Weekly Roundup: 2019-05-21

Weekly Roundup: 2019-05-21

More races this week than you can shake a stick at!  All over the jump!

Sometimes weeks become unexpectedly busy – this was one of those weeks. Random races coming out of the blue, returning races and even some fresh, new faced races to the calendar. It made for a hectic schedule for the Blue Tops. Before we get to it, have we any dream experts in the club? I keep having a recurring nightmare where I’m surrounded by loads of pregnant women in labour – I think I may be having a midwife crisis! Gab a cushion, this is a long one:

Belfast City Marathon
It would be remiss of me to not mention two Dubs who were sadly missed off the results from this year’s Belfast City Marathon:

1234Mark McGowan03:49:39New PB!
3437Jenny Mullan05:21:38---

Cracking performances from the two, Mark smashing his PB and Jenny really enoyed the day too!  They didn’t complain by the way, I realised my mistake!

Woodburn Trail Race #1
Set between Carrickfergus and Greenisland is Woodburn Forest with a single lap around Middle South Woodburn Resivor. Downhill and flat before a climb for the second mile and half back to the start line. This series returns after a few years off, but keeping up traditions we had a legend of a Dub taking part:

52Maureen Oliver00:28:01---

Nice one Mo – I know you were happy to see this event return! It was a warm evening for running, especially with the heat building up over the trail paths. Uneven surfaces just added to the character of the event and part of the fun of fell racing. There’s two more series to come in the series – and they get longer and tougher as it progresses. We look forward to following your progress!

  • Woodburn: Mo excels in the forest!

Hill & Dales, Race 5: Rocky
Nice and easy one this, I count four distinct peaks at 0.5 miles, 1 mile, 2 miles ad 2.5 miles before a mile drop back to the start line. It must be the latest event in the Hills and occasional Dale race series! Near perfect conditions on the evening of the race for our our Balboa Dubbers this week:

54Niall McCrory00:42:28---
68Bernadette O'Kane00:43:59---
85Paul McFlynn00:45:38---

Our intrepid Dub Goats have done it again with a cracking performance on Thursday evening. With Niall keeping up his unbroken (as yet) record in the series! A refreshing change of only 1500 ft of elevation change on this one – practically a walk in the park (or so Bernie told me)! We even got our traditional photo:

  • Rocky Dubs: Niall, Bernie and Paul smile after a job well done!

Les Jones 10k
This is one race I’ve never been brave enough to sign up for, why? Well, when you train on Dead Man’s Hill the though of racing puts me right off! That doesn’t stop others from doing extremely popular race over very undulating terrain. Kicking off on the Mary Peter’s Track, rolling onto the twopath, back up and around by Malone House and back to the track for the finish. We had a few Dubs out there:

31Claire Tonry00:40:272nd Place!
62Rob Walker00:44:44

Yikes, that is a fast 10k race and some impressive performances from our Dubs in blue around our familiar paths. We had Claire grab the second spot on the podium while Rob pushed for a great time on a frankly brutal course on a warm, clammy Friday evening. Special nods to Friends of the Dubs James T who was pacing his brother to 00:40:27 and Mark Shield who posted a fantastic 00:45:14. Thanks to the Dub cheering squad, we have some photos:

  • Les Jones: Claire steamrolls her way to second place!

Flashmob parkrun: Waterworks
A dull morning with a little drizzle met the Errigle of Dubs who decided to go for the latest flashmob parkrun around Waterwork Park. We don’t let that put us off – as the rain and cloud cleared just in time for 9:30am. Two laps on some small paths makes for an interesting start – but once the gang settled into a rhythm they set some times:

2Niall McCrory00:19:062nd Place!
23Catherine Baillie00:22:002nd Place! Newbie PB!
49Maire McCaughey00:23:50New PB!
59Ronan O'Flaherty00:24:53---
65Ronan McCaughey00:25:05---
66Liam Lavery00:35:07---
69Nessa Agnew00:25:10---
70Roisin Byrne00:25:11---
93Julia Orr00:26:05New PB!
96Danielle McCluskey00:26:11Newbie PB!
171Brona Shaw00:29:11New PB!

I love to see so many Dubs doing the flashmob events – they are great fun and everyone represents the club well! Let’s grab your hat early this week and doth it to Niall and Catherine who both bagged their second places! We had some awesome new PBs set by Marie Mc, Julia and Brona – magic. We even had some newbies on the course including Catherine and Danielle. A final special mention to Catherine who only went and got her all time 5k PB and did it in style too! A flashmob wouldn’t be a flashmob if we didn’t have some photos:

  • Flashmob: Just before the start of the run!

Annalong Horseshoe
Giddy-up, it is time for the Annalong Horseshoe! Get ready to feel tired this race starting from Silent Valley to Ben Crom Reservoir to Slieve Lamagan summit to Cove summit to Slieve Commedagh summit to Donard to Chimney Rock summit to Slieve Binnian back Silent Valley. Personally, I seen Strava entries for anything from 15 to 17 miles – no easy race, with cut-off points for that little but of extra pressure! Three Dubs out on the course this year:


Ah folks, that was a gruelling race, not one you can just turn up at. Great to see three Dubs taking it on this year – including newbie Owen! Consistent running by our trio who produced some great times, in frankly miserable conditions over several mountains – a testament to your endurance and stamina to keep going and finish the race! Of course, our Steven was on hand as part of the cheerleading squad:

  • Annalong: Newbie Owen with Paul at the finish!

Portadown Half Marathon
Kernan Running Club hosted this brand new event to the calendar. Undulating is really the only work to describe it, as you leave Portadown and trend uphill towards Gilford, make as if heading Tandragee, then a mostly flat run back towards Portadown! We had our tremendous trio on the course:

17Collette McCourt01:29:48---
51Roisin Byrne01:40:41---
86Nessa Agnew01:47:36---

What a morning for a run – perfect conditions indeed, if verging on a little warm. A more challenging first half of the course was made up for by the second half past the nature reserve. Some cracking scenery to run past – and some cracking times posted by Roisin and Nessa too – great work!  Special nod to our Collette who snatched the final spot on the podium, just magic! Apparently there is another photo, but for now this is all I was sent:

  • Portahappy: Nessa & Collette all smiles before the 13.1 mile course!

While quite a few of the parkrun faithful were up at the Waterworks, we have to remember that there were other park events on this weekend! It was an overcast morning for all regardless of where you ended up getting your fix. Let’s see who went where:

Jim SIMONS00:19:57
Ardgillan (Ireland)
Michael KIRK-SMITH00:24:49Newbie PB!
Sligo (Ireland)
Kathy MAYHEW00:25:38

Nice running folks – you have to agree that it is the best way to start the weekend! Just the one hat tip here (get it back out from earlier) – to MKS who was a tourist on his holidays this week at the Ardgillan event. Of course, all three deserve hat tips!

I have been made aware of two other 5k races which happened this past week. Both events have no official times, but it’s worth a mention to celebrate our club’s achievements. On Friday there was a law 5k race in the city centre – we had our own Nessa and Andy taking part. On Sunday morning the first Hydro Run took place at Let’s Go Hydro and Alastair R and Marie Mc were running the mostly flat, three lap course!

As you can tell it was another of those week’s were an army of spies were required – and they delivered! Thanks to everyone who helps contribute towards the roundup, everyone here at Roundup Towers thanks you for your service – just keep it coming! I’ve an awkward encounter to tell you about, I saw my ex across the museum hall, but I felt too self-conscious to say hello – there was just too much history between us.

Live long and prosper.

Disclaimer: Every effort was taken to ensure the results above are correct (observations count here too) If you’d also like to make a complaint, then you’ll automatically volunteer yourself for writing duties 🙂