Weekly Roundup: 2019-12-31

Weekly Roundup: 2019-12-31

Christmas Day, Greencastle, Castlewellan, Carrickfergus and the parks – for one last time this year!

Folks – some bad news for you all, this is the last roundup. Yep, the last roundup of the decade, as next week we will be well and truly into the 20s again – with all the opportunities that come with that!  Get this, I asked the missus for an audio book this Christmas, but she got me an encyclopaedia instead – that speaks volumes.  Results time:

Christmas Day parkrun
Once all the presents have been opened, and the tensions start to get frayed – it is time to don the running gear and make a B-line for closest park that has declared for a Christmas Day event. While a few were, unfortunately, forced into cancellations this year, there was a fair auld gang of Dubbers who made the effort to get their 5k fix in before the turkey arrived:

Brian DERBY00:20:30
Steven TODD00:22:59
Niamh MCCOTTER00:23:00Newbie PB!
Liam LAVERY00:24:05New PB!
Ronan MCCAUGHEY00:24:19
Maire MCCAUGHEY00:24:29
Edward CALDWELL00:24:30Newbie PB!
Dermot DAWSON00:24:43
Roisin BYRNE00:25:19
Maureen OLIVER00:27:43
Derry City
Ronan O'FLAHERTY00:22:46
Brendan MCILHENNON00:17:322nd Place! New PB!
John CLOSE00:19:31
Stacey ORR00:24:04Newbie PB!
Lynn DONNELLY00:33:50Newbie PB!
Jane PATTERSON00:33:55
Narin Beach (Ireland)
Claire TONRY00:19:501st Place!

Aw, fantastic, great to see – is there any better way to start your Christmas Day celebrations? Now, get ready to doff your festive hats to Claire and Brendan who where first and second and Narin Beach and Stormont on Christmas Day. Then we had some cool new course PBs set by Liam (at Waterworks) and Brendan (at Stormont). Finally, some tourism is always welcome, especially on the big day so it was great to see Niamh (at Waterworks), Edward (at Waterworks), Stacey (at Stormont) and Lynn (at Stormont). All that’s left now is a big group photo – can anyone find one?!

  • parklife @ Christmas: Some of the gang at Waterworks!

Greencastle 5 Mile Road Race
With no Dub interest in the Turkey Trot this year, club attention moved to Tyrone for the annual five-mile road race in Greencastle. Time to run off the dinner with the all trimmings on it with an undulating, all-road course which finishes with a 7% climb before a sprint finish to the line. We had a decent wee crowd racing:

166Roisin Byrne00:36:061st Age Cat!
186Owen Largey00:36:30---
243Paul McNamee00:38:39---
388Eibhlin Largey00:42:06---
661Lynn Donnelly00:51:05---
816Stephen McClean00:59:59---

This race would be tough at any time of the year – but the day after Christmas Day AND in the rain, is just cruel! But well, it is also traditional I suppose at this point! Really well done to all our Dubs, Ro managed to impressively win her age category, leading home a field of Dubs. Special mention to Paul Mc who was included in the results as he missed out on the Market Run just before Christmas! Here’s some photos that were sent to me:

  • Greencastle: Roisin punds through the rain! © Cormac McAleer Photography

Castlewellan Christmas Cracker
The mystery race around Castlewellan Park is a staple of the Christmas period now. It is an end of year favourite, with entries limited to 750 places this has become hot property more recently. Running in pairs over roads, grass, mud, trails, stones, branches and hills (big hills at that) – this race has a little bit of everything for everyone. In ideal on the day conditions, we had a massive field of Dubs finishing off the year in style:

16James Trainor
Richard Conn
90Collette McCourt
Brian Derby
130Maol Larkin
Jim Larkin
202Steven Todd
Ronan O'Flaherty
228Bernadette O'Kane
Patrick O'Kane
289Nessa Agnew
Roisin Byrne
340Brian Grimes
Oliver Quinn
367Holly Gordon
Claire Porter
414Shane Murray
Barry Corscaden
453Karen Carlisle
Aoibhin Carlisle
464Kathy Mayhew
Julia Orr

Nice running from everyone – some interesting club pairings, allowing for some fun, healthy competition between runners (it is Christmas and the season of goodwill to all). Even if the weather was favourable, this is not an easy race- with just shy of 500m of elevation change over the close to nine-mile route, it really is just a great event team running event. Needless to say, everyone crossed the line beaming from ear-to-ear (or at least they where after they got some of that lovely soup). Brilliant work everyone, here’s a sample of the photos that were sent into us:

  • Christmas Craic-er: Honestly - all Dubs here! James T, Richard, Ronan, Steven, Jim, Collette & Brian D!

EAMS B2B, Day 1 – 30th December
Celebrating six years of the East Antrim Marathon Series, a return to their roots at Carrickfergus Castle. The half marathon route is 13.1 miles along the shorefront past Greenisland and Newtownabbey, swing back around and aim for the castle again.  If you want to do the marathon – double it! Near ideal conditions on the morning and a nice flat, fast course allowed for some cracking performances:

Marathon Race
12John Carser03:55:12---
Half Marathon Race
1Brendan Mcillhennon01:18:59First Place! New PB!

Nice work and running Brendan – and what a way to finish off the year, retaining the self-titled moniker of “PB Club of the Year” for one last time.  John C continues his strong spell of running with yet another sub-4 hour marathon – outstanding (though something tells me that you’re not just finished yet for the year – more on that next week!)  Top jobs all round, well done! If you’re wondering, day two is today, and if anyone’s doing it you’ll see your results here next week! Photoshoot time:

  • B2B: Action shot of Brendan!

For one last time this decade, the parks were alive with the smell of deep heat as the hoards lumbered up ready to take on the various 5k courses. No matter your goals this week be it PB, running off excess food (we’re all guilty here) or just trying to increase the number of runs you have completed this year – all you had to do was turn up and run! Let us take a look at who was there:

Niamh MCCOTTER00:22:322nd Place! New PB!
Stephen MCCLEAN00:24:34New PB!
Maureen OLIVER00:28:25
Liam LAVERY00:23:53
Dermot DAWSON00:23:59
Ronan MCCAUGHEY00:24:09
Edward CALDWELL00:25:07
Brona SHAW00:29:07New PB!
Lynn DONNELLY00:29:53New PB!
Dale BIGGERSTAFF00:30:57New PB!
Brendan MCILHENNON00:17:511st Place! New PB!
Katherine HARKNESS00:23:093rd Place! New PB!
Niall MCCRORY00:18:45
John CLOSE00:19:10
Rob WALKER00:19:37
Peter MORRISON00:19:46
Marie SWEET00:21:53
Ronan O'FLAHERTY00:23:13
Colin Glen
Francis MCKENNA00:27:47Newbie PB!
Falcarragh (Ireland)
James SHERIDAN00:24:04

Lovely, twenty blue tops taking on the last parkrun event of the decade and doing it in style. Now, let’s see who gets the final podium paying positions of 2019: in first was Breandan (at Falls), while second was Niamh (at Waterworks) and third was Katherine H (at Enniskillen). Taking advantage of the last parkrun day of 2019 and setting new course PBs was Stephen (at Waterworks), Brona (at Queen’s), Lynn (at Queen’s), Dale (at Queen’s), Brendan (at Falls) and Katherine H (at Enniskillen). Finally, touristing this week was Fra (at Colin Glen). Photo time:

  • parklife: Ronan (50 parkruns this year), Marie S, Rob, Niall & John at Ormeau!

As we approach the end of the year, it is time to take stock of everything we accomplished in 2019. What a year for the Dub Runners – going from strength to strength, and it was a privilege to be here to cover it all step-by-step. Here’s to another great year – I hope that it is a great one for you all.  Finally, just to let you know that I got my dad a new fridge for Christmas – you should have seen his face light up when he opened it.

Live long and prosper.

Disclaimer: Every effort was taken to ensure the results above are correct (more like some effort this week!) If you’d also like to make a complaint, then you’ll automatically volunteer yourself for writing duties 😁