Weekly Roundup: 2020-02-18

Weekly Roundup: 2020-02-18

Dennis wasn’t a menace for us on Valentine’s, at Colin Glen, Parkanaur, Castle Ward, Glenmore or parkrun – it’s all over the jump!

Well done to the Thursday crew who made it out on the headtorch run last Thursday. We’ll see if we can fire another one of them into the calendar before the clocks change and the evenings get longer again (yay!) Before we look at what everyone in the club has been doing, I’ve heard that Elton John managed to lose his eBook reader during Storm Dennis – apparently it left him like a Kindle in the wind! Still with us? Right, let’s go:

EAMS Valentine’s Day
How did you spend your Valentine’s Day? Well, we can bet that you didn’t spend it in the elements with costal winds and sideways rain hitting you! Mostly flat along the coastline, from the Loughshore Park to Hazelbank Park and back again. Three and bit laps for the half distance, six and a bit more laps for the full marathon distance. We had three in for this one:

Marathon Distance
5Graeme Colhoun03:56:58
Half Marathon Distance
1Marie Sweet01:41:25
3Geraldine Coyle01:53:39

This course could have been PB material – but Friday was not meant to be! With the beginning of Storm Dennis coming in and on an overly exposed course our three heroes battled through the wind and rain to post some stonking great times – great running folks. Sure, it’s not like there was anything else you could have been up to on Friday! We have some photos too:

  • Cupid: Marie S and Gerladine very glad to have the half finished!

Flashmob parkrun: Colin Glen
Ever sat at a set of traffic lights and think – what if green meant you were single, amber meant it was complicated and red meant stay away?! Colin Glen did this week and with love in the air, they hosted a matchmaking Flashmob parkun with a difference. We had eight cupids on the triails:

1Niall McCrory00:19:19New PB!
3Brian Derby00:21:38Newbie PB!
16Peter Mallon00:24:07Newbie PB!
19Ronan McCaughery00:24:39Newbie PB!
24Máire McCaughery00:26:03Newbie PB!
28Niamh McCotter00:27:47
34Frances McCambridge00:28:39
47Dale Biggerstaff00:32:53Newbie PB!

As I’ve not heard of any successful couples from this fun idea for the parkrun, except for our awesome Máire and Ronan – but they arrived as a couple! First home and setting a nice wee course PB was Niall, while Brian D finished the podium on his first visit to the event. We had newbie course PB set by Peter M, Ronan Mc, Máire and Dale on a miserable morning for it. At least they all looked happy before the rain started:

  • Dub Flashers: Some of the gang who braved the conditions at Colin Glen!

Parkanaur 10 Mile Trail Race
With Storm Dennis threatening to even call this one off at the last time, it was a brave person who decided the best option was to tackle a trail run over the weekend. The Parkanaur 10-mile route is just four laps of Lough Fea, taking you near the stately gardens and close to Torrent River. If you wanted to run a course that was the very definition of undulating – this is the one for you! It was a family affair for our dynamic Dub duo taking part:

27Owen Largey01:14:02
Lap 1
Lap 2
Lap 3
Lap 4
72Eiblin Largey01:26:10
Lap 1
Lap 2
Lap 3
Lap 4

Nice running from the Largey’s who do enjoy their running challenges – can always be sure that they’ll pop up at a different race here and there. Conditions on Saturday were brutal for this, so excellent running all round – and bringing your sister along for the fun was just cruel! Back home after that to get warmed up and gloat for the rest of the weekend! Now we need some photos:

Last One Standing – Castle Ward
This is rated by those in-the-know as the hardest race in Ireland. You might call it a race without an end, where every runner bar the winner gets a did not finish medal. One hour to complete a gruelling 4.2 mile loop around a hilly Castle Ward forest. Most years this passes with some vague interest from club members, but this year had some entrants to pique our interest. Although it is about putting in the distance, let’s get a break down of their lap times:

Lap 100:52:3800:52:3600:52:34
Lap 200:53:0100:53:0300:52:53
Lap 300:52:2200:52:2300:52:22
Lap 400:50:4500:50:4700:50:23
Lap 500:52:0800:52:3900:52:38
Lap 600:50:3500:50:3600:51:19
Lap 700:51:5300:52:3600:53:59
Lap 800:50:4500:51:5300:53:53
Lap 900:52:1600:54:5500:55:35
Lap 1000:55:4301:24:3501:24:16

Ya know, when it gets dark in Castle Ward – it got stupidly tough. Then throw in Storm Dennis and your almost blown backwards running through freezing, knee deep puddles. Impossible? Well even though officially Steven Bernie and Sean DNF’ed the race – they are absolute winners after running 42 miles or 67.5 km’s. A punishing and pounding race on the body – so some outstanding running there, and some great teamwork along the way too. We were watching the live updates during the day to see how you were all getting on too. At the end of the day – look at those smiles:

  • I'm Still Standing: Steven, Bernie and Sean after completing 10 gruelling 4+ mile laps.

Glenmore 10 Mile
When theirs is a amber weather warning in place, then the first thought is – let’s host a race in the middle of it all! With Ballybofey kicking off the race, and three crossings of the River Finn on the out and back course which finishd in Stranolar. On exposed and open roads, the course was undulating enough to take away from the battering wind and rain! Just the one solo Dub in this race:

31Rodger Alastair1:03:07New PB!

Just when you think the weekend’s racing is over for another week – bam! Another race is sneaked into the calendar. Brilliant running from Alastair – a cracking pace of sub 6:20min/miles on a day with conditions as bad as they come (without being cancelled). Alastair even found the time to send us a snap of the day:

  • Glenmoreorless: Alastiar gets into the slipstream to avoid the wind!

Has anyone mentioned Storm Dennis yet? Did you hear about the strong winds? The torrential rain? The freezing cold hailstones as they hit your cold face? Sure, if we couldn’t complain, where would we be?! Yes – there was a Flashmob on this weekend, but not everyone can make it there, so isn’t it great that there are always alternatives?!

Derry City
Ronan O'FLAHERTY00:23:24
Liam LAVERY00:23:37
Monica BYRNE00:23:44New PB!
Edward CALDWELL00:25:03
Dermot DAWSON00:25:17
Julia ORR00:25:51
Lynn DONNELLY00:30:47
Anna MCARDLE--:--:---
Claire TONRY00:19:41New PB!
Shaun O'HAGAN00:24:10
Eamonn MCKEEVER00:27:39
Paul CURLEY00:27:01
Stranmillis College
Nessa AGNEW00:24:07
Ury Riverside (Scotland)
Mike SMITH00:25:06Newbie PB!

Great running everyone, nicely done!  Is it just me, or does this fabled tailwind not help at all during runs – no matter how strong the winds are!  Our hat tips are short, sweet and easy to remember this week: we have two cracking new personal best course times set by Monica (at Queen’s) and Claire (at Ormeau).  Also, on his holibobs this week, jet setting over to Scotland was Mike who ran the Ury Riverside event.  One photo of proof as to just how rough some parkruns were this weekend:

  • parklife: Coming into land at Derry City (Copyright: S. Todd).

It looks like our winter training is slowly making way into springtime races. So, a timely reminder to send if your results and photos to us so that we can celebrate your running achievements, no matter big or small – and get your name is lights! It is our privilege! Before we go this week, in a recent purchase I got myself a Blur alarm clock and every morning I wake to Parklife, except on Wednesdays when I get rudely awakened by the dustmen.

Disclaimer: Every effort was taken to ensure the results above are correct (laid up most of the weekend with a headcold, stuff is gonna be forgotten about folks!) If you’d also like to make a complaint, then you’ll automatically volunteer yourself for writing duties 🙂 !