Weekly Roundup: 2018-10-16

Weekly Roundup: 2018-10-16

It’s Dublin, Saintfield, KIlleavy, Lisbon and a few parks this week over the jump!

Like most clubs we do most of our racing over the weekend and this weekend it was either a feast or a famine. You either ran in the lashing rain on Saturday or in the glorious sunshine of Sunday – and I heard arguments that both were “perfect running conditions”!! This assumes you ran locally too, some didn’t as you will find out very soon! Not sure if you know about this one, but October is Eczema Awareness month and I will be at the club raising money by selling scratch cards. Right then, time to get moving:

Gaelforce Howth Summit 10k
We all have the same thoughts: dull, wet and miserable Saturday morning – let’s go for a 10k race around a mountain in Dublin! An endurance race with a climb to 2k, easing off for a bit before another climb to 6.5k then downhill section almost to the finish! Not one if you don’t traily paths in the wet – but some awesome views at Howth so maybe that made up for it! We had one Dubber head to where everyone thinks we’re from:

88Paul McFlynn00:55:51---

Nice running Paul – a real challenge with over 2,000ft of elevation change over the 6 miles. We hope you were able to do a quick reccy of your route for a few weeks time from the summit! That was a brutal course – but a well marshalled one and it comes “highly recommended” for next year. Moving swiftly on, there’s even a photo:

  • Gaelforce to be Reckoned With: Paul in Howth!

Saintfield 10k
Would you believe that this race started and ended in Saintfield – what are the chances?! A certain club kit manger described the weather on Saturday as “proper running weather” and if you agree or not, this was always going to be a tough one. With four distinctive rises along the route, before a mile and a half fast downhill back into Saintfield. One goat stepped away from his natural environs:

27Jim Larkin00:42:39---

This was a family affair this week, Jimbo leading the family home in a cracking time, with his brother posting a cool 00:51:58. Not much hanging round afterwards, but always time for a quick photo, then off to your sister’s for dinner – sounds like a good day all round to me!

  • No Saints in this Field: Jim and Noel after the 10k!

KIlleavy Klassic 10k
There’s many reasons to visit Newry and for people like us, number #1 on that list has to be – for a race! This one is located in and around the Dublin Road – aptly named as it used to the be the main road towards Dublin! Anyone familiar will instantly think – HILL – but looking at the profile of the route there was a good mix of gentle downhill followed by gradual inclines. We had one Dub taking part:

84Maura McArdle01:00:00---

Having lived in Newry, I haven’t heard of this one before but a Great time Maura on a challenging course with some relief sections – but crossing some busy roads too. Relief too in that the sun was out after Saturday’s washout – that of course added some extra heat to proceeded. Would you believe, the focus of the photo was actually of a friend of mine, but I spotted the Dub top first, I really need to get a life:

  • Klassic: I swear that's Maura on the right!

Lisbon Marathon
A few members of the Dubs know what it is like to jet off for a foreign marathon and then have your plans ruined by a natural weather event. Luckily, Storm Leslie swept across Portugal on Saturday night meaning that the marathon was able to start, albeit an hour later than planned. Starting in Cascais, the completely coastal route only loops back on itself for the first 10k, before weaving along the seafront and through Lisbon itself before the finish at Praça do Comércio. We had one Dub running:

1,410James Sheridan03:55:20New PB!

Greatrunning James – posting a PB time by over four minutes – outstanding effort.  You didn’t let a weather warning put you off, you were clearly ready for whatever mother nature was going to throw at you. Great work, we hope you enjoyed the holiday too!

Well for once – I am a little lost for words – who cheered?! Saturday was… well let’s face it folks – it was a complete a total washout. Yes, it was forecast, but I think anyone that made it out had the same thoughts ‘Sure it could be that bad could it?!’ – simple answer, yes. Let’s see which Dubs managed to get a pre-shower shower at 9:30 on Saturday morning:

Mark HAMILL00:22:44
Maire MCCAUGHEY00:24:19
Liam LAVERY00:24:36
Ronan MCCAUGHEY00:24:42
Edward CALDWELL00:25:30
Dermot DAWSON00:25:31
Katherine HARKNESS00:27:14
Alastair RODGER00:19:36
Natalie CONNOLLY00:22:313rd Place!
Catherine BAILLIE00:23:00
Paul CURLEY00:28:39
Judith MC MANUS00:24:16
Roisin BYRNE00:22:511st Place! Newbie PB!
Nessa AGNEW00:24:48Newbie PB!
Anne Marie RYAN00:29:40
Kathy MAYHEW00:25:522nd Place!
Ronan O'FLAHERTY00:26:29
Brona SHAW00:29:22New PB!
Ballina (Ireland)
James TRAINOR00:18:502nd Place! Newbie PB!
Suzy KENNEDY00:24:401st Place! Newbie PB!

Drowned rats I heard someone say at Orangefield – I can only hope that they were referring to everyone out jogging in that unforgiving weather! I have my cap, I hope you have fond yours – let’s get tipping. First home at the Comber event was our Roisin while Suzy (making her return) also bagged the top spot at the Ballina event. We had two second placers this week from Kathy at the Orangefield event and from James T at the Ballina event. Broze paying position on the podium went to Natalie at the Ormeau event. We had a few tourists this week from Roisin and Nessa (at Comber) and from James T and Suze (at Ballina) – love a bit of tourism! Some spying around the internet unearthed this gem of a photo:

  • parklife: Roisin zooming her way to first place!

Take a step back, rest the eyes for a second and take a deep breath – you made it! Some cracking performances this week – worthy of celebrating and getting your name in lights (well, digital lights will have to suffice). Remember to keep those photos and gossip tips coming in to us here at Roundup Towers! Recently, something has been worrying me, someone keeps sending me flowers with all the heads cut off – I think I am being stalked!

Live long and prosper.

Disclaimer: Every effort was taken to ensure the results above are correct (Collette should be writing this one, she had TWO goes at me this week…) If you’d like to make a complaint, then you’ll automatically volunteer yourself for writing duties next week! 🙂