Weekly Roundup: 2019-11-19

Weekly Roundup: 2019-11-19

We go running in the dark, visit Tollymore, Downpatrick and the parks over the jump!

Welcome to our little party. Why is it a party? Well every once in a while you get to write a roundup where there are lots of Dub achievements to celebrate – and this week is very much one of them. You can find out all about it real soon, now, some of you might have seen that I’ve started wearing some new clothes, and you know, people have told me that space helmets aren’t fashionable, but I think I rocket.  Keep reading, it’s a good one this week:

Run in the Dark
Alright, it’d be easy to crack a Stormont joke here – I’m better than that, so we’re not going there. With its new route taking place entirely in the grounds of the estate, one key feature remains – that hill! Luckily, what goes up must come down again as the route snakes it way, trending downhill and back to the start line. We had quite the compliment of club members taking part this year:

2Phil Clarke00:37:092nd Place!
192John Carser00:51:31---
220Stephen McClean00:52:08---
374Francis McKenna00:56:44---

Brilliant running folks, all of you opting for the more challenging 10k double loop rather than the single 5k route. It wasn’t a night for PBs mind you, luckily it cleared up a little it, but there was a lot of remaining standing water on the course to add some character to the race this year. Special nod to our Philip, running in different colours but still managed an awesome second place finish across the line!  A late one too, so time to just head home and get into bed ready for the next day. Despite the night, we did source a photo:

  • Into Darkness: Fra is ready for *that* hill..!

Tollymore Trail
Tollymore on crisp, bright autumnual morning – beautiful and cold as a fridge! A rolling 13 mile course, snaking round the leafy river paths and rising to Drinahilly peak. That’s the half race, now, run that 3 times (is it even possible?!) We had some ultra cool Dubs on Saturday, let’s see how they got on:

Ultra Race (39 Miles)
5Steven Todd05:26:30Legned
22Sean O’Hagan06:36:24Legend
Half Marathon Race
35Paul McFlynn01:39:3610 Min Course PB!

Ah lads – bringing it home for the Dubs – really well-done guys. Some fantastic running over the distance. Ultras on roads are tough, imagine trying to do it in the middle of November on a freezing morning and all for a t-shirt, a buff, a beer and a very cold sandwich! Kudos to Paul who knocked 10 minutes off his course best from last year over the 13.1 mile half race – nice work!

  • Tollymore: Sean makes it look easy!

County Down 5k
No, no – this isn’t a 5k hosted by the Nick Hewer, and neither was Rachel Riley there. Instead, we had a duo of Dubs doing this race in Downpatrick Town Square. Just 7 and a half times around the square – sounds easy. It’s a race of mental determination – keep counting and don’t get dizzy! Let’s see how our blue tops did:

24John Close00:17:08---
91Stacey Orr00:22:57---

Fair play – some cracking times posted here in ideal conditions in Downpatrick. A strange race in all the good ways – as the recurring loops and mostly flat course make it ideal for striving for that elusive and coveted 5k PB. Did anyone spot any photos?!

With a return to normal service after an unbelievable downpour last weekend – this weekend, it was just freezing cold in places but very fresh! That’s why so many of you decided to set the alarms early and ruin a sleep in on your hard-earned weekend. Dodging patches of ice was the order of the day as right auld crowd of Dubbers slip and slide there way to the parks:

Francis MCKENNA00:25:01Newbie PB!
Jim LARKIN00:18:01All-time 5k PB!
Karen CARLISLE00:22:59New PB!
Liam LAVERY00:23:05
Mark HAMILL00:24:02
Ronan MCCAUGHEY00:24:05
Edward CALDWELL00:24:50
Maire MCCAUGHEY00:25:51
Amy COOLEY00:28:20New PB!
Niamh MCCOTTER00:23:443rd Place! New PB!
Geraldine COYLE00:26:29Newbie PB!
Rob WALKER00:18:58New PB!
Catherine BAILLIE00:20:262nd Place! All-time 5k PB!
Marie SWEET00:21:37
Alastair RODGER00:19:161st Place! New PB!
Nuala O'CONNOR00:28:29Newbie PB!
Julia ORR00:25:25New PB!
Owen LARGEY00:22:02New PB!
Roisin BYRNE00:23:263rd Place!
Stranmillis College
Martin TEGGART00:27:41
Buncrana (Ireland)
Ronan O'FLAHERTY00:20:512nd Place! New PB!
Sligo (Ireland)
Michael KIRK-SMITH00:24:18
Whitstable (England)
Jane PATTERSON00:34:01Newbie PB!

Brilliant – 24 blue tops out and in the parks, in the middle of November! Deservedly. up first this week is our TWO all-time 5k’ers this week: Jim L with 18:01 and Catherine B posting 20:26 – outstanding. Taking the podium spots this week, in first was Alastair R (at Comber); some second-place finishes from Catherine B (at Ormeau) and Ronan O (at Buncrana); taking the final step was Niamh (at Falls) and Roisin (at Orangefield). We’d a load of new course PBs from Karen (at Victoria), Amy (at Queen’s), Niamh (at Falls), Rob (at Ormeau), Alastair R (at Comber), Julia (at Stormont), Owen (at Orangefield) and Ronan O (at Buncrana). Finally, finally, finally – three newbie course benchmarks were set by Francis (at Waterworks), Geraldine (at Portrush), Nuala (at Comber) and Jane (at Whitstable). Enough from us, time for a photo:

  • parklife: Ronan O takes second along with the other podium-ers in Buncrana.

That is how you close out a week of brilliant running from everyone in the club. Special thanks to everyone who helped get this week’s edition off the ground – it was like finding a needle in a haystack trying to find a Dub name in the results!  Lastly, a big shout out my mate who broke a world record for riding across the ocean on the back of two dolphins – he said he did it on porpoise!

Live long and prosper.

Disclaimer: Every effort was taken to ensure the results above are correct (oh please try and cross me, I am ready for you!) If you’d also like to make a complaint, then you’ll automatically volunteer yourself for writing duties 🙂