Weekly Roundup: 2019-12-03

Weekly Roundup: 2019-12-03

This week it was hills in Clonakilty, forest running in Loughgall, Joe Seeley in Ormeau and of course a visit to the parks over the jump!

Don’t mind the boxes, but we hope you like our little Christmas decorations up here! If you thought that our “PB Club of the Year” moniker was put to bed for the year – you (and your editor) wold be greatly mistaken, get ready to find out more real soon.  So, if a king has 3 cups in front of him, the first 2 cups are full but the third is empty – what is the king’s name? King Phillip III!  We did mention PBs earlier, so have a look for them now:

Clonakilty Waterfront Half Marathon
No, the Waterfront isn’t that theatre in Belfast, no it literally means that the run goes along the riverfront! It may have been the 3 W’s – wild, windy and wet, but the worst was yet to come. The midpoint of this scenic race goes from sea level right up to 120m above – right at the halfway point when you’re starting to fatigue! Let’s see which dynamic Dub duo did this one:

509Kathy Mayhew02:03:12---
837Jane Patterson02:27:57---

Magic running from Kathy and Jane – you absolute legends. This was never, ever in a million years going to be a PB course, in fact it was even described as “very, very, very hilly and very tough”, but that’s not why you do races like this. We do them for the challenge, the views and the sense of self-belief of having conquered that feat. Take a bow ladies and take a photo!

  • Clonakilty: Jane & Kathy looking pleased to have gotten through that half!

Run Forest Run, Race 3: Loughgall
Situated between Portadown and Armagh, Loughgall is a lovely forest with some undulating trail paths. Luckily, any worries an early frost quickly disappeared to leave idea running weather underfoot and in the air. Lots of loops around Lough Gall – but only the one loop around the actual lough itself! We had a slightly bigger than usual field taking part:

1Brendan McIlhennon00:36:551st Place!
103Katherine Harkness00:49:21---
199Fra McKenna00:55:54---
200Brian Curran00:55:52---

That’s some running – really well done folks! This wee series offers something a little bit different during the “off-season” and what a morning it was for it. Kudos to Brendan who continues to be on form in 2019 bagging first place with ease. For Katherine, Fra and Brian C – its another tick towards completing the series for 19/20, and what a way to do it this weekend.  The next one is on December 14th in Kilbroney! Thanks for the photos too!

  • Quay Run: Four happy Dub Runners at the finish!

Seeley Cup
If is Seeley Cup time, then it must be getting close to Christmas! This traditional end-of-year race always see a highly competitive field go for two and half laps around Ormeau Park. Flat, fast and ferocious with a sell out crowd, and a superb cheerleading squad, partly in thanks to the ideal conditions in the park on Saturday afternoon. Let’s take a look at the roster of Dubs who ran:

103Phil Clarke00:35:18New PB!
172Jim Larkin00:37:25New PB!
191Noel Kelly00:37:47New PB!
213Alastair Rodger00:38:08New PB!
219Rob Walker00:38:25New PB!
388Paul McFlynn00:42:32New PB!
412Roisin Burne00:43:13New PB!
414Marie Sweet00:43:16New PB!
429Anna McArdle00:43:33New PB!
437Kate Moffett00:43:41
445Sarah Maybin00:43:52New PB!
448Heather Baron00:43:50
517Nessa Agnew00:45:27
558Mark Hamill00:46:41
565Mike Smith00:46:59
596Katherine McGinnity00:48:42
613Claire Porter00:48:54New PB!
699Danielle McCluskey00:52:40
807Dale Biggerstaff01:03:00

Aw, woah! AMAZING. Brilliant running by absolutely everyone on Saturday afternoon, and what a way to sign off from this year’s road running season.  I think that we need to talk about personal bests now, because let’s face it, with 19 blue tops – over half of them bagged awesome new PBs, including: Phil, Jim, Noel, Noel, Alastair, Rob, Paul, Roisin, Marie S, Anna and Claire!  Stunning.  A special mention too to our Dub Cheerleading Squad who were out in force at various points around the loop – ensuring you were never too far away from an auld cheer!  Here’s the Dub squad for 2019 below, but there’s also a full gallery of our runners available here!

  • #DubsDo the Seeley Cup class of 2019!

Signing off as usual with our parkrun slot. Thankfully the forecasts got it a little wrong, and for most of us, we woke on Saturday to dry but fresh conditions, with little to no frost. So that meant, climbing out of bed, opening the map and deciding which park took your fancy this week:

Karen CARLISLE00:24:25New PB!
Alex BLACKSTOCK00:32:59
Peter MORRISON00:19:44
Liam LAVERY00:22:37New All-time 5k PB!
Edward CALDWELL00:23:52
Maire MCCAUGHEY00:24:47
Julia ORR00:25:55
Frances MC CAMBRIDGE00:30:05
Brian DERBY00:20:08
Catherine BAILLIE00:20:351st Place!
Marcella KELLY00:30:27
Joanne MCGLONE00:27:53Newbie PB!
Martin TEGGART00:27:12Newbie PB!
Francis MCKENNA00:26:28Newbie PB!
Stranmillis College
Ronan O'FLAHERTY00:21:43New PB!
Niamh MCCOTTER00:23:512nd Place!
Michael KIRK-SMITH00:26:05
Southwark (England)
Nuala O'CONNOR00:27:57Newbie PB!

Nice running from you all – great to see it! Big kudos this week (again) to Liam who went and set another all-time new 5k PB of 22:37 this week! We had two blue podiums with Catherine B first (at Ormeau) and Niamh second (at Stranmillis College). There were two new course PBs set by Karen (at Waterworks) and Ronan O (at Stranmillis College). This week it wa as if everyone decided to pop away on holidays as we had newbie course PBs set by Joanne (at Armagh), Martin (at Comber), Francis (at Dungannon) and Nuala (at Southwark). Couldn’t find a photo though!

For the final time this year, I am going to ask for help – next week I need photos and results sent to me. You all know why, so let’s make next week’s edition a truly collaborative one from everyone in the club please! Safe travels and enjoy yourselves to anyone in the club who is flying away on the club trip, again, more on that next week.  Does anyone know what difference is between ignorance and indifference? Actually, I don’t know and I don’t care!

Live long and prosper.

Disclaimer: Every effort was taken to ensure the results above are correct (let’s get festive instead!) If you’d also like to make a complaint, then you’ll automatically volunteer yourself for writing duties 🙂