Weekly Roundup: 2019-03-12

Weekly Roundup: 2019-03-12

Portstewart, Jordanstown, Shane’s Castle, Glenariffe, Stormont, Ormeau, Bundoran, parkrun + more over the jump!

AGM week this week – make sure you attend to help shape the future of your club! As if this week wasn’t busy enough, we had some fun with the website here too – so apologies if you noticed any of that!  Not many of you know, but I grew up in a tough area. As a child people would cover me in chocolate, cream and put a cherry on my head – it was tough in the gateau.  Grab a pillow, get comfortable and let’s go:

Nothern Lights 10k
We’ve all been to Portstewart, more than likely during the summer, maybe for parkrun – but more than likely during the day. An out and back in course with around 1,000ft of elevation change over the full 6.2 mile course. Of course, trail paths in the pitch black are create an extra bit of space. We’d just the one solo Dub taking part – find out who right here:

29Paul McFlynn00:52:10---

Great work Paul – a great time over the very challenging terrain. It’s never easy to race after a hard week’s work. Now, we can’t recommend doing one of the se races without a headlight – like Paul did on Friday evening – but it added an extra element of suspense during the race. Thankfully a safe night of running, and Paul looks pretty happy to have that one behind him too:

  • Northern (No) Lights: Paul survived the nighttime route!

EAMS “Thank You” Marathon
Ever had one of those training runs that ‘accidentally’ turns into a marathon? Nope, me either, but it did happen for one lucky Dubber this week as his Saturday long run turned into 26.2 miles! From Loughshore in Jordanstown to Gideon’s Green and back – six times – this costal route is open to the elements, and little extra dizziness! A course for a good time, our solo Dub proved just that:

1Andrew McDermott03:19:25New PB!

Outstanding Andy – first place PLUS a new marathon PB at the same time. I think we can all call that one heck of a successful training run in preparation for the Belfast Marathon then! A deserved and hard earned personal best time and it wasn’t even planned to be a marathon length run – gotta love that. Not one to be camera shy – we have a few action shots from the day:

  • Thanks: Andy focusing on the job at hand!

Shane’s Castle Half Marathon
Shane’s Castle is just outside of Antrim – just off the auld M22 and was the extremely scenic location of a half marathon race this weekend. Three undulating loops of a smaller, slightly bigger then around the grounds to finish. Sounds easy doesn’t it – well it wasn’t it was tough, but we’d one very on-form Dub don the blue top, representing us a the event:

28Judith McManus01:46:52New PB!

Judith – outstanding running! There must be something in the water around the Dubs, because that was a brilliant PB run over the half marathon distance! This wasn’t a race that was on my radar, so it was great to get the text message after the race with your amazing result. While there might not have been any Dub support – there was support from your husband and kids helping you towards the finish line. We’ve even got a few photos:

  • Judith's Castle: Powering her way to a half marathon PB!

Glenariffe Mountain Race (aka Spud Run)
Anyone hungry yet with all this talk of potatoes?! This one kicks off in Waterfoot, and for the first two miles makes you think that this might be a walk in the park. Then between mile 2 and r there is a spike in elevation from around 50ft to almost 1,2000ft – within a mile, then back down again, and two mile back to the start. Tired – our duo definitely was!

54Bernadette O'Kane00:59:56---
92Paul McFlynn01:13:15---

With snow capped peaks in the background this was a chilly race and a bit of a lung buster. A slow accent for Bernie and Paul but a faster descent helping to make up some time. Great running from you two – and a free bag of spuds for crossing the finish line too -sMASHing stuff! That’s dinner sorted for a few days, and while your pealing the spuds yourself, take a look at some photos from the event:

  • Spud Power: Bernie and Paul ready for the off!

British Masters XC at Stormont
Ah Stormont, so much has happened there over the last two years – let’s take a second to remember it all. The Master Cross Country circuits was in town on Saturday, with an interesting 6k loop around the centre of the grounds. With a mixture of trail, grass and a little tarmac this undulating course was part of the British Masters, no less! We even had one senior Dub running:

31Mike Smith00:31:54---

Another outstanding angry country outing from one of our favourite Dub stalwarts! With Friday being a bit of a washout, that left conditions underfoot just perfect for the “ideal” cross country session – slippery wooded areas and ever deepening mud baths – conditions lacking from some of the more recent similar events. Brilliant running Mike – can always trust you to sneak in a wee race somewhere off the radar!!

Race to Recovery 10k

Charity races are always a great event, and one that you can feel good after running and supporting.  On Sunday, Addiction NI’s annual race was held in Ormeau Park in lightning, hail and rain storms – so bonus points this year!  The course should be familiar to most in the club – three laps of Ormeau Park in the cold usually means the Seeley Cup, but in March it’s the Race to Recovery!

56Karen Carlisle00:47:46New PB!

Great running Karen – a great time in some truly horrible conditions on the day.  A sub-50 minute 10k is amazing in good conditions – but a PB run verges on miracle running on a day like Sunday!  A hard, tight fought race, but a well earned rest on the sofa and your Sunday dinner made for you  was a well deserved treat after that ordeal!  We’ve even got a photo (of the medal):

  • Recovery: Look at that bling!

Cara 10 Miler Bundoran
A bitterly cold and very windy morning in Bundoran and not for the faint hearted! Starting at the west end and heading towards Sligo with a merciful headwind. Turning right at the 3 mile mark and towards Toulan with the wind on your back. Completing the loop at 5 miles and heading up the bypass towards Ballyshannon. A welcome breeze eased the long laborious climb uphill towards Roogie. Who would do such a run?!

188Paul McNamee01:15:44---

Brutal conditions on Sunday Paul, brilliant running admist some gael force winda and some magnificent waves several metres high! Naturally you couldn’t do a race like that without the obligatory stop at Biddys O Barnes on the way home to make it all worthwhile. Have you ever seen someone so happy to have finished a race?!

  • Bun-done: Paul looking happy with himself!

With a question mark over some of the outside of Belfast parkrun events due to snow, you never know how a week is going to go. A dodgy forecast again for the weekend, meant that when the alarm went off to get up for parkrun this week it was a little bit more difficult. Regardless, we’re not fair weather runners so that means that we made the most of it:

Maureen OLIVER00:27:36
Derry City
Ronan O'FLAHERTY00:25:58
Michael KIRK-SMITH00:25:11
Alex BLACKSTOCK00:33:45
Paul MCFLYNN00:24:14Newbie PB!
Ronan MCCAUGHEY00:23:27
Maire MCCAUGHEY00:23:56
Edward CALDWELL00:24:28
Rob WALKER00:21:28New PB!
Marie SWEET00:22:53
Peter DONNELLY00:23:20
Nessa AGNEW00:24:48
Brian DERBY00:24:48
Bronagh SHIELDS00:31:08
Catherine BAILLIE00:22:541st Place! New PB!
Stranmillis College
Marcella CASSIDY00:24:182nd Place! New PB!
Ruchill (Glasgow)
James TRAINOR00:19:151st Place!
Suzy KENNEDY00:26:15James TRAINOR Dub Runners of Belfast 00:19:15
Victoria (Glasgow)
Dermot DAWSON00:24:54Newbie PB!

Nineteen out – nineteen blue tops – woah, top notch job and fantastic to see! I’ve my hat, I hope that you have yours and let’s get a tippin’! We’d two first placers this week, James T on his travels at Ruchill and Catherine closer to home at Orangefield. On a return to Stranmillis College our Marcy bagged second place on the podium! A trio of new course PBs this week set by newbie Rob (at Ormeau), Catherine (at Orangefield) and Marcy (at Stranmillis College). Finally we’d a few tourists this week, setting course benchmarks was Paul Mc (at Ecos) and Dermot (at Glasgow’s Victoria). Finally, there was a familiar birthday boy seen out parkrunning this week:

  • parklife: Look who we found in Derry!! Happy 40th Birthday Ivor!

A word of thanks to our little spies who sent us race updates over the weekend and kept your fingers on the pulse. This would not be out on time this week without all the help – and after all this is everyone ins club’s roundup – so just right to take ownership of it! More of the same over the coming months! I have a suspicions that the missus is putting glue on my antique weapons collection – she denies it, but I’m sticking to my guns!

Live long and prosper.

Disclaimer: Every effort was taken to ensure the results above are correct (you try it!). If you’d also like to make a complaint, then you’ll automatically volunteer yourself for writing duties 🙂