Weekly Roundup: 2019-06-04

Weekly Roundup: 2019-06-04

Woodburn, Millstone, Arron Island, Divis, Dublin, WCM, parkrun + more – over the jump!

For anyone heading to Spain on your holiday’s over the next few weeks, here’s a phrase you’re going to want to learn “Donde se encuentra ‘el evento running’ mas cercano?” So, it begins – we shake off the shackles of spring and step into summer – but can we keep up our self-titled ‘PB Club of the Year’ title – you’ll find out soon!  First off an apology, sorry for all my bad puns on native Americans recently – I’m going through Apache spell.  Grab a pillow or cushion – you’re in for a long (but amazing) one this time!

Woodburn Trail Race #2
Race two and the distance increases – up to four and a half miles around Woodburn Forest. On a very pleasant Tuesday evening, while the rest of us were at training one Dub was racing! With mile one and two trending downhill, that left the final two and half miles a steady upward climb. I think we all know who this solo Dubber was this week:

50Maureen Oliver00:41:24---

Nicely done Maureen – powering on though despite the muggy weather conditions! Circling around the Middle South reservoir this course had over 250ft of elevation change – including a final climb to the finish. Again, we had some spied out around the course who ably supplied some photos:

  • Sunbunr: Mo goes in for the double overtake!

Hill & Dales, Race 7: Millstone
Millstone might be called a hill, but with it peaking at 460m, as they would say in Ballymena, “it’s a fur auld big hill”. The task facing our Dub Goats this week, an all-out race to the top (oh, and back again). The wind at the summit, was so mighty it even ruined Steven’s hair. Let’s glance over the stone wall and take a peek at the results:

30Steve Todd00:47:46---
45Niall McCrory00:49:30---
75Paul McFlynn00:52:53---

Our trio of goats out in force on Thursday evening in less than ideal conditions. All of them posting ever improving times and positions as the confidence grows – and rightly so! We are only on race seven?! We must be getting close to end this series soon..? Our spies went around, but thanks to Newcastle AC themselves we have some action shots on the downhill section:

  • Milestone: Not sure if this was before or after the run - they look too happy?!

Arron Island 2 Island Triathlon 
For most, when they go visit their sister, that means a chance to relax and let your hair down for a few days. For one blue top they chose to do a half iron man (stop and let that sink in for a moment). The Island 2 Island triathlon based on Arran Island consisted of a 1.2 mile open water swim, a 57 mile cycle followed by a 12 mile road run! Who is brave enough to take on this epic challenge:

UknAnna McArdle06:32:40---

Impressive. Mighty impressive. Take a bow in fact – really well done. Open water swimming is tough. Your cycle included a 2,600ft elevation change (around the island). The run was an our and back course with around 350ft of elevation change. Singularly, these would be tough, together, they require determination to work through. Although conditions seemed more favourable than of late – it was still a sore race to do. Magnificent. Facebook is a great source for photos (but taken with permission):

  • Eye 2 Eye: Anna and Carla complete the half marathon!

We all love our alternative Thursday sessions where we go up over Divis Mountain – but we usually plan this for when we’ve had a spell of dry weather.  With the rain not taking its time to come down on Saturday evening, it made for interesting conditions on the route.  Three options – with the longest including a trip through the bog, this fantastically scenic race produced an Errigle of Dubs taking part:

Ridge, Summit & Heath (9 Miles)
5Steven Todd01:12:08---
14Collette McCourt01:20:141st Place!
17Roisin Byrne01:28:583rd Place!
Ridge & Summit (7.5 Miles)
3Claire Tonay00:58:483rd Place & 1st Female!
13Katherine Harkness01:06:56Spot Prize Winner!
Ridge Run (5 Miles)
4Judith McManus00:43:092nd Place!
6Marie Sweet00:44:223rd Place!
11Máire McCaughey00:46:20---
12Ronan McCaughey00:46:44Spot Prize Winner!
16Geraldine Coyle00:48:06---
22Kathy Mayhew00:50:33---
45Brona Shaw00:56:05---

Woah – what a club morning that one was! 12 Dub racing (2 proudly supporting) and seven prize winners from that lot – think we can all agreed on a job well done! The conditons were slippery due to overnight rain and the risk of mud was never too far away (cough, Steven, cough). Special mentions to Collette who was first home, with Roisin stealing third in the nine mile race. CIn the seven and half mile event Claire was not only third overall but first female – while Katherine won a spot prize for her awesome socks! Finally, we had Judith and Marie S second and third respectively on the five mile run, with Ronan Mc picking up a spot prize. PHEW! In place of #DubsDo it has been suggested we call this one #DubsWinDMC and we have a gallery pilled full of photos with a selection shown below:

  • Walk This Way: Our Errigle on Divis!

VHI Women’s Mini Marathon
With over 30,000 women taking part in this extremely popular race that attracts everyone from world record beaters to casual walkers! Beginning beside Grand Canal, heading out of town towards Stillorgan and lopping back in and finishing just over the Grand Canal this is a lovely little 10k route – that is just for the girls! At 2pm, when most are considering lunch, one Dub took to the streets of Dublin’s fair city to raise some money:

4,038Rose McCrory01:06:23---

Nice work Rose – a great time – especially considering that there were so many people taking part that the first quarter of the event was completed at walking pace! With the sun smiling down, gowned in pink and raising much needed funds for St. James’ Hospital – this was an admirable first solo entry into the club’s roundup – where you get your name in lights! Rose may be new, but she knew (see what we did there) what to do with the photos:

  • Dublin 10k: Newbie Rose, centre, ran the popular Dublin race!

Walled City Marathon
If you’re keeping count, and we have no idea why you would be, but this was the seventh running of this marathon event. The centrepiece race in the North West was held early on Sunday is damp, overcast and extremely windy conditions. With some major hills – including Fahan Street at 24 miles – this cracking route includes trip over the iconic Peace Bridge just after 20 miles. We had two Dubs on the streets of our second biggest city:

81Jim Larkin03:21:28---
809Jenny Mullan06:03:49---

Great running Jim and Jenny – both of you running your second marathons of the year, both having previously completed the Belfast Marathon at the beginning of May. Any hopes of personal bests went out the window with some strong headwinds – but both our Dubs published some solid times, especially considering its only bene four weeks since their last go over the same distance. Our Roundup Towers spies were on hand to take some snaps:

  • WCM: Jenny heads for the half way mark along the old railway line beside the River Foyle!

Our favourite time of the week has arrived, and you know we’re getting tired here at Roundup Towers when you see the parkrun results rolling around! With the summer officially starting on Saturday – and the weather taking a temporary turn for the better – it was time to put the running shoes on and kick off the weekend in the best way we know:

Nessa AGNEW00:23:07
Catherine BAILLIE00:21:59New PB!
Niall MCCRORY00:18:572nd Place! New PB!
Maire MCCAUGHEY00:24:55
Joanne MCGLONE00:26:48New PB!
Brendan MCILHENNON00:19:42
Stacey ORR00:25:54New PB!
Rob WALKER00:20:23New PB!
Brian DERBY00:22:00
Kathy MAYHEW00:27:05Newbie PB!
Brona SHAW00:30:30Newbie PB!
Sarah MAYBIN00:22:17Newbie PB!
Colin Glen
Claire TONRY00:20:521st Place! Newbie PB!
Bernadette O'KANE00:21:422nd Place! New PB!
Frances MC CAMBRIDGE00:27:51
James SHERIDAN00:24:11
Stranmillis College
Mark SHIELDS00:22:35Newbie PB!
Roisin BYRNE00:24:042nd Place!
Paul CURLEY00:27:51Newbie PB!
Jersey Farm (England)
Ronan O'FLAHERTY00:26:03Newbie PB!

Not bad going from the Blue Tops – fantastic to see so many tourists this week! I’ve got a hat and tipping it to first placed Claire at the Colin Glen event, our second placed runners Niall (at Queen’s), Bernie (at Colin Glen) and Roisin (at Stranmillis College). We had an all-time new 5k PB set by Catherine at the Ecos event! Other new course PBs this week were set by Joanne (at Queen’s), newbie Stacey (at Wallace), Rob (at Ormeau) and Bernie (at Colin Glen). Finally, we had some tourists setting newbie PBs from Kathy (at Valley), Brona (at Valley), Sarah (at Stormont), Claire (at Colin Glen), Mark S (at Stranmillis College), Paul (at Stranmillis College) and Ronan O got his 17th letter and his 35th different event at Jersey Farm (which is near LONDON!) Obligatory proof photo was required:

  • parklife: 17th letter, 35th different event - some tousirm for Ronan this week!

Oh, for anyone who hasn’t already checked, it roughly translates as “Where is the nearest race?”! We’re all packing some running gear if we’re heading away this summer, so make sure you keep us here in Roundup Towers in mind as you bag the bling! It takes a serious amount of effort to produce this every week – and we need all the help that we can get.  Over the weekend, I tried some blindfolded archery – if you’ve never tried it yourself, then you don’t know what you are missing!

Live long and prosper.

Disclaimer: Every effort was taken to ensure the results above are correct (over five hours effort went into this week’s edition, so stuff it) If you’d also like to make a complaint, then you’ll automatically volunteer yourself for writing duties 🙂