Weekly Roundup: 2018-10-23

We’d 1 in Boston, 2 at Skyline, 2 at Comber XC, 8 at pakrun and 38 (!!!) at Dundrum – more over the jump!

We have a birthday this week – as the roundup if FOUR years old today. It is surprising and funny that you’ve all not lynched me and tried to stop these ramblings for the last 208 weeks, but yet here we are. I’ve decided to branch out from writing roundups and moving to writing books. I am currently penning a book about basements which I hope will make the New York Times Best Cellars list. We’d a lot of Blue Tops running this week, and you’ll see from our extensive coverage!

Mourne Skyline
Saturday morning usually means parkrun – but not this weekend two of our Dub Goats! A trip to the Mournes was the order of the day with a mere 35km course to cover, including a HUGE 3,3370m of ascending climbs – sounds like a training run for this dynamic duo! With backpacks loaded and ready, it was time to run:

64Bernadette O’Kane05:33:27Fastest Descent
124Jim Larkin06:19:36

Believe it or not, this one is officially described as a “scenic” race – ask Jim and Bernie what they thought of the scenery and make sure you’re out of arm reach when you do so! Outstanding running guys – this mind boggles when you try to think about doing a race like this one, these two running machines are an inspiration to us all. We’d an awesome Dub cheering, supporting and taking some snaps:

  • Sky's the Limit: Bernie & Jim looking relieved!

Dundrum GR8
We got a beach, we got some roads full of stones, we got some boardwalk – heck we’ve even got some roads for runners to run on! That can only mean one thing – yes, it is the return of the always popular Dundrum GR8 race – the run that is just slightly longer than eight miles and makes you work for the finish line! This weekend, we have redefined the definition of an Errigle of Dubs! With fantastic conditions in the air, we set off with a bus load of blue tops and made for the sandy shores:

35Brian Derby00:54:56
40Collette McCourt00:55:454th Place! Age Cat Winner!
62Alastair King00:54:56
80Patrick Kelly00:57:24
91Ryan Love00:59:08
103Brian Grimes00:59:41
104Mark Shields00:59:39
114Sean O'Hagan01:00:11
122Heather Baron01:00:48Age Cat Winner!
128Kate Moffett01:01:04
130Peter Donnelly01:01:08
147Brian Jack01:01:58
153Paul McFlynn01:02:43
216Katherine Harkness01:06:34
234Nessa Agnew01:07:37
253Karen McBarron01:07:07
254Maire McCaughey01:07:49Age Cat Winner!
255Paul McNamee01:07:44
273Dermot Dawson01:07:53
293Catherine Baillie01:08:49
300Edward Caldwell01:08:33
312Ronan McCaughey01:09:43
328Liam Lavery01:09:51
499John McAllister01:15:10
536Dave Campbell01:17:43
550Frances McCambridge01:17:40
628Orla Phillips01:22:19
639Anne Marie Ryan01:22:37
731Angela Matthews01:27:12
740Brona Shaw01:27:43
745Jane Patterson01:27:38
751Lynn Donnelly01:28:08
811Irina Tikhonova01:33:13
817Laura King01:34:10
845Paul Curley01:35:48
890Alex Blackstock01:40:48

What can we say about this one – well I think the race photos say it all. For a course that should be mostly flat it is a slog all the way, but great to see almost 40 Dub Runners out in the field – a first here at Roundup Towers, in four years we’ve never had a single race with as many entries as we did on Saturday afternoon.  I’ve not even been told about any course PBs yet (we know it’s a strange distance to race), but look at all our age category winners – MAGIC! Take a bow everyone not just for that accolade but also for some powerful and cracking race times! The day summed up: run, meal, beer, beer, bus, Errigle and beer.  We’ve a small selection of photos:

  • Fundrum: Roisin and Heather laughing away at the start!

PS – We’d an awesome Dub supporter in the wings on Saturday, our Danielle was there and managed to grab some pictures of you all pushing for the line.  There’s too many to feature in the slider above, so we gave you your very own Dundrum GR8 2018 Gallery to browse!

Comber XC
Is it that time of the year of year again?! My word, angry country running returns with a bang to Comber. Four easy (ha) laps around the Billy Neill playing fields (anyone who did the team XC event in January have fond memory??) No mudfest this time, in fact it was postiveily balmy it almost didn’t feel like a cross country event. We’ve one Dub who, for newbies, “really, really, really likes it” – who could we mean?!

22James Trainer00:27:09Ran in Yello!
62Steve Todd00:29:42Dub Legend!

Good man Steven – a gentle return to your favourite terrain. Taking things a little easier this weekend was a spot on idea, bigger picture plans are afoot and it won’t be long until you can go hammer and tong back at the XC stuff! Great work, and our favourite yellow top will always get a mention when he’s running in a race with a fellow Dubber! Steven knows what it is all about:

  • Angry Running: Steven in the field!

Boston FitBit 5k Fun Run
Do you know when you go on holiday, and you think to yourself ‘I’ll pack the running shoes and maybe go for a jog’. You know how that NEVER happens – well one of our Dub Legends found himself in that very same position this week while in Boston (of all places). A mostly flat route, crossing two bridges over the Charles River Basin and running along the riverside – beautiful. Who’d be sage enough to do this:

UknAndy Wells00:26:04Watch Timed!

Great running Andy, for an event that was described as a “very casual affair” you did us all proud representing on the far side of the Atlantic. This was a self-timed event and your good lady, who informed me about this one, hastens to add the time is what you’re admitting to running – we bet you’re being conservative about it all! Enjoy your trip away and thank you for the photo:

  • Fitbit: Andy doing his thing in Boston!

It may seem hard to believe, but there were a few Dubbers who made the tough decision to sit out Dundrum (cue FOMO) and opted instead for a parkrun! I’d argue that there’s no better way to start your weekend – and with some pleasant conditions, setting a course for your local park was just what the doctor ordered. Nine maybe a small number, but they made a big impression:

Maureen OLIVER00:28:17
Claire TONRY00:19:581st Place!
Mark HAMILL00:22:35
Niall MCCRORY00:20:47
Natalie CONNOLLY00:21:302nd Place!
Judith MC MANUS00:24:53
Bronagh SHIELDS00:33:49
Sligo (Ireland)
Kathy MAYHEW00:24:573rd Place!

Nice running from our enterprising eight – I’ve not seen numbers this low since our cold snap earlier in the year! Grab you cap and let’s start a tipping! We had a first placer this week with Claire taking the spoils in Victoria! Not far behind at the Ormeau event was Natalie taking the second step on the imaginary podium. Away from home but making her mark nonetheless was our Kathy who was third across the line at the Sligo event Then everyone else just did some cracking running  – top job people!

Dundrum was a club day and a half and some outstanding performances and club support from everyone (and let’s not forget the celebratory beer(s) afterwards! Let’s hope this continues into this weekend as our focus moves further south to Dublin – best of lunch to all our runners – you’ve done all the hard work at this stage, as our Anna would say “You got this!” Naturally, everyone here at Roundup Towers will working hard to bring all the results next week. In case you ever end up on one of those quiz shows on television, I recently discovered that Alexander the Great and Winnie the Pooh have something in common – they both share the same middle name.

Live long and prosper.

Disclaimer: Every effort was taken to ensure the results above are correct (I met some awesome people this weekend – try and bring me down!) If you’d like to make a complaint, then you’ll automatically volunteer yourself for writing duties next week! 🙂

This week I would like to personally say thanks to Steven and Richard who went above and beyond to help get the roundup to you all by Tuesday! I believe the quote was “anything to make a lengthy job slightly less lengthy”. Thank you guys – appreciate it.