Weekly Roundup: 2018-10-30

Weekly Roundup: 2018-10-30

We ran in 5k, 6k and 42k events in the past week – all over the jump!

It must be Halloween, because the Dublin Marathon has come and gone for another year! This is the big one where a summer of hard training and work begins to pay off – and our Blue Tops reaped what they sowed. More on that plus all our other escapades in a moment but let me tell you about a dream I had. For anyone who’s trying to lose weight, you’ll be jealous to hear that I had a dream where I weighed less than a thousandth of a gram – I was like “0mg”. Time to get this show on the road:

Enniskillen Spooktactular 5K
Ah Halloween is here, and something the Dubs have sadly missed out on over the last few years (that we can remember anyway) is a themed race! One Dub, home for the weekend righted that wrong for us, as the heart of Enniskillen hosted their annual Spooktacular event. One lap around the town, taking some of the roads that might be familiar to anyone who has ventured eastward for the local parkrun. Who was the newbie Dub at the event?!

309Katherine Harkness00:26:04---

Great running Katherine and the race was held just as the temperatures were beginning to plummet for the cold snap. Not an easy race to work your way through the traffic – with over one thousand runners taking part on the tight streets. Lots of fun, lots of laughs and a great wee time for a Baltic Friday evening. Doctor’s orders to go home and get the feet up after that one – we even managed to snap a photo from the event:

  • Freaky Friday: Katherine racing in the heart of Enniskillen! Credit: Eustace Tierney

Bobby Rea XC
Cross country is always fun, especially when you have to travel to Antrim and the CAFRE Greenmount Campus to take part. We had one Dub who decided that a parkrun would be too easy and wanted to run an extra 1k and on grassy, uneven and undulating terrain for a Saturday. Let’s see who was brave enough to take this one on:

Masters Men
10Alex Blackstock00:37:56---

Great running Alex – and a top ten finish in the Masters race to boot! This was a close event and 6k on paper always sounds easier than it ever actually is, but with ideal conditions on the morning, from the photos I see lots of smiling faces mixed with grit and determination. Nice work – it took some effort, but we found this one:

  • Angry Country: There's Alex in the middle!

Dublin Marathon
The last big local marathon of the year, always the weekend before Halloween and now a solid favourite in its new Sunday event day. With the training and the hard work done, it was time to reap the benefits as nine blue tops made the way to the Irish capital (and our namesake) for 26.2 miles. Taking in the sights and sounds of Dublin City in idea conditions – but the same challenging course, with a strady rise from the beginning to the seventh mile, dropping off for three miles, before another rise to 17 miles, after that it trends downhill – except for a blip at 22 miles – to the finish line. Let’s have a look at how our Dub team got on:

590Steven Todd02:58:37Massive New PB!
744Peter Morrison03:01:41Dream Dub & New PB!
1,747Brian Derby03:19:32---
2,743Eammon Canavan03:30:01---
3,134Anna McArdle03:34:11---
6,632Danielle Corey03:58:36First EVER Marathon!
7,345Paul McFlynn04:03:27---
8,894Laura McGill04:15:23New PB!
9,154Kathy Mayhew04:17:24New PB!
9,987Judith McManus04:23:27Massive New PB

Now that is amazing work everyone. We don’t think that there wasn’t one of you who didn’t have a off-moment or a scare in the last few weeks, but you all put it behind you for some stellar performances on Sunday morning.  Everyone ran brilliantly but we’ve a few hat tips to get through including Steven, Peter M, Laura, Kathy and Judith who all bagged themselves awesome PB times over the course.  Also of special mention is our Danielle who grabbed a sub-4 hour marathon time at the first time of asking – excellent!

Just before you slip off to Temple Bar and celebrate your cracking performances, there was some time for a few photos:

  • Dubs in Dublin: Brian D hits the pavements!

It was a tale of two sides of the compass this week, with the east getting blue skies mixed with a brisk morning, while the west got heavy rain and hailstones mixed with a brisk morning. Either way, the wrap up well mornings have well and truly descended upon us – making striving for those course records and personal achievements that little bit tougher. Not that we’d let something like that out us off:

Alastair KING00:20:20New PB!
Roisin BYRNE00:22:391st Place!
Nessa AGNEW00:23:352nd Place!
Derry City
Ronan O'FLAHERTY00:23:44
Brona SHAW00:28:49
Jane PATTERSON00:31:44
Alex BLACKSTOCK00:34:24
Mark HAMILL00:22:33
Ronan MCCAUGHEY00:23:49
Maire MCCAUGHEY00:23:54
Edward CALDWELL00:25:00
Martin TEGGART00:24:29
Paul MCCREA00:26:30
Julia ORR00:33:22
John BOYLE00:23:40
Mike SMITH00:24:23Newbie PB!

Nice work everyone – that was a cold morning, and tough to get going at the start (and in the middle – – – and at the end too). As we tip out hats this week, we realise that it is for Dubbers who decided that Waterworks was the event of choice. With Roisin first home, followed closely by Nessa for the second step of the podium, while Alastair managed to bag a new PB on his recent tour of the local parkrun events! We have one awful photo that we could find:

  • parklife: Alastair on the banks of the Waterworks!

There we have it – we wrap up another Roundup where the Dubbers once again astound in exceeding expectations and make you proud to be a blue top. Our thanks to Judith’s kids for their awesome Dub signage – make sure you give them a high five next time you see them. Onwards now into the winter training plans (with a minor stop off in Lanzarote along the way). Time to start laying the foundations for 2019 and beyond. I love proving people wrong, and all my life people told me that I’d never be good at poetry because I am dyslexic – but so far I’d made three jugs and a vase and they are lovely.

Live long and prosper.

Disclaimer: Every effort was taken to ensure the results above are correct (Roisin and Peter should be writing this week’s edition – I look forward to their entry next week…) If you’d also like to make a complaint, then you’ll automatically volunteer yourself for writing duties next week! 🙂