Weekly Roundup: 2020-09-29

Weekly Roundup: 2020-09-29

From Shane’s Castle to Donard, find out more over the jump!

Someone told me that it is a welcome return to the Weekly Roundup this week – pretty sure they were being serious. Welcome, to anyone who is new – this is our wee corner of the interweb where we celebrate the club’s achievements and put names in lights. We also try to have a little fun along the way if we can! Before we get started, is there anyone interesting in purchasing my DeLorean? It’s got really low mileage and only driven time to time.

Shane’s Castle
The socially distanced race circus moved to Antrim this weekend, and on the edge of Randalstown Forest you will find the beautifully scenic Shane’s Castle. The course loop goes along the perimeter of the forest, and around 10k later you land around the castle grounds, before heading towards Antrim and back to the start – two laps for the marathon and one lap for the half. Undulating and all held on farm lanes – if that isn’t 2020 summed up in a race – I don’t know what is! Let’s see how our runners got on:

29Katherine Harkness03:39:022nd Place! New PB!
30Andrew McDermott03:42:45---
Half Marathon
14Alastair Rodger01:22:26New PB!
148Fra McKenna01:59:57New PB!

Well that was a race and a half – congratulations to our four blue tops for some outstanding running. Conditions on Saturday morning were described that they could not have been better, and our club performances just goes to prove that! A magic, unexpected second place podium finish for Katherine while setting a new marathon personal best time, while Alastair and Fra made the most of the conditions to post new bests over 13.1 miles too. Great work and running by everyone! In a surprise move, there were quite a few photos from the races too:

Slieve Donard Mountain Race
Races are all often mistitled as “legendary” or “classic”, but this Slieve Donard race has really earned that title. Now in its 76th year, it looked uncertain if it would happen this year, but luckily they managed to get the go ahead for a more subdued event than usual. Two and half miles of climbing to the top at just over 2,500ft and then back down – aspa! Like jaws, this was the race that took a bite outta Steve 2 years ago, but he’s back:

38Steven Todd01:13:49---

Nice running Steven on a most challenging route. Warmer at the bottom, but Baltic near the top, slippery underfoot – it is a miracle that there were no falls for our intrepid Dubber on this one. Special mention to our two Friends of the Dubs; Bernie who completed the course in 01:15:19 and Ray who posted 01:37:37.  Legs intact for Stevey, he made it back and unlocked an achievement – he reached the summi in less minutes than his age (how old is he?!) – that sounds like a great day’s work to us! We love moody, black and white photos here at Roundup Towers and guess what we have now?!

While we all readjust, it is great to see races happening again. Okay, we’re nowhere near the volume of races we’d normally see at this time of the year, but a return to something normal for us is fun to see. Make sure you all be safe when taking part too please. Some club news, if I can afford it, I am going to commission an artist to get a bust of me created and put up at the Dub – but that me just getting ahead of myself.

Live long and prosper.

Disclaimer: Every effort was taken to ensure the results above are correct (two races this week, this is getting into RSI territory!) If you’d like to make a complaint, then you’ll automatically volunteer yourself for writing duties next week! 🙂