Bernie took home first place and neat course PB while she was there! Two new course PBs set this week by Joanna (at Victoria) and Alastair (at Queen’s). Finally, Kathy’s off on her holibobs, but that doesn’t mean she won’t fit in a newbie PB while she is away! Not a single photo I could find this week 🙁 bad times!

Some weeks the roundups write themselves, other weeks we need our trusty spies to help plug the gaps. Then we get weeks like this were the results of each and every individual Dub who ran speak for themselves. It is a credit to yourselves for all your hard work, dedication and training that made all that possible – so high fives all round!  Music fans listen up, a good friend of mine is a massive fan of the Beatles, he has all their singles except one – I think he needs Help.

Live long and prosper.

Disclaimer: Every effort was taken to ensure the results above are correct (I still can’t feel my toes!) If you’d like to make a complaint, then you’ll automatically volunteer yourself for writing duties next week! 🙂

Chiller (Literally)
Editor’s Note: Thanks to everyone who came out for the celebrations over the weekend. For the Let’s Go Hyrdo gang – can we just lie and tell everyone that the water wasn’t cold at all?! To the Scalini’s group – I can see you all carb loaded well (you’re welcome for those times)! All that’s left to say is – Steven and I look absolutely beat up:

  • Let's Go Hyrdo: So, so, so cold....