Weekly Roundup: 2019-03-26

Weekly Roundup: 2019-03-26

Shorter than of late but we were in Bray, Larne and the parks this week – more over the jump!

Welcome everyone to your window on the running club! For any newbies, this roundup is a celebration of our running achievements. At Roundup Towers celebrate any and all running – personal best or personal worst – we just like to put your name in lights and let you shine for a week. Soon, you can find out what we did over the last seven days, but over the weekend I ended up driving a truck full of porridge and I kept singing ‘Maneater’, ‘Private Eyes’, ‘Rich Girl’ and ‘Kiss on my List’ – I was haulin’ oats! Let’s enter the sea of blue:

Maurice Mullins Half Maraton
Most half marathons that I have run (or many of us have run) there’s always been one big complain about the course – “it’s missing two mountain climbs in the middle”. If you’re one of the many (ahem) people shouting this, then look no further than the Maurice Mullins Half Marathon. Taking Djouce and Prince William’s Seat, this event just west of Bray had an elevation change of just under 3,000 foot, more tail paths than you can shake a stick at – and just the one Dub Runner taking part:

124Paul McFlynn02:56:26Bloody Tough!

Excellent work Paul – looking at your Strava entry for this made me tired! At Roundup Towers here we describe some courses as undulating – this was undulating with two mountain peak climbs thrown in for good measure! With any luck you had someone on standby to drive you home (and preferably not an ambulance)! For anyone interested – there is a ultra on the same day too! A tough, hard earned break after that one, here’s a picture of what appears to be a rare sight in this race – a slight downhill section:

  • MM Half: Paul ran more like 15 miles when all accounted for!!


Larne Half Marathon
St. Patrick’s Day must just be over – as once again it is time for the Larne Half Marathon. The popular local race fielded just over 2,000 runners on a sunny Saturday morning and afternoon – with the temperatures slowly rising at the miles moved on. Most of us will know this one, a scene of many a Dub victory, but more so for that bloody hill bang smack half way through it – which is supposed to motivate you, but let’s be honest here, most of us stop. We had an Errigle of Dubs running:

39Philip Clarke01:19:56---
82John Close01:24:03---
380Marie Sweet01:38:16New PB!
383Roisin Byrne01:38:43---
393Sarah Maybin01:38:46New PB!
485Nessa Agnew01:42:25---
497Catherine Baillie01:42:23New PB!
506Brian Jack01:42:10---
643Danielle Corey01:46:05New PB!
705Karen Carlisle01:47:54New PB!
731Geraldine Coyle01:48:46New PB!
749Dermot Dawson01:48:09---
778Katherine Harkness01:50:10---
810Edward Caldwell01:49:57---
817Maire McCaughey01:50:03---
1183Danielle McCluskey01:58:12---
1235Frances McCambridge01:59:59---
1273Julia Orr02:01:37Newbie PB!
1319Ronan McCaughey02:02:49---
1439Anne Marie Ryan02:06:22---

Boom! That is how you do it folks! Amazing effort and a great showing for the Dub Runners. The coastal route is more challenging that it may first appear, but any pain felt during the 13.1 course is made up for by the scenery! Once again a swathe of personal bests were set by Marie S, Sarah, Catherine, Danielle, Karen and Geradline – phew, awesome, awesome running. Those were just the PBs – everyone posted cracking times, and times that everyone should and are proud of. Winter training paid off this year – all we had to do now as a club is sustain it! Not many action shots, but we got a few rare shots… of Dubs celebrating!

  • Larne: Dubs celebrate at the finish line after a job well done!


Málaga Half Marathon
Longer serving members may remember the fateful club trip in 2016 where the marathon was cancelled due to rain (the year before Jim’s excellent photobombing skills) – well apparently that doesn’t happen in March! Around half of the event was along Málaga’s lovely coastline, with another half running the streets and buildings of the city. Just like last week, we had one Dub off on their holidays:

UknRoger Alastair01:28:33Newbie PB!

Great running Alastair – and what a benchmark time to post for your first race over the distance! You do know that you’re supposed to do a slow one – then come back and smash the time?! Joking aside, great steady running, consistent throughout the entire race – hopefully you’ve found some time to relax and have some downtime after all that hard work. Naturally, there is only one way to celebrate straight after crossing the line:

  • Flying Málaga: Alastair celerbates after completing his first half marathon.


Big race weekends can prove to be divisive within running clubs. With large numbers attending local races, sometimes the parkrun attendances can suffer as a result. On the other hand, us Dubs we turn up in our droves at BOTH types of events – because that is the kind of club we are! With nineteen off in Larne, we still had 17 Dubbers chose parkrun on Saturday morning, and they impressed too:

Derry City
Ronan O'FLAHERTY00:23:28
Liam LAVERY00:24:45
Niall MCCRORY00:19:111st Place! New PB!
Bernadette O'KANE00:23:223rd Place!
Steven TODD00:18:243rd Place!
Rob WALKER00:21:11New PB!
Mark SHIELDS00:21:49
Natalie CONNOLLY00:25:48
Judith MC MANUS00:22:403rd Place!
James SHERIDAN00:20:37
Bronagh SHIELDS00:28:58
Brona SHAW00:29:03New PB!
Jane PATTERSON00:31:02New PB!
James TRAINOR00:19:172nd Place! Newbie PB!
Martin TEGGART00:27:14Newbie PB!
Michael KIRK-SMITH00:28:03
Sligo (Ireland)
Kathy MAYHEW00:27:48

A cracking spread of blue tops out and about on Saturday morning – loks of different events covered and presenting well. Saying all that before we even get to the small matter of the great times running as well! Grab a hat, and get ready to doth it, as taking the top step of the podium, on a return visit was Niall at the Falls event. One place behind at the Stranmillis College event was James T in second. While competing podium paying positions this week was Pocket Rocket Bernie at Portrush, Steven at Wallace and Judith at Antrim. We’ve some great new PBs set by Niall (at Falls), Rob (at Ormeau) and from Brona and Jane (at Orangefield). Finally two newbie PBs set this week, both at the Stranmillis College event, from James T and Martin! Let’s have a look at the battle for the lead:

  • parklife: James (back in blue) chases down first place at Stranmillis College!


While this is a celebration of all things Dub we need your help too! Make sure when entering races (and other non-race runs [ie: parkrun]) that you mark yourself as a Dub Runner. That way you’re easier to find – believe me when I say, when we get into the summer months and there’s ten or so races a week, it is no easy task trawl through a list of results – you will be missed out. For anyone who noticed we had a bit of a cyber attack on our club website earlier in the month – I am still looking for the hacker, I think he ran some ware.

Live long and prosper.

Disclaimer: Every effort was taken to ensure the results above are correct (I have other things to be doing with my time). If you’d also like to make a complaint, then you’ll automatically volunteer yourself for writing duties 🙂