Weekly Roundup: 2019-11-05

Weekly Roundup: 2019-11-05

A smaller than of late but still mighty edition of the roundup awaits over the jump!

We might be a small club – but what a club. The PB times just keep falling this year, raising the bar for performances. Don’t forget how important the club training is towards achieving your goals – and remember on these colder, darker nights: misery loves company and we’re all in the same boat!  Chatting to my niece last Thursday, and she told me “Did you know vampries aren’t real?” I replied “Unless you Count Dracula!”  Have you got a cuppa?  Good – let’s go!

Run Forest Run, Race 1: Minnowburn
Is it that time of the year again?! Yep, we move off the roads and on to the trails for beginning of this annual series. Not too far from home and a trip to the Mary Peter’s Track for the start line. From there a loop around our familiar summer paths in Minnowburn. With 400ft of elevation change, on what can only be described as a rolling first half, before a more level – but trending upwards second half. We had a trio of Dubs out for the first one:

109Katherine Harkness00:50:59---
179Fra McKenna00:56:16---
178Brian Curran00:56:16---

Now that is a cool way to begin your weekend – nice running everyone. The mix of paths and terrain, not to mention some recent rain always adds a little spice to the course. A special mention to Brian C for what I believe is his first mention in the roundup – cherish these moments with us! The medals this year form a neat semi-circular shape – no matter ho many you do! The next one takes place at Drum Manor on 16th November, just think, you could look as happy as our three:

  • Run Forest Run: Our valiant for the first race in the series!

EAMS: Loughshore
From time-to-time you get a message that just inspires you and makes you feel good. Here at Roundup Towers, we almost (almost) forget to check the latest EAMS results, if we had then we would have missed this. This classic Loughshore route is one that is familiar to anyone who has run one these races before – you need the patience and determination to keep going through the laps. Two absolute Dub legends were running and showing us all how it is done:

UknMark Hamill01:49:10---
UknDale Biggerstaff02:24:00---


  • Eams-y Does It: Mark looking strong!

Decathlon 10k
Returning for another year, the Decathlon 10k continues to attract a big crowd. Starting from outside their retail unit, looping out and around the docks area before zooming back in towards the start again. The race is known for being most flat, reasonably fast and one where you can try for your personal best time. So, its not surprising to see we had five hearty Dubs running in ideally crisp conditions on Sunday morning:

18Niall McCrory00:37:56New PB!
26Rob Walker00:38:52New PB!
90Marie Sweet00:44:16New PB!
319Rose McCrory00:53:48New PB!
370Nuala O’Connor00:55:52New PB!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Five Dubs – five brand new 10k personal best times set! Bloody magic running from the team early on Sunday leaving your mark on the event – and leaving with deserved happy smiles of your faces too! We might suspect that after this showing, next year’s running of this event might attract a few more club members! They all ran so fast, we only managed to get a group photo of four of them:

  • Decathlon: Four of our five PB-er's - Rose, Niall, Rob and Marie!

Saturday morning marked the ninth birthday of Waterworks parkrun, which also means Saturday was the ninth anniversary of parkrun starting in Ireland! Now in 30-odd places in Northern Ireland alone, it was great to see a vast mix of Dubbers running at events north and south of the border! Let’s take a wonder through the events list and see who pops up this week:

Roisin BYRNE00:21:572nd Place!
Nessa AGNEW00:23:30
Niamh MCCOTTER00:23:45
Liam LAVERY00:24:19
Maire MCCAUGHEY00:24:21
Nuala O'CONNOR00:40:56
Steven TODD00:19:302nd Place!
Brian DERBY00:20:35
Catherine BAILLIE00:21:182nd Place! All Time 5k PB!
Danielle MCCLUSKEY00:27:41
Owen LARGEY00:21:58
Rob WALKER00:20:19
Letterkenny (Ireland)
Ronan O'FLAHERTY00:21:49New PB!
Sligo (Ireland)
Kathy MAYHEW00:26:343rd Place!
Narin Beach (Ireland)
Claire TONRY00:26:541st Place!

Magic – that is hat parkrun is all about! Well, that and the volunteers – they’re awesome too, and we thank them for letting us do parkrun most weekends!  Hats off this week to Cathine B who cut another three seconds off her all-time 5k PB time! We also had Claire T in first place (at Narin Beach), plenty of seconds from Roisin (at Waterorks), Steven T (at Falls), Catherine B (at Ormeau). A sneaky wee third place finish for Kathy (at Sligo). Apart from Catherine’s amazing achievement, we had Ronan O making the visit to Letterkenny and setting a new course PB while across the border. Time for the obligatory photo:

  • parklife: Ronan takes in the sights of the hospital in Letterkenny!

Does anyone remember when we used to have an ‘off season’ from the auld running?! We’re not complaining here around Roundup Towers as that just means that there are more opportunities to put our club members names in lights – so don’t miss you chance and make sure we know about your events!  For the roundup’s birthday a few weeks ago, I was given a new alarm clock that swears at you instead of bleeping – that was a rude awakening.

Live long and prosper.

Disclaimer: Every effort was taken to ensure the results above are correct (I need more time off please!!) If you’d also like to make a complaint, then you’ll automatically volunteer yourself for writing duties 🙂