Weekly Roundup: 2018-11-27

Weekly Roundup: 2018-11-27

We visit Ballyclare, the West, Stormont and our loved parks, all over the jump!

Anyone else miss the summer? It used to be that the off-season meant shorter roundups, but there is no res ad out of the wicked here at Roundup Towers as the events are coming in thick and fast. Some special thanks this week to my spies, carefully positioned to sneakily report back the stuff that might go missed!  Don’t you just hate it when people get your contact details? A furniture store keeps calling me – all I wanted was one night stand.  Shall we see what everyone has been doing then?

Malcolm Cup
Our veterans (that’d be those over 35 anyway) braved their way to Ballyclare for the Malcom Cup cross country race. A quick 3 mile laps around playing fields and remaining unseasonably nice than what these warriors are used to running through. With a leafy steep section to remind you hills should not be missed in training. Who was running?

21Steve Todd00:17:483rd M45
129Mike Smith00:22:54---
253Alex Blackstock00:28:41---

Great work lads a great afternoon in the sun – with some impressive performances all round. We don’t often field cross country teams so great to see the “old boys” banding together and representing the blue tops at these events. Sadly, we take a break now in the XC season – the fun continues in January, when the smiles could be frozen. Before we bow out for 2018 we have some photos:

  • Vets: Steven and Alex strike a pose!

10k na Ceathrún Gaeltachta
The sign welcomed 300 runners to the heart of the Gaeltacht quarter (by my count that is six quarters now in Belfast?!) for the annual race of the West. An unforgiving route with a long 5k climb, then all downhill to the finish – with this year a special lap of Falls Park thrown in for good measure! We had four Dubbers taking to the streets early on Sunday:

4Steve Todd00:37:14New PB!
12Niall McCrory00:40:43New PB!
75Ronan McCaughey00:48:35
78Maire McCaughey00:49:19New PB!
103Edward Caldwell00:51:38

With a third course change in three years, this remains a bloody tough yet really popular casual race. There was a mountain of PBs on show too with Steven, newbie Niall and our Marie Mc setting her best time – hitting the sub 50-minute for the first time ever – MAGIC. This year’s race was for organ donation awareness, with pink t shirts being the order of the day, someone wasn’t listening:

  • Gaeltachta 10k: Ronan & Maire, Steven & Edward!

Belfast MoRun 2018
Charity runs are fun – not only do we get to do our beloved running but we also get to help support causes that are nearest and dearest to us! Well it is Movember – so you guess where the title of this one came from. In the grounds of Stormont taking in the main road and peeling off onto the more traily side paths. Just one Dub:

1Alastair Rodger00:19:441st Place!

Nice running Alastair R – one of our newbies who took the spoils near Government Buildings. Sure a wee spin around the grounds would do anyone the world of good – supporting charity work is just the icing on the cake! Not really much to say about this one, except here is a photo:

  • Vets: Steven and Alex strike a pose!

It was the last weekend in November and we continue with our above normal weather conditions – and you won’t hear any one of us complaining! Just after 9am the parks come a hive of activity as we prepare for our weekly ritual. When we’re going well we hope for a decent camera shot – when it isn’t going as well we start to come up with the excuses as we near the finish! Let’s see how we did:

Peter DONNELLY00:21:14New PB!
Nessa AGNEW00:22:55
Edward CALDWELL00:24:50
Liam LAVERY00:24:54
Maire MCCAUGHEY00:26:14
Catherine BAILLIE00:22:323rd Place! New PB!
Danielle COREY00:23:57
Natalie CONNOLLY00:25:58
Bronagh SHIELDS00:30:32
Judith MC MANUS00:23:45
Alex BLACKSTOCK00:28:59New PB!
Ronan O'FLAHERTY00:24:23
Falcarragh (Ireland)
James SHERIDAN00:21:19New PB!
Hadleigh (England)
Dermot DAWSON00:26:34Newbie PB!

Magic running everyone – some great times and just isn’t it fantastic to be out and around in the fresh November air! Let me get my hat, and we will start to tip it. We had a great third place on the podium and a new PB from Catherine at the Ormeau event. While Peter D took home a brand new all-time 5k PB after a trip to the Victoria event. Some new personal best times from Alex (at Antrim) and James S (at Falcarragh). Finally we’d one tourist in the ranks, Dermot who took on the Hadleigh event.

It must be getting close to Christmas as it is Seeley Cup time this weekend coming. There is usually a good turnout of runners and support for the Ormeau Park event – so best of luck to anyone in the club training towards that particular one!  Well, I had a mate who was doing the crossword in the paper last night. “Do you know who won the F1 championship in 1984?” he asked. “Hmmm” I replied, “Lauda.” He shouted back “DO YOU KNOW WHO THE F1 CHAMPIONSHIP IN 1984?!”.

Live long and prosper.

Disclaimer: Every effort was taken to ensure the results above are correct (I do more club stuff that just this, in case anyone is wondering…) If you’d also like to make a complaint, then you’ll automatically volunteer yourself for writing duties next week