Weekly Roundup: 2018-11-20

Weekly Roundup: 2018-11-20

This week covered darkness, a forest, some champs, xc and some parkruns – more over the jump!

As November marches on and we edge ever closer to a few of the bigger club events: Seeley Cup, Lanzarote for example, there is always a little lull. Lulls are good, gives us all a chance to relax a bit, enjoy and focus our training. There’s always a few exceptions though, as you will see below. During that cold spell last week, I accidentally swallowed a dictionary and the next morning I woke up with thesaurus throat I’ve ever had. Should we move on now?

Run in the Dark
Mid-week Wednesday, and usually all you want to do is get home, get the dinner done, do whatever chores you have to do about the house and relax. Spare a though for our duo this week who ventured over to Stormont for the annual night-time event. Starting with an uphill climb for the first mile to the iconic Parliament Buildings, before rolling downhill for the second mile with a final, mostly flat third mile across familiar tracks of the parkrun route. Two times round that for the 10k’ers – and we’d one in each race on Wedneday:

10k Race
14Niall McCrory00:41:58---
66Sean O'Hagan00:46:08---
5k Race
41Katherine Harkness00:23:16New PB!

Always a popular local, midweek event this one – and with a few thousand taking part it can be a bit of a shuffle for position in the tight trail paths that await the runners. With Sean taking on the full 10k route and producing a stomping performance to finish well within the top 100 finishers on the night. While Katherine dedicated her effort to the 5k event and it paid off ten-fold with a cool new 5k distance PB – top job, nice work! Of course it is night-time and darkness, so it is hard to get a photo:

  • Darkness: PB effort Katherine on the left, Sean on the right, Niall center.

Some year this joke wont be funny anymore – but it isn’t this year! 🙂

Run Forest Run #2: Carn Manor
Two dedicated Dubs donned the club tops and purred their way to Cookstown and the middle of nowhere for the second race in this Winter 2018/2019 series. The route, around Drun Manor Forest Park begins with an uphill climb, before trending downhill for the next two miles, luckily that’s you back near the start so you just have to do all that once again! Wee buns for our dynamic duo this week:

70Katherine Harkness00:50:00---
71Catherine Baillie00:50:04---

Nice – running side-by-side and bringing each other home, that is what being in a club is all about! Fantastic running from the two girls over the uneven, traily and earthy paths of the forest park – posting some impressive times. The next race is in Loughgall on December 1st for anyone who fancies that. Proudly sporting their club tops, we had a photo sent to us in Dub Towers:

  • Cat Out of the Bag: Now you know which one is which!

Co. Down 5k Championship
When you bill something as the “fastest 5k in Ireland” you’re going to attract some attention – oh and the attention of all the fasties too. For anyone who has ever been in Downpatrick or ran the Jimmy’s 10k race then you might be wondering where and how there can be a fast 5k in the area?! Know the Grove Shopping Centre and Lidl? Well the course was seven and half loops around that little estate – making each loop 0.75k. I think there was one man for this job:

Race Three
11Richard Conn00:16:08New PB!
Race Two
45Alex Blackstock00:24:41---

Outstanding running Richard, smashing your 5k PB and powering over the line in an extremely respectable 11th place. Designating a race like this mean for some fierce competition – as times like that would see you well home in first at some of the local parkruns – so that should give you an idea of the feat that our Richard overcame on Sunday lunchtime. A cracking run from Alex too posting just under the 25 minute mark.  Richard recommends it for anyone who likes to count and while running and get dizzy too!

Moira XC
This week XC took a trip to Moira Demesne (yeah, they have one too), that village up the M1 that’s a permanent car park. Sunglasses on and no wind, perfect for 4 leg sapping loops around the park – that happens to be a 2k loop each time, with a few hidden mud surprises underneath the leaves to keep you on your toes. We’d a tremendous trio running through the mud:

7Peter Morrison00:30:41.8---
9Steven Todd00:31:06.0---
24Mark Shields00:34:14.1---

Anyone know how or why it is pronounced dimain?! Sorry, thinking out loud there – what a day for some cross country! Some great running by all three Dubbers on Sunday afternoon – job very well done guys, nice work!  All three home in the top 25 too – a tidy bit of running I am sure we can all agree there!  The course that, unusually for cross country around here, is mostly flat – a refreshing change of pace. Something different for your Sunday, and if you fancy some yourself next up is the Malcolm Cup Cross Country this coming Saturday.

After last week’s scare, things turned back to being above average for the time once year once again for our weekly 5k fix. With the knowledge that this is definitely going to have to end soon, the Blue Tops took to their nearest and dearest parks in droves this week – determined to make the most of whatever good weather was present. Shall we take a look at the results:

Derry City
Edward CALDWELL00:24:51
Ronan MCCAUGHEY00:23:16
Maire MCCAUGHEY00:23:41
Peter MORRISON00:18:46
Alastair RODGER00:19:11
Peter DONNELLY00:21:26New PB!
Liam LAVERY00:25:10
Martin TEGGART00:27:04
Bronagh SHIELDS00:31:36
James SHERIDAN00:23:31
Orla PHILLIPS00:28:02New PB!
Judith MC MANUS00:23:52
Jane PATTERSON00:32:26Newbie PB!
Ronan O'FLAHERTY00:25:58
Sligo (Ireland)
Kathy MAYHEW00:25:38
Poolbeg (Ireland)
Maureen OLIVER00:27:32Newbie PB!
Hove Promenade (England)
Mike SMITH00:23:29Newbie PB!

Cracking morning and a cracking display from all the Dubs far and wide this week past, in fact, the performances were so good, let’s doth our caps to them. We had a new all-time 5k PB set by Peter D (at Ormeau) while newbie Orla set a new course PB over at Wallace. We’d lots off on their travels this week setting newbie PBs along the way: Jane (at Comber), Maureen (at Poolbeg) and Mike S (at Hove Promenade). There was even time for a few photos:

  • parklife: Edward means business in Derry City.

Approaching the end of the year, we start to drift into thinking about running goals for 2019 – and all the different races that we can possibly take part it. As a club with lots of members we have members running literally every distance race known to exist – and we hope that the roundup will be there to celebrate and support everyone as they complete their feats – start planning now. Thanks for everyone’s concern about my stolen golf clubs. The good news is that the police have recovered a set of clubs and have arrested one man – but are still looking for the driver.

Live long and prosper.

Disclaimer: Every effort was taken to ensure the results above are correct (I do more club stuff that just this, in case anyone is wondering…) If you’d also like to make a complaint, then you’ll automatically volunteer yourself for writing duties next week! 🙂