Weekly Roundup: 2019-08-27

Weekly Roundup: 2019-08-27

Traverse from Queen’s to the Mournes to a Castle to all the other parks – more over the jump!

We love a good bank holiday! Not only is it an opportunity (although not a guaranteed one for all) for an extended break, it also usually means an extra chance to go running. We did not disappoint, as you will find out in a moment!  Here, got a top tip for you all, I regret rubbing ketchup in my eyes – but that’s Heinz sight for you!  Okily dokily, let’s see what has been going on.

Wedding Bells
One of our blue tops got hitched! We’d like to extend the club’s best wishes to Andrew McDermott on his wedding to Nicola Graham on Sunday afternoon. Many of the club will know Nicola as the long-suffering supporter of Andrew at many, many races over the years! From all of us we wish the two of you (and Ruby) many years of happiness together!

  • Congratulations: Nicola and Andrew celebrate their big day!

Flashmob parkrun: Queen’s
If you know us, then you know that we don’t really need an excuse to have some cake. So when we heard that it was Danielle McCluskey’s 30th (birthday) and Mark Hamill’s 50th (parkrun), we knew we had to get the club together for a bit of a knees up. By knees up we mean parkrun then cake – let’s take a look at the Errigle of Dubs who were celebrating:

8Alastair KIing00:19:53
27Catherine Baillie00:21:475k PB!
33Peter Donnelly00:22:23
45Liam Lavery00:23:19
51Ronan McCaughey00:23:47
57Maire McCaughey00:24:04
59Katherine Harkness00:24:12New PB!
65Edward Caldwell00:24:29
96Eamonn McKeever00:26:58Newbie PB!
97Danielle McCluskey00:27:00Newbie PB!
98Kathy Mayhew00:27:01
111Nuala O'Connor00:28:10New PB!
128Orla Phillips00:29:07New PB!
132Brona Shaw00:29:18New PB!
136Anne Marie Ryan00:29:28
158Mark Hamill00:31:21
159Dale Biggerstaff00:31:34New PB!
163Jane Patterson00:32:12

That’s some group of 18 blue tops – hands up who was only there for the cake… be honest?! Right first up let’s congratulate Catherine on her awesome brand spanking new all time 5k personal best time! Some new course PBs were set by Katherine, Nuala, Orla, Brona and the always awesome legend Dale. There were some newbies there including Eamonn and Danielle. Finally, big congratulations on the hitting the 50 parkrun milestone to Mark – enjoy that new red shirt when it arrives. Finally, a very happy birthday to the reason we arranged a flashmob in the first place – Danielle! Now photos:

  • Flashmob: That's half an Errigle of Dubs!

Mourne Triathlon
We all love a day trip to Castlewellan, don’t we? Well, imagine for a moment if you will, going there for a swim, cycle and then a run! A 0.75km dip in Castlewellan Lake, followed by a 20km bike cycle along a sceneic (you know what’s coming next) route with a mixture of hills and fast sections, all finished off with a dash around the well-established parkrun route. We had a trio of Dubs doing the tri:

8Peter Morrison00:13:1300:35:1300:20:2801:11:34
176Collette Mccourt00:23:5200:48:1200:23:1901:41:06
234Nessa Agnew00:30:5600:55:0800:25:3501:56:43

Brilliant folks – some cracking times posted. It’s always good to see the Dubbers getting out there and doing something as well as running! What a day you got for it too – I mean it wold be great for anyone watching, but the humid conditions will have made the event that little bit more challenging than it should have been. Top work all round there, that’s some blagging rights for a while now, and thanks for our spy in the sky for the photo:

  • Mourne to Swim, Cycle & Run: Collette, Nessa and Peter!

Storming the Castle
Hot. Hot. HAT! If you like your races with dollop of sunshine and heat, then Sunday’s Storming the Castle 10k will have ticked all those boxes for you! Starting in the centre of Carrickfergus, this race now in its fifth year, runs out along the coast and back in for a finish at the iconic castle (you get the name now don’t you?!) We had one Dub ready to go on Sunday afternoon:

6Phil Clarke00:35:59New PB!

Outstanding running for a top six finish for Philip. In his own words it was “absolutely boiling” during the race, and although it was a reasonably flat course, a lack of a breeze and humid conditions made for a sticky event. Great running though and despite the heat, a wee 10k PB to celebrate over the bank holiday weekend – a job well done!  Some cracking photos too:

  • Stormin' Phil: Look at that backdrop!

Okay, let’s get the excuses going as to why you weren’t at the flashmob! Come on, you missed cake and… well probably just the cake to be honest! Having said that, we had representatives at six different events across the world this Saturday morning. Wana see how the “others” got on?!

Derry City
Ronan O'FLAHERTY00:23:44
Rob WALKER00:19:33
Niall MCCRORY00:18:531st Place! New PB!
Steven TODD00:18:592nd Place!
Rose MCCRORY00:28:022nd Place! New PB!
Michael KIRK-SMITH00:25:34
Stranmillis College
John CARSER00:26:55New PB!
Narin Beach(Ireland)
Alastair RODGER00:19:212nd Place!
Claire TONRY00:19:471st Place! New PB!
Jamaica Pond (USA)
Isabel MEENAN00:29:31

Love it – there’s always alternatives to a flashmb! Get your hat, and get ready to tip it. We had two first placers this week, Niall (at Falls) and Claire (at Narin Beach). Alongside our three second placers in the shape of Steven (at Falls), Rose (at Falls) and Alastair (at Narin Beach). A handful of new course PBs from Niall (at Falls), Rose (at Falls), John C (at Stranmillis College) and Claire (at Narin Beach). Would ye believe I can’t find a single Dub parkrun photo this week!? 🙁

The curtain falls on yet another edition of the roundup, thanks for reading! We have a small team who help out with this each week, but we’ve also zoomed on past over 250 editions of the Weekly Roundup – so while we see most things, we don’t see everything! So, we need you to be our eyes and ears and let us know if you think we might miss your event! You don’t want to miss getting your name in lights now do you?!  Unsurprisingly, I’ve got this awful disease where I can’t stop telling airport jokes – the doctor says it’s terminal.

Live long and prosper.

Disclaimer: Every effort was taken to ensure the results above are correct (sod off!) If you’d also like to make a complaint, then you’ll automatically volunteer yourself for writing duties🙂