Weekly Roundup: 2019-03-19

Weekly Roundup: 2019-03-19

Kilbroney, Falls, Belvoir, Belfast, Downpatrick, Lisbon and the parks – check over the jump for more craic!

Another massive week for the club – can someone check the water at the Dub, it might explain the form from literally everyone in the club. It is amazing to see and a privilege to write about – soon.  Did you know, A recent scientific study showed that out of 2,293,618,367 people, 94% are too lazy to actually read that number.. So, our run of PBs continues!

Kilbroney 10k Night Edition
Warrenpoint hosted the latest night edition race – and this one was undulating. The 10k route travels along the Mourne Way before cuttong on to the Sandbank Road for a little bit of an easier finish! Lights at the ready, we had a solo Dub taking on the latest event in the dark of night:

14Paul McFlynn00:49:47

Well done Paul – that is some running over that course, we all hope that this week you took the head torch off before getting your photo taken at the finish line below! You’re making these night-time events your own this year, and you smashed your time on last year’s course by 7 minutes. Normally we’d tell you to relax and enjoy the rest of the weekend, but we know that that didn’t happen!

  • Night Vision: Paul completes another night time race!

Flashmob parkrun: Falls
One of the cool things about parkrun is that it allows non-runners to run alongside club members. These people may not have considered a running club before, now, they have a choice of clubs and maybe, just maybe, they remember the tops! A very hilly Falls Park was on the menu – what wasn’t on the menu was our rotten weather, mind you, that doesn’t stop some brave Dubs:

1Steven Todd00:19:151st Place!
2Niall McCrory00:20:502nd Place!
6Marie Sweet00:23:561st Place! Newbie PB!
7Paul McFlynn00:23:58Newbie PB!
9Karen Carlisle00:24:462nd Place! New PB!
11Ronan McCaughey00:24:51Newbie PB!
12Maire McCaughey00:24:573rd Place! Newbie PB!
31Jane Patterson00:33:42

That was horrendous conditions – fair play to everyone who made it! My thanks to Steven who stepped up and lead the group while I dealt with some “engineers”. On the top step of the podium we had Steven and Marie, while on the second step was Niall and Karen C and taking the final step was Marie Mc. We’d a new PB set by Karen C and some newbie tourist PBs set by Marie S, Paul Mc, Karen C, Ronan Mc and Marie Mc! We even have a photo:

  • Flashmob: Our newly formed Dub Swimming Club at Falls on Saturday!

Ormeau Runners Forestside 5 Mile Trail Race
Our summer habitual home, Belvoir Forest, hosted this new race to the calendar. Our friends at Ormeau Runners organised this undulating and hilly trail race – that didn’t quite fit into the cross country category, despite the best efforts of the weather! We had a quad of Dubs willing to try out the new race and report back:

43Nessa Agnew00:44:24
54Paul McFlynn00:46:34
96Anne Marie Ryan00:52:10
120Maureen Oliver00:55:39

If you’ve ever done our Sunday run, with everyone’s favourite rollercoaster section, then you will be able to sympathise with what our quad of Dubs went through on Saturday afternoon! Great running folks on a tricky course with questionable underfoot conditions on some of those trail paths. All in all, it sounded like a great event, but the thought of that rollercoaster hill in reverse:

  • Belvoir: Maureen and that bloody rollercoaster again!

Craic 10k
In amongst the sea of green on Sunday morning was our very own wave of blue. This increasingly popular St. Patrick’s Day race led 1,700 runners from city hall to Ormeau Park (via the Falls road). A course that was testing enough – but throw in some freezing rain and we got a ceili. Who was dancing in the rain?

30Steve Todd00:37:50
39Jim Larkin00:38:47New PB!
48Niall McCrory00:38:49New PB!
91Noel Kelly00:41:10
233James Sheridan00:46:47
282Ronan McCaughey00:48:07New PB!
283Marcella Cassidy00:47:49
286Dermot Dawson00:48:11
300Maire McCaughey00:48:37New PB!
310Liam Lavery00:48:48New PB!
395Edward Caldwell00:50:35

We are a waterproof club – another outstanding and fantastic team performance from everyone! The race begins much earlier than anyone really should be up on a Sunday or holiday morning – but out blue top duly delivered with stunning new 10k PBs from Jim, Niall, Ronan Mc, Maire Mc and Liam – topping off a wet and miserable day. Lots to be celebrated later – the photos don’t do the weather justice – sláinte!

  • Some Craic: Steven leads the Dubs home!

Jimmy’s 10k
I am amazed that this race gets touted as a PB course every year – but the first 5k of the race is anything but straightforward! In dull and damp conditions on St. Patrick’s morning, thousands of local runners descended on the class course around Downpatrick for the thirty second running of the event. A smaller turnout than normal seen just the one Dub take part:

799Alex Blackstock01:10:59

Well done Alex! Representing the club and doing us proud on the streets of Downpatrick – this is always a very exposed course, and there was a strong wind blowing on the day to add to the fun! Always a race with a great atmosphere, coming in just under 71 minutes shows that the training is really paying off! Thanks to Mike on the scene for sending us through these shots:

  • Donepatrick: Alex on course!

Lisbon Half Marathon
Ah sure don’t we all love to get away? Well set a course for Portgual – at warp speed if possible! A scenic costal route, trending downhill for the first 5k – then the natural roll of the coast line around the heart of Lisbon. A cracking route in a lovely locale – who was the mysterious Dub taking part?

1400Roisin Byrne01:37:54New PB!

Fantastic! Magic! Outstanding! Mega running Roisin – a massive personal best to boot! That is how you do it – in style while on holidays! Some celebrations were more than deserved – a solid winter’s training paid off and more on Sunday morning! Look at the smiles on her face:

  • Lisdone: Roisin smahes her PB with Ray from that other club!

Sometimes it doesn’t suit to do the flashmob (and boy do I know that this week), and luckily for just those types of situations there’s loads of other parkrun events around! I’m not sure if we’ve mentioned that the weather was pretty horrific on Saturday morning – and a wash out just about best describes it. We’d a few Dubbers travelling to get their 5k fix:

Nessa AGNEW00:24:50
Catherine BAILLIE00:23:152nd Place!
Edward CALDWELL00:24:30
Dermot DAWSON00:24:59
Liam LAVERY00:26:15
Bernadette O'KANE00:22:003rd Place!
Richard CONN00:18:031st Place!
Natalie CONNOLLY00:22:30
Peter DONNELLY00:22:54
Eamonn MCKEEVER00:27:50
Martin TEGGART00:28:40
Dale BIGGERSTAFF00:36:50New PB!
Stranmillis College
Julia ORR00:26:581st Place! Newbie PB!
Eastbourne (England)
Mike SMITH00:26:15Newbie PB!

Great running everyone – I think everyone either ran alternative routes or through massive puddles to complete their runs! Grab a hat, and tip it to our Dubs who took the top step of the podium was Richard (at Enniskillen) and Julia (at Stranmillis College). On the second step was Catherine (at Ecos) and grabbing the final spot was Bernie (at Portrush). Just the one new awesome PB this week set by Dale (at Ormeau). Finally, we’d some tourists setting newbie PBs including Stranmillis College’s very own event director Julia (at Stranmillis College) and Mike (at Eastbourne) continuing his run of tourism and never repeating a single event!

  • parklife: Stranmillis College's event director finishes the course for the first time!

Time to relax now. Once again, another edition of the roundup that just wouldn’t have been out in time if it wasn’t for the loads of little birdies who helped put it together. There was so many of you all this week – I don’t want to name names in case I insult someone by leaving them out – top job, thank you.  Speaking of, people try to send me jokes, in the hope of getting included here, but I have to tell you, some puns make me feel numb – but maths puns make me feel number.

Live long and prosper.

Disclaimer: Every effort was taken to ensure the results above are correct (have a go yourself some wwek at this!). If you’d also like to make a complaint, then you’ll automatically volunteer yourself for writing duties 🙂