Weekly Roundup: 2019-09-10

Weekly Roundup: 2019-09-10

We visited the Docks, Greenisland, Swinford, Larne, Woburn, Newcastle, the West, Killyleagh and loads of parks – all that and more over the jump!

Last week, we commented how autumn had arrived – this week we decide to do as many races as a bank holiday weekend over the summer! Just goes to show that we’re most certainly not a fair weather running club!  So, update on the missus as we haven’t had one in a while, she convinced me to wear a hideous leather jacket that she got for me – I guess I am easily suede.  Okay, hope you’re ready for this one!

Citi Inspire 5k
The race crept up on us, in fact we didn’t even know about it until the Strava activities started rolling in! Pancake flat, so PB territory in theory. Starting from the SSE Arena, towards and around Victoria Park and back towards and just past the start line for the finish line. We had a tri of fast Dubs taking part, but how did they do?

8Brendan McIlhennon00:17:19New PB!
11John Close00:17:35New PB!
19Rob Walker00:18:45New PB!

Well lads, unbelievable. Three Dubs, three big smiles and three awesome new 5k PBs! Run in some cracking conditions, gentle breeze and the heat of the day dying away. All this achieved despite the run being held to allow traffic through in places – much to some bemusement of the guys. Top 20 finishes for all three for three top guys!

EAMS 100th Marathon Celebration
Our friends over in East Antrim have reached a milestone – it was their 100th marathon event on Saturday morning. This one was held on one of their more traditional routes: starting in Greenisland, over to Monkstown, down to the Loughshore and back up to Greenisland. Four laps of this route equals a marathon, and we had a newcomer to the club taking on his second marathon in blue:

UknJohn Carser04:19:06New PB!

Ah John, two marathons run as a Dub and two new personal best times over the distance – that is how you do it! It is great to see all your hard work and training over the summer is paying off in a big, big way. While conditions were near ideal – that is a tough route, especially when it is laps. You made it, and did it in style though – just as the photos show:

  • EAMS @ 100: John C action shot!

Swinford AC Three Quarter Marathon
We all love heading to Westport. Image heading there for a stag weekend, and deliberately and knowingly getting up early on Saturday morning to run three quarters of the distance of a marathon!? This was a fast course, in the east of Mayo taking in the iconic Meelick Round Tower, Ballylahan Castle and not forgetting the River Moy. Right then, let’s see who it was!

81Aidan Johnston02:42:59---

Nice one Aidan! Fair play for even thinking about doing this one while you were away at the weekend! The ideal cool and calm conditions almost hid the fact that the course was not as described and ended up being reasonably hilly, difficult and challenging at times. A great time nonetheless and some bragging rights well and truly earned here. We even managed to dig out (we were sent it) this photo from the race:

  • Swinningford: 3/4 marathon distance is no bother for our Aidan!

Larne 10k
If you can’t make it to the half marathon earlier in the year, then you get half the experience with the Larne 10k now! A two-lap course around the town centre, going down Main Street, through the promenade area and back in towards the centre. A cracking morning for it, and we had a duo of Dubs hitting the streets:

9Brendan McIlhennon00:38:19---
141Danielle McCluskey00:58:08---

Well done Brendan and Danielle – brilliant times, despite the growing heat of Saturday lunchtime. Town centre running isn’t the nicest anywhere, but the views and scenes along the promenade will have more than made up for that on a day like Saturday. Great to see some Dub representation over in Larne.

Woburn Abbey Half Ironman
If you’re going to visit the English village of Woburn in Bedfordshire then it would be rude to not take part in a half ironman! A 1.9km swim beside the abbey, a three lap 90km cycle with 3,000ft of elevation change and finished with a 21km run, four-lap out and back in run. Tired? I bet these Dubs are more tired than you:


Ah that is just amazing. Simply amazing. Yes, one of you may have described this as “hell” (Anna for those wondering), but that is incredibly impressive efforts all round. This is the stuff of nightmares for the most of the rest of us, but it is great to see all three of you could still stand at the end – and I think you’ve earned bragging rights for the rest of the year (at least).

  • Iron People: Anna, Gareth & Kate after the half Ironman!

Great North Run
It is the biggest half marathon in the world, and it never fails to disappoint. Starting in Newcastle runners traverse the meandering route towards South Sheilds – almost fifty thousand runners take part in the annual pilgrimage. With non-stop support from locals along the course, this is one event to add to the runner’s bucket list. We had one runner taking part this year:

3,957Paul McFlynn01:44:47---

Great Paul – that is fantastic running! Especially considering that you’re just coming back from a pretty bad injury that has limited your training in recent weeks. Sub 1:45 at a race with as many entrants as the GNR is great running and finding the little gaps to slip into to make progress. Great running, and that tops off a nice wee weekend of running in Newcastle for you!

  • Great Run: Paul posts a sub 1:45 in Newcastle!

Gaeltacht Quarter 10k
If the club’s Sunday run isn’t for you, then there was this alternative in the west this week! The route was an opening 4k uphill to the top of Shaw’s Road, a downhill loop back (with a single lap of Falls Park to make up the 10k even more uphill. With ideal, if a little overcast conditions, we had a trio of Dubs on the starting line:

6Niall McCrory00:38:40---
91Ronan McCaughey00:49:55---
97Maire McCaughey00:50:04---

Woah, great running everyone – some cracking times posted. With Niall up front in sixth and the husband / wife battle continued with just nine seconds separating the pair – but theirs is always another race to get one back! From the pictures we’ve seen online it was a sea of pin, all smiling, all heading towards a lovely wee medal and a pretty nice water bottle at the end!

  • Gaeltacht: Niall with Olympic boxer Mick Conlan!

Killyleagh Half Marathon
Last year Steve did this race in the dark, this year he went back to see what it looks like. Beautiful. With some empty country roads and picturesque views over Strangford lough – if you’re looking for an event with a view, this has to be near the top of the list! So, can you guess who went back for second go at the course:

2Steven Todd01:25:072nd Place!

Great one Steven! Absolutely great running – heading out with a target time of 1:25, I think we can all only wish to be that close to our targets when running. A new day for this race, also meant a new earlier start time, which meant that Steven had some extra time to go to the coast and have a picnic – result!

  • Killyleagh: Steven was outstanding in his field!

We all love a bit of parkrun. Its not about finishing in the top three or times, it is all about the community spirit of each unique event. On a drying Saturday morning, you can rest assured that there is always Dubs heading to the start line in some park – in lots of various exotic locations. We had loads of Dubs running at quite a few events this weekend:

Steven TODD00:17:52
Collette MCCOURT00:18:492nd Place! New PB!
Jim LARKIN00:19:06
Brian DERBY00:19:48
Nessa AGNEW00:23:34
Michael KIRK-SMITH00:23:44
Mark HAMILL00:23:41
Maire MCCAUGHEY00:25:26
Ronan MCCAUGHEY00:25:26
Liam LAVERY00:23:23Newbie PB!
James SHERIDAN00:21:58
Heather BARON00:22:322nd Place!
Ronan O'FLAHERTY00:23:20
Rob WALKER00:19:492nd Place! New PB!
Brona SHAW00:29:09
Stranmillis College
Martin TEGGART00:27:03
Sligo (Ireland)
Kathy MAYHEW00:25:51
Avondale Forest (Ireland)
Dermot DAWSON00:24:38Newbie PB!
Gorey (Ireland)
Noel KELLY00:18:571st Place! Newbie PB!
Newcastle (England)
Paul MCFLYNN00:23:36Newbie PB!
Burgess (England)
Nuala O'CONNOR00:27:21Newbie PB!

It is morning like Saturday that you actually want to get out and go running! Maybe that is why we had 21 blue tops up bright and early looking for their 5k fix?! We need to tip our hats to Noel who was first home at the Gorey event. While we had lots of second placers including Collette (at Victoria), Heather (at Stormont) and Rob (at Orangefield). We had some new course PBs set by Collette (at Victoria) and Rob (at Orangefield). Putting on their tourist hats this week and visiting some of those exotic locations was Liam (at Castlewellan), Dermot (at Avondale Forest), Noel (at Gorey), Paul Mc (at Newcastle) and Nuala (at Burgess). Phew! Who ordered some pictures?

  • parklife: There goes Collette!

Another RSI-inducing weekly roundup for the club – but really well done to everyone who was racing and taking part. Special thanks to our army of spies who helped put the finishing touches to this week’s edition – much like parkrun, this can’t happen without their help.  Did you hear about my friend who decided to get a face tattoo of her favourite Star Wars character? You should have see the Luke on her face!

Live long and prosper.

Disclaimer: Every effort was taken to ensure the results above are correct (read it again, this was a busy one) If you’d also like to make a complaint, then you’ll automatically volunteer yourself for writing duties 🙂