Weekly Roundup: 2019-09-24

Weekly Roundup: 2019-09-24

Small number of races but massive in stature this week. Read it all over the jump!

There was a lot of anticipation ahead of this week, this was the week that was earmarked as the event that quite a lot of local running were targeting – I can’t think why though, can you?! We’ll get all your names in lights pretty darn soon but wait till you hear what happened to me! I threw a party at the weekend for all the workers ho helped build my house. The door guy showed up late – but he really knew how to make an entrance. Okily dokily, there’s a lot of results here, so make sure you’re comfortable:

Flashmob parkrun: Orangefield
What a contrast the weekend was. Saturday morning in the parks has the sun splitting the trees. No better kind of morning for wanting to get up and out of bed and ready to take on a 5k. We had our latest flashmob event in the ever undulating Organefield Park event. We had a side-bar sized Errigle of Dubs out for it:

5Rob Walker00:21:32
7Ronan O'Flaherty00:22:18New PB!
8Jim Larkin00:22:19
10Catherine Baillie00:22:262nd Place! New PB!
12Marie Sweet00:22:403rd Place! New PB!
46Paul McFlynn00:26:28Newbie PB!
48Martin Teggart00:26:35
62Maire McCaughey00:27:57
63Ronan McCaughey00:27:57
64Rose McCrory00:28:21New PB!
75Niall McCrory00:29:15
89Jim Simons00:31:56
116Steven Todd00:41:11

Some great running – and a lovely wee warmup event before the big half (coming soon)! Thanks to the organisers of Orangefield for hosting us all. Well done to those who set their new course personal bests on Saturday including Ronan O, Catherine, Marie S and Rose. Let’s not forget our treasurer Paul Mc who set a newbie PB on his first visit to the park! Don’t they all look like a happy bunch?!

  • Flashmob: Everyone smiling (at the start anyway)!

Dublin Half Marathon
Ever got a big race coming up and think to yourself that racing the same distance the day before would be a good warmup for the race?! It was a bit warm on Saturday (not sure if you noticed), for one a bit laps around Phoenix Park, and with the course a little bit undulating in places, there was considerable effort required for our one solo Dub in Dublin:

126Brendan McIlhennon01:24:10New PB!

Woah Brendan, impressive times – a PB and you weren’t feeling great leading up to the race. Unbelievable performance. Of course, that was just a trail run for Sunday (the report is coming) and perfecting the skills in an attempt to go even faster in Belfast. Still time for a quick rest – and a photo!

  • Half Way There: Brendan PB's it in Dublin!

Belfast Half Marathon
The centrepiece of the Autumn running calendar took place on Sunday. Let’s be honest here, it was a PB course, flat and fast, but it was a horrendous day. If you were out supporting and wondering why you were getting a bit cross eyed that is because there was over a third of the club racing in the pouring rain early on Sunday morning. Let’s have a look at the club results:

81Steven Todd01:21:05
117Brendan McIlhennon
01:23:54New PB!
130Niall McCrory01:24:11First Half Marathon!
133Jim Larkin01:24:31New PB!
192Collette McCourt01:26:28New PB!
206Rob Walker01:26:44New PB!
207Claire Tonry01:26:49
260John Close01:28:17
285Brian Derby01:28:52
384Nigel Prior01:31:55
390Stephen Mezza01:32:11
424Gavin Creech01:32:51
629Roisin Byrne01:37:41New PB!
663Sean O'Hagan01:37:39
1,064Nessa Agnew01:44:40
1,151Graeme Colhoun01:44:291:45 Pacer!
1,393Dermot Dawson01:48:57
1,443Karen Carlisle01:49:33
1,531Liam Lavery01:50:41
1,698Maire McCaughey01:51:47
1,731John Carser01:52:02New PB!
1,745Brian Jack01:53:35
1,765Mark Hamill01:51:45
1,879Neil Hanley01:52:40
2,012Ronan McCaughey01:55:19
2,253Andy Wells01:56:56
2,288Stacey Orr01:56:52
2,297Kathy Mayhew01:56:53
2,498Julia Orr01:58:40New PB!
2,671Nuala O'Connor02:01:14New PB!
2,796Orla Phillips02:03:39
3,076Francis McKenna02:07:53
3,077Frances McCambridge02:07:55
3,411Amy Cooley02:12:08
3,478Anne Marie Ryan02:14:14

That a club day that was – amazing and outstanding running from all 35 blue (and not-so-blue) tops pounding the streets of Belfast. It’s hard to highlight some people but ups to Brendan, Jim L, Collette, Rob, Roisin, John C, Julia and Nuala for all them it was raining PBs on Sunday! Well done to everyone on Sunday, my hands and throat are sore from all the shouting – every single one of you did an amazing job.  It was next to near impossible to get a group photo, but we tried:

  • BHM: Everyone looking happy *before* the rain hit!

We couldn’t leave it there – have a look at our image gallery of just some (I’m Human and there’s 35 of you lot!) of the Dub Runners who took part in Sunday’s Belfast City Half Marathon.

Hard to believe it, but there were other parkrun events also on Saturday morning for you all to attend! It’s nice to see some took up the option (your names have been noted 😛 ) and bounced out bed with the same vigour and eagerness as you always do. Right then, who couldn’t make it to the flashmob?

Roisin BYRNE00:24:04
Nessa AGNEW00:24:13
Liam LAVERY00:24:25
Stranmillis College
Paul CURLEY00:26:43
Father Collins
Claire TONRY00:19:361st Place!
Narin Beach
Alastair RODGER00:21:322nd Place!

Nice wee spread of different events and great to see some tourism on the cards too! We’re still going to ask you to tip your hat to Claire T (on her holibobs at Father Collins) who was first home and to Alastair R (at Narin Beach) who took second place on the podium this week. Don’t think we could find any photos this week.

Phew! That’s the big week over! Well done everyone who was racing this week – hope you all celebrated in fine style on Sunday – that is once you got warmed up again! Right, so now is when it gets harder to find the races – so make sure you let us know if you’re racing please! Oh, some useful advice to you all from a visually impaired person: just so you know, eating seafood – doesn’t help at all!

Live long and prosper.

Disclaimer: Every effort was taken to ensure the results above are correct (tI wouldn’t even try this week, did I mention 35 doing Belfast?!) If you’d also like to make a complaint, then you’ll automatically volunteer yourself for writing duties 🙂