Weekly Roundup: 2019-06-25

Weekly Roundup: 2019-06-25

Lisburn, Comber, Norway (yes, Norway), Mullaghmore and the parks – all that and more over the jump!

Well folks – here comes the summer! Time for another delve into the murky depths of just what us Dub Runners have been up too over the last seven days – and you don’t want to miss out this week. Yesterday, a mate bet me £10 that I couldn’t do a butterfly impression – I thought to myself ‘that’s worth a flutter’. Now then, relax and enjoy:

Lisburn Half Marathon & 10k
When the date for the Lisburn races are announced, you can usually mark it in the diary as an evening for a BBQ. Not in 2019 – torrential downpours during the day, and the evening itself left murky. The more popular new route continued and while the rain mostly held off for the majority of finishers, it left a muggy race – but was there any room for a PB?!

Half Marathon Race
42Jim Larkin01:26:20
57Brendan McIlhennon01:28:17
60Claire Tonry01:28:56
90Rob Walker01:32:17
199Roisin Byrne01:39:06
248Nessa Agnew01:41:56New PB!
264Catherine Baillie01:42:35
356Mark Shields01:47:08
411Conan Magee01:49:35
553Danielle Corey01:55:43
623Paul McFlynn01:57:44
1,006Jenny Mullan02:39:47
10k Race
4Richard Conn00:34:42New PB!
175Sarah Maybin00:46:23
193Judith McManus00:47:11
377Stacey Orr00:51:14
515Danielle McCluskey00:54:41
562Paul Agnew00:54:19

What a fantastic evening for the club! Great to see so many make the short trip down the M1 (or backroads). Was an evening for putting your head down and just getting to the finish line. A special nod to Nessa who, despite everything, managed to set her half marathon personal best time – magic! Gavin, who for once wasn’t running, was trackside and sent us some photos:

  • Lisburn: Jimbo, Richard and Claire happy to finished!

Comber 10k
If Lisburn in the rain didn’t take your fancy on Wednesday, then luckily there was another reasonably local 10k race – and this one was held in the sunshine! Beginning and ending in the heart of Comber town itself, taking in the main road – with only a few turns and pretty flat-ish the whole way round. There was a duo of Dubs with blue tops out:

132Steven McDermott00:44:12New PB!
252Ronan McCaughey00:49:01

That is how you do it on a Friday evening – nice running from all three of you! That was a warm evening with the sun in your eyes adding an extra challenge – because a 10k after working all working isn’t challenge enough! Special nod to newbie Steven Mc who bagged a new 10k distance PB on Friday evening! A few photos filtered through to us at Roundup Towers:

  • Comber: Newbie Steven sets his PB.

Hill & Dales, Race 10: Drinahilly
“… and now the end is near2. The Hill & Dales series for 2019 draws to a close with its traditional final race on the Friday evening. An “easy” one to finish, 3.5 miles from Donard Carpark and back again with a summit just shy of 800ft above sea level. Well they couldn’t make it too easy, could they?! Who where our final three goats in the series?

39Niall McCrory00:27:47---
47Bernadette O'Kane00:28:39---
54Paul McFlynn00:29:13---

Cool times – everyone finishing about a minute behind each other, but all in sub-30 minutes! Outstanding effort. Time now to retire the trail shoes, thank them for a job well done – but we all know you’ve more of the same planned for over the summer. Well done to all the Dubs who took part in any of this year’s races – each one getting progressively tougher. One final team goat shot for 2019:

  • Done & Dusted: Paul, Bernie and Niall finish the tenth and final race of the series.

Midnight Sun Marathon
Some celebrate the solstice by taking photos of the sunrise or sunset – by runners celebrate by jetting off somewhere further north that has 24 hours of daylight at this time of the year! A couple of small climbs over the marathon route – but mostly otherwise flat, let down only by the Irish-style rain (downpour) for the whole race. We had one Dub in the field:

319Katherine Harkness03:53:40---

Class running Katherine – this looks like a fantastic event to be a part of. It must really confuse your head with daylight at midnight – and finishing and going to bed to get some sleep too. I know the rain didn’t help matters – but you powered on through and posted a cracking time. Thanks for sending through the photos:

  • Midnight Sun: It's Katherine's way or Norway.

Mullaghmore Sprint Tri
Mullaghmore in Sligo hosted their tri with the sun splitting the skies for another year. For anyone wondering a sprint tri consists of a 750m open water swim followed by a 20k cycle and a wee 5k run to finish it all off! Phew, not easy, but our quartet of Dubs made it look that way:

63Gareth Mcallister00:14:5500:38:2000:23:0201:18:22
87Kate Moffett00:17:3000:38:5100:22:0501:21:04
90Anna McArdle00:16:1700:40:1000:22:1601:21:42
128Paul McNamee00:17:4700:40:4100:23:4501:25:16

Such great results everyone, love seeing the club members expand out into areas other than just running! An intense event – but made a little easier with some stunning scenery to look at (not that they had their heads up too often to take it all in)! All happy and smiles all around at the end, and considering the tops needed, we can forgive them not sporting Dub gear for once:

  • Mullaghmore: Gareth, Kate, ANna and Paul representing the Dubs.

Another week draws to a close – with the now traditional parkrun. A massive number of 19 Dubbers took part on Saturday morning at eight different events across the greater Belfast area! With the sun out, it was an easy decision after the longest day of the year! Let’s take a look at the results in full:

Liam LAVERY00:24:38
Edward CALDWELL00:24:54
Ronan MCCAUGHEY00:28:29
Dale BIGGERSTAFF00:34:04New PB!
Sarah MAYBIN00:21:56
Judith MC MANUS00:24:37
Claire TONRY00:20:032nd Place! Newbie PB!
Alastair RODGER00:19:261st Place! Newbie PB!
Niall MCCRORY00:19:39
Jim LARKIN00:20:47
Rob WALKER00:21:02Newbie PB!
James SHERIDAN00:21:27
Kathy MAYHEW00:26:01
Brona SHAW00:30:06
Jane PATTERSON00:32:16
Stranmillis College
Nessa AGNEW00:25:31
Martin TEGGART00:27:07
Ronan O'FLAHERTY00:27:48
Steven TODD00:27:49

Fantastic – so many of the club up and at it on Saturday morning! Get ready to tip your hat to Alastair who was first home at the Comber event, and Claire who was second placed at the Bangor event. Just the one newbie PB this week, set by Dale at the Queen’s event. A trio of new course benchmarks were set by Claire (at Bangor), Alastair (at Comber) and Rob (at Orangefield). Just found the one photo this week:

  • parklife: Judith makes a welcome return to Antrim!

We’re done! This week wasn’t as bad as we originally thought it would be here at Roundup Towers, nonetheless our thanks going out to our ever-growing band of willing spies who send through little snippets of information. It helps – a lot. We are edging closer to a milestone! In some traffic news, I should let you all know that a few busloads of Jazz musicians have broken down on the M1 – police say to expect lengthy jams.

Live long and prosper.

Disclaimer: Every effort was taken to ensure the results above are correct (not in the mood.) If you’d also like to make a complaint, then you’ll automatically volunteer yourself for writing duties 🙂