Weekly Roundup: 2020-02-11

Weekly Roundup: 2020-02-11

Stormont, parkrun and some celebrations – s’all over the jump!

Oh, it’s getting colder again – make sure to wrap up warm (and have some high-vis gear on) when you’re out and about. A bit of a more subdued weekend that might have been expected, but there’s nothing wrong with that! We will have a full report in a moment, but I’m not trying to turn this into Gumtree or anything, but I have some racing geese for sale – let me know if you want a quick gander. Did someone ask me to get on with it?!

Stormont Cross Country
Uncertainty isn’t the best build up to a cross country event – but this one hung in the balance, which weather warnings coming into force. As you look at Stormont drive, on the left the grass there is where the mud fest took place. Three laps for the ladies, four for the men some flat, a sharp rise, a gentler downhill final section – all multiple times! Luckily, the weather was good to the runners and all the races went ahead as planned:

Male Open
1Claire Tonry00:20:511st Place!
64Nessa Agnew00:26:02
Female Open
174Colin Playforth00:34:22

With the recent rain adding to the tricky underfoot conditions, it was brilliant to see our trio of blue tops doing so well up on the hill. Claire nabbing first place and the cup (which she subsequently ran home with, which I’m sure turned a few heads) and some special times from Nessa and Colin contributed to a job well done for the club on Saturday afternoon! We even have some photos:

  • Storm-mount XC: Spot the Dubs!

With a weekend promising some of the worst weather in recent years, it isn’t that surprising that so many of the club decided that parkrun was the best choice for getting some exercise completed. In a chilly but surprisingly bright morning, the parks filled with warm-clothed runners and off everyone went:

Maureen OLIVER00:27:42
Michael KIRK-SMITH00:24:34
Brendan MCILHENNON00:18:03New PB!
Liam LAVERY00:23:29
Maire MCCAUGHEY00:23:32
Ronan MCCAUGHEY00:23:33
Edward CALDWELL00:25:05
John CLOSE00:18:58
Nuala O'CONNOR00:28:09New PB!
Joanne MCGLONE00:27:37Newbie PB!
Brian DERBY00:19:40
Catherine BAILLIE00:20:35
Marie SWEET00:21:19New 5k PB! 50th parkrun!
Rob WALKER00:21:21
Sarah MAYBIN00:22:44
Karen CARLISLE00:23:33New PB!
Francis MCKENNA00:24:44New 5k PB! 50th parkrun!
Julia ORR00:26:48
Eamonn MCKEEVER00:27:08
Danielle MCCLUSKEY00:27:43
Bernadette O'KANE00:21:20Newbie PB!
Stacey ORR00:26:07
Niamh MCCOTTER00:26:08Newbie PB!
Stranmillis College
Alastair RODGER00:19:38Newbie PB!
Stella HUGHES00:23:41
Orla PHILLIPS00:33:00Newbie PB!
Ronan O'FLAHERTY00:22:17
James SHERIDAN00:25:04Newbie PB!

Cracker – some impressive running with times to be very proud of! We had some very special mentions this week go to Marie S and Francis who both set their brand new all-time 5k personal best times at Ormeau at the weekend! Not only that but our Pocket Rocket, Bernie, set a new course record at the Antrim event during her first ever run there! We had a series of new course PBs from Brendan (at Queen’s), Nuala (at Wallace) and Karen C (at Ormeau). Quite a few Dubs took the chance on Saturday for a bit of tourism including Joanne (at Omagh), Niamh (at Carrichfergus), Alastair and Orla (at Stranmillis College) and James S (at Sizmilewater). Photo time:

  • parklife: Some of the Dubs who took on Ormeau at the weekend!

Totally Useless parkrun Stats – Double Header
50th parkrun events are like buses – wait for ages for one, then two come along at once AND both at Ormeau too!

Marie Sweet

parkrun StatDetails
parkrun birthday26 August 2017
Fastest parkrun00:21:19
Volunteered6 times
Total PBs15 times
Groundhog Day00:21:53 in Ormeau

Rob Walker

parkrun StatDetails
parkrun birthday29 September 2018
Fastest parkrun00:18:23
Total PBs26 times
Most parkruns35 in 2019
All WeatherRan a parkrun in every month!
  • 50 Not Out: Marie passed the millstone on Saturday!

It’s clear to see that all the plans are starting to fall in to place. It is an exciting time to be part of the club to see how these develop over the coming weeks. This is where our Tuesday and Thursday sessions become very important towards building a core strength and confidence – and this is why the numbers lately have been so healthy, thank you all. In science news this week, I’ve heard that a huge asteroid has just crashed into the moon – ah, you know you’d have to feel sorry for the poor crater!

Disclaimer: Every effort was taken to ensure the results above are correct (some effort, let’s not pretend we take this seriously!) If you’d also like to make a complaint, then you’ll automatically volunteer yourself for writing duties 🙂 !