Weekly Roundup: 2019-12-10

Weekly Roundup: 2019-12-10

Lanzarote and the parkruns this week – all over the jump!

If you thought our self titled praising was over for the year – you couldn’t have been more wrong – and that’s despite a low milage racing and event week over the last seven days! Funny and totally unusual, for me, thing happened as I was asked to go out by 4 girls over the weekend – turns out I was in the ladies toilets. Right then – let’s go exploring!

Greetings from Lanzapotty (thanks for the joke Steven). We as has become traditional, the Dubs back their suitcases/hand luggage and jet off for some winter sun. A revisttof Lanzarote was on the cards, with an Errigle of just under 20 blue tops taking to the start line. Little did they know how it’d turn out:

Half Marathon Race
53Steven Todd01:29:16
95Brian Derby01:35:00
174Catherine Baillie01:41:20New PB!
290Katherine Harkness01:48:49
608Julia Orr02:08:04
727Siobhan Lauder02:14:02
730John McAllister02:14:12
772Frances McCambridge02:16:30
828Brona Shaw02:21:05
878Lynn Donnelly02:24:56
888Anne Marie Ryan02:26:58
938Danielle McCluskey02:32:45
977Laura King02:38:16
10k Race
8James Trainor00:35:07
134Karen Carsile00:51:26
112Vic McCartney00:49:39
367Suze Kennedy01:04:25

On paper this course should be fast enough, in practice on the 20+ degree heat it is a very different story! Fantastic running from all our Dubs – special mention to Catherine B who bagged a brand new all-time half marathon PB time in the process! Anyone who’s run this course will know that this most definitely is NOT a personal best route – so all the more impressive. I hear it was a fantastic wee trip, despite the best efforts of a little Italian, and we’ll have a gallery of the photos (that were allowed to post) next week!

As has become more common, Barra and the gang were on the line warning about bad weather. So, luckily parkrun day is also known as Saturday, so there was no need to worry! Just an even better excuse to get out there and enjoy the park before weather changed. We aren’t a club to miss an opportunity, so we made the most of it:

Brendan MCILHENNON00:17:55New PB!
Stacey ORR00:23:043rd Place! New PB!
Michael KIRK-SMITH00:24:07
Niall MCCRORY00:19:03
Liam LAVERY00:22:58
Ronan MCCAUGHEY00:23:27
Maire MCCAUGHEY00:24:36
Edward CALDWELL00:25:06
Dermot DAWSON00:25:09
Nuala O'CONNOR00:28:36
Bernadette O'KANE00:22:30
Marie SWEET00:21:40
Nessa AGNEW00:23:08New PB!
Jane PATTERSON00:33:16
Colin Glen
Roisin BYRNE00:23:061st Place! New PB!
Owen LARGEY00:22:11
Stranmillis College
Claire TONRY00:20:281st Place! New PB!
Kathy MAYHEW00:26:12

Nice work Dubbers and great to see Colin Glen back in action. Hat tipping time as we had Roisin and Claire taking first honours at Colin Glen and Stranmillis College this week, with Stacey coming third at the Waterworks event. We had some cool new PBs set by Brendan (at Waterworks), Stacey (at Waterworks), Nessa (at Stormont), Roisin (at Colin Glen) and Claire (at Stranmillis College). No photos as you editor in chief is being lazy!

Christmas party is this week and we at Roundup Towers will be there with our Christmas Jumpers on! We’re also close to unveiling our Christmas schedule pretty soon, so keep an eye on that one over the coming days. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!! I nearly got run over by a council machine out salting the roads the other night, “Watch where you’re driving!” I shouted through gritted teeth.

Live long and prosper.

Disclaimer: Every effort was taken to ensure the results above are correct (wise the baps!) If you’d also like to make a complaint, then you’ll automatically volunteer yourself for writing duties 😁